KCSB-FM 91.9

Community Service and Educational Broadcasting

Friday March 30th 2012

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Local's Vocals (Eclectic) Elijah Playlist
4.00am Life 0f Leisure (Eclectic) Chris Playlist
4.00am Elbows & Belly Buttons-How I See It (CulturalArts) Kimmie Dee Playlist
9.00am Check Ya'Self (CulturalArts) Joshua Moon Johnson Playlist
10.00am The Jazz & BluzzCruz (Jazz) Sheamus Playlist
1.00pm Doom Corporation (Rock) Atilla the fun Playlist
7.00pm Real Gauchos (CulturalArts) Paul Rivas Playlist
8.00pm Chronometricz (HipHop) X.TEK OVERLOAD Playlist