88.7 FM KBVR Corvallis

DAM Good Radio

Wednesday February 7th 2018

Time zone: pacific

8.00am Snowfake (Music) DJ Roman Candle Playlist
11.00am Chill Out (Music) DJ Lil Shoes Playlist
12.00pm Office Hours (Music) Cisco Playlist
1.00pm (indie)cisive (Music) Mothra Playlist
3.00pm Late Brunch (Music) dj jules Playlist
4.00pm martinradio (Music) Martin Playlist
5.00pm The Kitchen Sink (Music) DJ SydWiz Playlist
6.00pm Fourth Floor Underground (Music) Mothra Playlist
7.00pm Alternative Airwaves (Music) DJ Ash Cash Playlist
8.00pm The JO Show (Music) Jessica Playlist
10.00pm Cool City Radio (Music) Mothra Playlist