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Mon May 6th 2013 11.00am–12.00pm

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Harry Caray “White Sox”
from Voice of the Fans MP3 Album (Baseball Voices 2011) —Excerpt. Little did I realize that noted-Chicago Cubs broadcaster got his radio start in the 1970s on the South Side of that city working for the historically beleaguered ChiSox.


Ebonistics “Echoes of November”
from Legends of Doo-Wop, Vol. 1 MP3 Comp (Great American Music Company/F2K 2008) —Vocals by NL Rookie of the Year/AL MVP Dick Allen, a journeyman known not only for his baseball skills but also for his outspoken anti-racist attitudes. This late 60's song is a music bed & intros my interview w/BIG HAIR & PLASTIC GRASS author Dan Epstein


Monte Moore “PART 1”
from Finley's Heroes MP3 Album (Fleetwood Sounds www.fleetwoodsounds.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=31 1972) —Intro to this 1972 album that recaps the Swingin' A's of Oakland's 1st World Championship. "A baseball fantasy more bizarre than anything Abner Doubleday had ever dreamed..."


Reggie Jackson “Reggie Jackson Death Threats”
from 100 Greatest Sports Moments MP3 Comp (Master Classics Records 2008) —Hall of Fame slugger Reggie Jackson was allegedly threatened by the Weather Underground during the 1973 post-season & World Series.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 2011) —My 2nd interview special with BIG HAIR & PLASTIC GRASS author Dan Epstein opens with a focus on the Oakland A's dynasty of the early 1970s.


Galt McDermot & Tom Pierson “Hair”
from Hair: Special Anniversary Edition (Remastered Original Cast Recording) MP3 Album (BMG Entertainment 1979) —My musical tribute to the Mustache Gang of the Swingin' A's of the early 1970s. Music bed for voiceover/commentary.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 2011) —My 2nd interview special w/ BIG HAIR & PLASTIC GRASS author Dan Epstein opens with a focus on the scruffy Oakland A's dynasty of the early 1970s & hairstyles more generally.


Rodger Collins “Foxy Girls In Oakland”
from The Big Bad Bay Area MP3 Comp (Latin Soul Recordings 2005) —This regional hit salutes the Swingin' A's' hometown & is referenced in my guest's book on MLB in the 1970s, BIG HAIR & PLASTIC GRASS.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 2011) —LaBrie Spot: The Single Girls: http://youtu.be/0JTnP5dwfS0 Mildly sleazy Tom Labrie of Labrie's Waterbed Warehouse in Sacramento, CA in the late 1970s/early 1980s talks directly to the "single girls."


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 2011) —This segment with guest author Dan Epstein discusses the sex scandal involving NY Yankees pitchers Mike Kekich & Fritz Peterson, whose wife-swapping arrangements created public outrage & a media sensation.


The Baseball Project “The Ballad of Mike Keckich and Fritz Peterson”
from Vol. 1: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails (Online Bonus Tracks) MP3 Single (Yep Roc Records 2008) —Online bonus track tells the story of wife-swapping NY Yankees pitchers Mike Kekich & Fritz Peterson.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 2011) —Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice - Trailer (CINÉMOI NORTH AMERICA): http://vimeo.com/56358123 A clip from Paul Mazursky's 1969 film inspired by the suburban Sexual Revolution of the late-60s/early 70s.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 2011) —OUT TRAILER.mov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFiekJb2HLQ Trailer for the 2010 CSN Bay Area documentary OUT: THE GLENN BURKE STORY, about MLB's 1st less-than-closeted gay player.


Beck “High 5 (Rock the Catskills)”
from Odelay LP Album (UMG 1997) —A song I selected to pay tribute to the late gay baseball player Glenn Burke, who is credited by many as originating the sports practice of "high fiving" hand claps. Music bed for voiceover.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 2011) —BIG HAIR & PLASTIC GRASS author Dan Epstein discusses journeyman baseball manager (& former player) Billy Martin, who was always a New York Yankee deep down.


The Baseball Project “The Straw That Stirs The Drink”
from Vol. 2 - High and Inside (Bonus Version) CD Album (Yep Roc Records 2011) —A song about future-Hall-of-Famer Reggie Jackson's days in the New York Yankees' "Bronx Zoo" during the late 1970s.


Harry Caray “White Sox”
from Voice of the Fans MP3 Album (Baseball Voices 2011) —Excerpt. The end of this track mentions Harry Caray's beer-swilling Everyman persona & his emergence as Mr. "7th-Inning Stretch," singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at Comiskey & later Wrigley Field.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 2011) —A segment that talks about Dan Epstein's cultural-historian methods in the book BIG HAIR & PLASTIC GRASS: A FUNKY RIDE THROUGH BASEBALL & AMERICA IN THE SWINGING '70s while also setting up the show's next song.


Heatwave “The Groove Line”
from Central Heating CD Album (Epic 1978) —A song guest Dan Epstein recalls listening to with his mom on the way to Dodgers Stadium in the late 1970s. MUSIC BED for interview segment on his historical methodology, individuality in 70s sports, + baseball & music fandom, more generally.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 2011) —This interview segment continues with Dan Epstein discussing his historical methodology, individuality in 70s sports, + baseball & music fandom, more generally.


Tommy Lasorda “Tommy Lasorda Talkin' About Dave Kingman June 4, 1976”
from Baseball's Greatest Hits MP3 Comp (Rhino / Wea 1992) —Tommy Lasorda (& his gay son Tommy "Spunky" Lasorda Jr.) played a role in the story of Glenn Burke, discussed earlier in the show. This heavily-edited segment was inspired in part by the legendary swing of former MLB slugger Dave "Kong" Kingman.


Hank Aaron “Radio Broadcast”
from 100 Greatest Sports Moments MP3 Comp (Master Classics Records 2008) —The radio call of Atlanta Braves slugger Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's all-time home-run record in 1974.


Willie Dixon's Chicago Blues All-Stars / Willie Dixon / McKinley Mitchell “That Last Home Run”
from Baseball's Greatest Hits: Let's Play 2 MP3 Comp (Rhino / Wea 1990) —A soulful celebration of Hank Aaron's breaking of Babe Ruth's home-run record, a feat accomplished in 1974 despite racist death-threats & other related pressures.


The Paid Attendance “Be A Believer In Giant Fever [excerpt]”
from The Giants' Greatest Hits MP3 Album (Solid Smoke Records 1991) —Music bed for program recap. This disco track was a promotional song for the San Francisco Giants in the late 1970s.


William Goldstein & Thelma Houston “The Bingo Long Song (Steal On Home)”
from The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings (Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album (Geffen 1976) —Music bed for back-announcement + commentary. This theme from John Badham's 1976 baseball classic anticipates Epstein's next appearance on THE FREAK POWER TICKET when we'll discuss baseball movies + more. Thelma Houston is NOT related to Whitney Houston.


Denny McLain “The Look of Love”
composed by Burt Bacharach/Hal David
from Denny McLain at the Organ: The Detroit Tigers' Superstar Swings with Today's Hits MP3 Album (Capitol Records 1968) —A former All-Star & 30-game winner with mob ties had a side career as a lounge performer. Here's his cover of the Bacharach/David classic.

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