Spinitron power

Spinitron eliminates paper and pen logging, countless spreadsheets and home-brewed databases. It solves your data storage, archiving and security issues. It does away with software installation and maintenance headaches while offering DJs a sophisticated user interface for data entry and editing.

With an advanced database design, Spinitron offers powerful data manipulation and analysis features. Compile Top-30 charts, or Top-however-many-you-like, over any time period, broken down by genre ... whatever you want. Generate unlimited reports for CMJ, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange. Track the popularity of artists, disks and songs. Query how often certain disks get played. Produce reports of what your DJs are playing to give to record companies and promotional agencies. Stay connected with your listeners.

Spinitron is an easy-to-use complete solution to playlist logging for smart radio stations.

Feature highlights

Member site per station

Public web site per station

Public web site customization