KCSB-FM 91.9

Community Service and Educational Broadcasting

Thursday December 30th 2010

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Dementia 13 (Eclectic) Jangis Playlist
2.00am The Ska Skank Redemption (Reggae) Megan Playlist
4.00am The Electric Zoo (Electronic) WildaBeatz Playlist
6.00am I Want Candy! (Eclectic) Kevin McCulloch Playlist
9.00am Question Air (PublicAffairs) Alexander Stork Playlist
10.00am Down to Cruz with Jazz and Bluz (Jazz) Sheamus Playlist
12.15pm I Love IV (PublicAffairs) dyaNormal Playlist
1.00pm Smoooothe Beatzzz (Jazz) Dee Jay Dubbel Em Playlist
3.00pm Loquat Expositions (CulturalArts) G Boogie Playlist
10.00pm 5...4...3...2...FUN!! (Rock) Hoshwa Playlist