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ArtistRolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
DiskThe French Press - EP
Spinitron ChartMar 16 2017
Chart periodFri Mar 10th thru Thu 16th 2017
Chart stats178 stations reporting 103202 spins
Rank in chart47
Spins in chart period45
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KDHXJulie's Place2017-03-15► Playlist
KDHXDig Up2017-03-16► Playlist
KVSCDig Up2017-03-13► Playlist
KVSCJulie's Place2017-03-14► Playlist
KVSCFrench Press2017-03-14► Playlist
KVSCFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-14► Playlist
KVSCFrench Press2017-03-15► Playlist
KRUIFrench Press2017-03-10► Playlist
WPSCJulie's Place2017-03-10► Playlist
KAFMFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-10► Playlist
KBMFFrench Press2017-03-10► Playlist
KBMFFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-10► Playlist
KCPRSick Bug2017-03-10► Playlist
KCPRFrench Press2017-03-14► Playlist
KCPRJulie's Place2017-03-14► Playlist
KDURFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-10► Playlist
KDURjulie's place2017-03-13► Playlist
KDURJulie's Place2017-03-14► Playlist
KHSUFrench Press2017-03-11► Playlist
KSJSSick Bug2017-03-16► Playlist
KVMRFrench Press2017-03-10► Playlist
KVNFFrench Press2017-03-10► Playlist
KXCISick Bug2017-03-15► Playlist
KXUAFrench Press2017-03-13► Playlist
KXUAJulie's Place2017-03-14► Playlist
KXUAFrench Press2017-03-14► Playlist
KXUAJulie's Place2017-03-15► Playlist
RADIOFAIRFAXJulie's Place2017-03-15► Playlist
WGDRFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-14► Playlist
WLURJulie's Place2017-03-15► Playlist
WLURJulie's Place2017-03-16► Playlist
WMEBFrench Press2017-03-15► Playlist
WMPGsick bug2017-03-15► Playlist
WMPGjulie's place2017-03-15► Playlist
WMSEFrench Press2017-03-13► Playlist
WMSEFrench Press2017-03-14► Playlist
WMUAFrench Press2017-03-11► Playlist
WRIRJulie's Place2017-03-11► Playlist
WRIRFrench Press2017-03-16► Playlist
WRUWFrench Press2017-03-12► Playlist
WSUMFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-13► Playlist
WTBUFrench Press2017-03-15► Playlist
WXJMFrench Press2017-03-13► Playlist
WXJMFrench Press2017-03-16► Playlist
WXNAFrench Press2017-03-16► Playlist