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Metal Blade merch


Disks on Metal Blade logged in KBOO's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Blood Ceremony Merch

The Eldritch Dark Buy it!


Bolt Thrower Merch

Mercenary Buy it!

Cannibal Corpse Merch

butchered at birth Buy it!


Cannibal Corpse Merch

The Bleeding Buy it!

Celtic Frost Merch

emperor's return Buy it!

Celtic Frost Merch

Morbid Tales Buy it!

Cirith Ungol Merch

one foot in hell Buy it!

The Crown Merch

death race king Buy it!

Destruction Merch

Infernal Overkill Buy it!

DRI Merch

Thrash Zone Buy it!

Fate's Warning Merch

Night On Brocken Buy it!

Fates Warning Merch

Night on Brocken Buy it!

Hallow's Eve Merch

Tales of Terror Buy it!

Hellhammer Merch

Apocalyptic Raids Buy it!

Lizzy Borden Merch

give em the axe Buy it!

Nasty Savage Merch

Nasty Savage Buy it!


The Obsessed Merch

Metal Massacre VI Buy it!

Possessed Merch

metal Massacre Buy it!


Slayer Merch

Total Destruction Comp Buy it!

Slough Feg Merch

Digital Resistance Buy it!

Tyrant Merch

Legions of the Dead Buy it!

Viking Merch

do mor die Buy it!

Warlord Merch

Deliver Us Buy it!

Warlord Merch

Deliver Us... Buy it!

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