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KBGA College Radio

Monday November 9th 2009

Time zone: mountain

12.00am Sex Drugs Rock 'n' Roll: The Sciatic Belly Treatment (HybridShow) The Sexy Librarian Playlist
6.00am The moor in Sparta (Daytime Programming) The Moor Playlist
9.00am Tune in Tokyo (Daytime Programming) Tune in Tokyo Playlist
12.00pm Chaile's (KI-EE-Lays) Corner (Hybrid Show) The American Trucker........ Playlist
2.00pm Ben P. (Daytime Programming) DJ Beez Neez Playlist
4.00pm Junk Brown (Daytime Programming) junk brown Playlist
6.00pm Bill's Hat Tunes (Loud) Captain Marlow Playlist
8.00pm Double Damage with Duane (Metal) Duane Raider Playlist
10.00pm Owlman's Magic Telescope (Hybrid Show) Owlman Nri Playlist