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Disks by Santana logged in KBUT's playlists:

Disk Comp Year Label

A Little Bit of This a Little Bit of That Buy it!

Abraxas Buy it!


Columbia merch

Abraxas? Buy it!

Abraxis Buy it!

All I Ever Wanted OTHER Buy it!

Amigos Buy it!

Columbia merch

An Old Guitar Buy it!

Best of OTHER Buy it!

Columbia merch

Beyond Appearances OTHER Buy it!

Arista merch

Black Magic OTHER Buy it!

Black magic woman Buy it!

Black magic woman / qypsey queen OTHER Buy it!

Borboletta Buy it!

Columbia merch

Caravanserai PRIVATE CD Buy it!

Caravanserei ELECTRONIC Buy it!

Columbia merch

Chunk a Funk Buy it!

Divine Light OTHER Buy it!

Do You Like the Way (feat. Lauryn Hill & Cee-Lo) Buy it!

Essential OTHER Buy it!

Columbia Records merch

Essential Santana OTHER Buy it!

Columbia merch

Essential santans Buy it!

Columbia merch

Essntisal OTHER Buy it!

Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation Buy it!

Europa OTHER Buy it!

everything is coming our way OTHER Buy it!

Evil Ways OTHER Buy it!

Festival Buy it!


Columbia / CBS Records merch

fot Buy it!

Greatest Buy it!

greatest guitar classic Buy it!

Greatest Hits OTHER Buy it!

Columbia merch

Guajira OTHER Buy it!

guajirs Buy it!

Guitar Heaven OTHER Buy it!


Arista merch

havana moon OTHER Buy it!

Arista merch

Hits of 1981 OTHER Buy it!

Hope You're Feeling Better Buy it!

I'm Winning OTHER Buy it!

in a silent way Buy it!

Inner Secrets Buy it!

Columbia merch

IV Buy it!

Jingo Buy it!

Live Buy it!

Live at the Fillmore OTHER Buy it!

Live At the Fillmore '68 Buy it!

Live At The Fillmore 68 Buy it!

Columbia/Legacy merch

Live at the Fillmore 68' OTHER Buy it!

Sony merch

Live at the Fillmore East Buy it!

Live Fillmore '68 OTHER Buy it!

live from Mexico City Buy it!

Lotus PRIVATE CD Buy it!

Columbia merch

Love of my life OTHER Buy it!

Low Rider OTHER Buy it!

Milagro PRIVATE CD Buy it!


Polydor/ Polygram merch

Mirage Buy it!

Moonflower OTHER Buy it!


Arista merch

Mother Earth Tour CD OTHER Buy it!

Columbia merch

Multi Dimensional Warrior Buy it!

Arista merch

Multi- Dimensional Warrior OTHER Buy it!

Nobody to depens on OTHER Buy it!

Persuasion Buy it!

Put your lights on OTHER Buy it!

Sacred Fire OTHER Buy it!

Arista merch

Sacred Fire - Live in South America Buy it!

Sacred Fire Live In South America WORLD Buy it!


Polygram Records merch

Sacred Fire: Santana in South America Buy it!

Columbia merch

Samba Tí Buy it!

Sampa Pa Ti Buy it!

Sanatana Buy it!

Columbia merch

Santana OTHER Buy it!

Santana (III) Buy it!

Santana 4 Buy it!

Arista merch

Santana Brothers Buy it!

Santana III Buy it!

Columbia/Legacy merch

Santana IV Buy it!

Santana sslf-titled LP OTHER Buy it!

Columbia merch

Santana's Greatest Hits Buy it!

Columbia merch

Senga Music Presents:Royalty Free Music Vol. Five Buy it!

island merch

Shaman OTHER Buy it!

Smooth OTHER Buy it!

song for el salvador Buy it!

Song of the Wind Buy it!

songs of freedom OTHER Buy it!

Spirits Dancing in the Flesh Buy it!

sunshine of your love Buy it!

supernatural ROCK Buy it!


Arista merch

Supertnatural OTHER Buy it!

Arista merch

the best of Buy it!

Columbia merch

the best of santana Buy it!

Columbia merch

The Blues: The Electric Blues Experience Buy it!

The Complete Global Albums Collection Buy it!

The Essential OTHER Buy it!

Columbia merch

The Essential Santana OTHER Buy it!

Columbia merch

The Game Buy it!

The Woodstock Experience OTHER Buy it!

This Is Where the Money Went Buy it!

Trancedance Buy it!

Arista merch

ultimate santana Buy it!

RCA/Jive merch

Very Best of Santana Buy it!

Sony International merch

viva santana OTHER CD Buy it!

Columbia merch

Waves Within Buy it!

Welcome Buy it!


Columbia/Sony Music Entertainment merch

Wildflower Buy it!

Epic merch

Winning OTHER Buy it!

Wishing it was OTHER Buy it!

Yambu Buy it!

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