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Tue 2.00AM–4.30AM

Explore the music of Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean spanning the '50s, '60s and '70s in this quirky and educational show.

With Ina Rume and Blanq Wahl


Freak Power Ticket (Eclectic)


A “wondrous boatride” exploring rock’n’roll & other music, cinema, counterculture, pop culture, oddities, etc. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Mon Aug 20th 2018 11.00am–1.00pm

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The Avalanches “Slow Walking”
from At Last Alone MP3 Album (Toy's Factory 2001) —The Aussie techno group samples Loretta Long as her SESAME STREET character from "Susan Sings Songs From Sesame Street" from 1970.


The Pointer Sisters “Pinball Number Count”
from Sesame Street: Songs from the Street, Vol. 3 MP3 Comp (Sesame Workshop 2003) —Remixed by DJ Food for Ninja Tune & Solid Steel Records.


Eileen Barton “If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake (1954) (R&B Version)”
from Radio Days (1936-1958), Vol. 3 MP3 Comp (Saxony Records 2009) —Music bed for voiceover commentary. A song later covered by characters on SESAME STREET.


Dead Hensons “The Lonely n”
from N/A MP3 Single —Excerpt from a mid-2000s cover of a classic SESAME STREET song.


Pogo “Muppet Mash”
from Muppet mash MP3 Single (n/a 2013)


John Mapes “I In the Sky”
from The Sesame Street Covers EP MP3 EP (John Mapes 2010) —Thanks to Prof. Dave Novak for tipping me off to this terrific SESAME STREET song by composer Steve Zuckerman.


De La Soul “THE MAGIC NUMBER (1-2-3 MIX)”
from Buddy / The Magic Number MP3 Single (Tommy Boy Records 1989) —Remix from 2011.


Jill Sobule “Who Is a Democratic Socialist?” MP3 Single (Jill Sobule 2016) —Inspired by the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign, written in the style of SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!


John Williams “The Long Goodbye”
from The Long Goodbye (Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack) MP3 Album (Varese Sarabande CD Club 2004) —Vocals by Jack Sheldon. From Robert Altman's neo film noir from 1973. Music bed for voiceover recap.


Schoolhouse Rock “I'm Just a Bill”
from Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock MP3 Comp (Atlantic Recording Corporation 1996) —Featuring Jack Sheldon on vocals.


Pavement “No More Kings”
from Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks MP3 Comp (Atlantic Recording Corporation 1996)


Deluxx Folk Implosion “I'm Just a Bill”
from Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks MP3 Comp (Atlantic Recording Corporation 1996) —From a SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK! covers album featuring popular indie-rock bands from the 1990s.


Make Up “I Am Pentagon”
from Save Yourself MP3 Album (K Records 1999) —In the spirit of the previous track, both are practically modern equivalents of metaphysical poetry like Donne's "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning"


Bob Dorough “Three Is a Magic Number”
from Sunday At Iridium MP3 Album (Arbors Records 2004) —Bob Dorough was the principal composer of music for SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK! on ABC TV, which ran as interstitial shorts from 1973-1985.


Fred Rogers “It's Such a Good Feeling”
from Won't You Be My Neighbor? (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) MP3 Comp (Back Lot Music 2018)


John Ellis, Aaron Goldberg, Matt Penman & Rodney Green “It's You I Like” MP3 Album (Criss Cross Jazz 2012) —A jazz instrumental version of the song from MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD, on an LP covering a number of songs from the groundbreaking educational series. Music bed for voiceover intro.


Fred Rogers “It's Such a Good Feeling”
from Won't You Be My Neighbor? (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) MP3 Comp (Back Lot Music 2018)


Fred Rogers “Won't You Be My Neighbor?”
from Won't You Be My Neighbor? (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) MP3 Comp (Back Lot Music 2018)


Francois Clemmons “Bury Me in the Garden”
from Thrufters & Through-Stones: The Music of Vermont's First 400 Years MP3 Comp (Big Heavy World 2009) —Clemmons played Officer Clemmons on MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD on PBS TV from 1968-2013.


John D Boswell “Mister Rogers Remixed: Garden of Your Mind”
from PBS Remixed - EP MP3 EP (PBS Digital Studios 2013) —A tribute to children's icons of the 1960s-70s + more.

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