88.7 FM KBVR Corvallis

DAM Good Radio

Saturday March 11th 2017

Time zone: pacific

10.00am The Brew (Music) Sporty Spice Playlist
1.00pm The One O'Clock Jump (Music) DJ Wonesite Playlist
3.00pm Time Machine (Music) DJ Rinkhals Playlist
4.00pm The Wave (Music) DJ Rinkhals Playlist
5.00pm The Wolves Lounge (Music) DJ Wolfie Wolf Playlist
6.00pm Special Rendition (Music) DJ G Slim Playlist
7.00pm Ruffians (Music) Dr. Doge Playlist
8.00pm Rhythm and Blues Review (Music) DJ Ganymede Playlist
9.00pm The Soundhole (Music) DJ Yak Playlist
10.00pm Mixed Nuts (Music) DJ Leafy Greens Playlist
11.00pm The Howl (Music) DJ Rinkhals Playlist