88.7 FM KBVR Corvallis

DAM Good Radio

Tuesday February 6th 2018

Time zone: pacific

12.00am BOOSTO Power Hour (Music) BOOSTO Playlist
11.00am Dose of Alternative (Music) Erin Playlist
1.00pm What It Comes Down To (Music) Coldfront Playlist
2.00pm Browsing Sports (Music) DJ Browse Playlist
3.00pm Good music, but who's listening anyway??? (Music) Just Peter Playlist
4.00pm The Sparkling Hour (Music) DJ La Croix Playlist
7.00pm The Osculation Station (Music) DJ Bex Playlist
8.00pm The Swamp (Music) c.roc Playlist
9.00pm The Igloo (Music) Goose Playlist
10.00pm All of the Sound and None of the Fury (Music) DJ Majik Playlist
11.00pm The God Hour (Music) DJ G Slim Playlist