Webcast reporting for CPB stations

CPB stations may participate in the CPB-SoundExchange webcasting agreement under which CPB pays the royalties. However, participating stations must submit webcast reports. An outline of the process follows.


Before you can report, you must register as a participant:

  1. Register with the CPB and accept the terms of the CPB-SX agreement
  2. Register with NPR Digital Services (NPR/DS) for SoundExchange reporting

Do this in advance because there is a delay between registration and being able to submit reports.

Quarterly reports

Every quarter you must submit reports for two reporting periods, each being seven consecutive days.

You are free to choose the two 7-day periods within each quarter. They do not need to be calendar weeks, they may run back-to-back but they must not overlap. Put them in the station calendar and ensure staff know about them. Reports are due shortly after the end of the quarter. NPR/DS announces the deadline every quarter.

Data collection

Collect the following data during your chosen 7-consecutive-day reporting periods.

1 Playlist logs

You must enable Start/Duration/End Time logging during each reporting periods (in Spinitron choose Advanced configurations under Administration). All DJs logging playlists in Spinitron must accurately log each song’s start time and either the song’s duration or end time. It’s a tedious process so make sure DJs are trained for it in advance. You may switch back to Simple timestamp logging outside of reporting periods.(1)

2 Streaming logs

Streaming logs are generated by your webcast streaming server. They record the start and end time of each listener’s connection to your stream. You need log files that include all streaming activity of your chosen reporting periods.

Contact whoever is responsible for your webcast streaming server in advance of reporting to ensure the data is being collected in an acceptable format. After the reporting period(s), obtain and safely store the log file(s).

Submit reports

Do the following after the second of your two 7-day reporting periods for the quarter but before the quarter's reporting deadline.

1. Submit playlist logs with Spinitron

Log on to Spinitron and choose CPB-SX webcast reports under Music Database. The page itself includes instructions. It is very easy assuming Start/Duration/End Time logging was enabled and your DJs did their job.

2. Reports required using Composer

Composer Basic and Composer Pro are products from NPR/DS. Either can be used to submit the following reports. Composer Basic is free – contact NPR Digital Services for access.

2A Reporting period dates. NPR/DS requires specification of the start dates of your two chosen 7-day reporting periods in Composer. Emailing them to NPR/DS or otherwise noting them in filenames or files is not acceptable.

2B Program schedule. Update your program schedule, including syndicated shows, in Composer to reflect programming during the two reporting periods.

2C Streaming logs. Use Composer to upload the streaming log file(s) you got from your webcast server to NPR/DS.

3. Notify NPR/DS

Notify NPR Digital Services by email that you have submitted reports and request confirmation. Don't assume that no news is good news. Only with explicit confirmation that your reports are in order is the quarter's reporting complete.

1 – The minimum of switching between logging modes (i.e. between Start/Duration/End Time logging and Simple timestamp logging) is when you choose the last fourteen days of one quarter as its reporting periods immediately followed by the first fourteen days in the next quarter as its reporting periods. This affords DJs more than five months before the next reporting period.