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Llamabeats “Paradise (feat. Shabaz DeBongs)”
from Hello My Name Is Llama (EP) MP3 EP (Llamabeats www.llamabeatsmusic.com 2009) —Samples Henry Mancini's PINK PANTHER Theme Song. The focus of today's show is the brilliant career of actor/comedian PETER SELLERS.


Peter Sellers “Thank Heaven For Little Girls (Gigi) (1999 Digital Remater)”
from Legends of the 20th Century MP3 Comp (CAROLINE WORLD SERVICE 2008) —Featured in Blake Edwards' 1978 film REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —World of Henry Orient, The - (Original Trailer): http://youtu.be/npiN_r7gGS4


Elmer Bernstein “Tuning / Concerto”
from The World of Henry Orient (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) MP3 Album (MGM Music 2008) —Music bed for voiceover show intro, commentary, and back announcement.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —Shot in the Dark Trailer - Quxnator.com: http://youtu.be/TSFqXM0e6lI The trailer for Blake Edwards' A SHOT IN THE DARK (1964), Peter Sellers' 1st time in the lead as Inspector Clouseau, on the heels of THE PINK PANTHER (1963).


Roland Alphonso & The Skatalites “A Shot in the Dark”
from Skankin' Ska (Various Artists - EXWorks) MP3 Comp (EXWorks Records 1999) —A ska cover of Henry Mancini's theme song for the 2nd PINK PANTHER feature film, with Peter Sellers taking the lead the 1st time.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —What's New Pussycat - Teaser Trailer & TV Spot: http://youtu.be/2CryHG8Wq84 Excerpt for this TV commercial promoting this swinging farce co-starring Peter Sellers.


Tom Jones “What's New Pussycat?”
from The Complete Tom Jones MP3 Album (Polygram Records 1993)


Love “My Little Red Book”
composed by Burt Bacharach
from Love Story (1966-1972) MP3 Comp (Rhino/Elektra www.rhino.com 1995) —A rock cover of another Burt Bacharach song from Clive Donner's WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? (1965).


Dionne Warwick “HERE I AM”
composed by Hal David & Burt Bacharach MP3 Album (Rhino 2004) —Featured in WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? (1965).


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —after the fox trailer peter sellers: http://youtu.be/InAduv2MUSY Trailer for a film by Vittorio De Sica (BICYCLE THIEF) from 1966.


The Hollies With Peter Sellers “After The Fox (2011 - Remaster)”
composed by Hal David & Burt Bacharach
from The Clarke, Hicks & Nash Years (The Complete Hollies April 1963 - October 1968) MP3 Comp (EMI Records 2011)


Something Big “After The Fox”
from Rarin' - EP MP3 EP (Chamber Pop Records 2013) —Music bed for voiceover.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —Casino Royale (1967) Trailer: http://youtu.be/xEnoKqiGJFI


Burt Bacharach “Dream On James You're Winning”
from Casino Royale: An Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack MP3 Album (Kritzerland Records 2010) —"Music Composed and Conducted by Burt Bacharach," featuring echoes of the hit song THE LOOK OF LOVE, also from this James Bond spoof from 1967.


Dusty Springfield “THE LOOK OF LOVE”
from 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Dusty Springfield MP3 Album (IslandDef Jam 1999) —CASINO ROYALE was panned by many, and with several directors is totally schizo, but check out the AMAZING seduction scene set to this tune, featuring Ursula Andress & Peter Sellers, some of which is shot in Panavision through a trippy aquarium!


Casino Royale “Casino Royale [Bonus Track-a-rach]”
from Bacharach Back to Back MP3 Album (Varese Sarabande 1999) —Partially a music bed for voiceover recap, this song was from Peter Sellers' film of the same name, here featuring lead vocals by Danny Shorago, also of the LA/SF band The Fuxedos. "A Swingin' 60-Style Celebration of the Genius That Is Burt Bacharach."


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —The Party - 1968 - Peter Sellers - trailer: http://youtu.be/IOGx3P5THJs An elaborate "mod" take on the great silent-film slapstick of Keaton, Lloyd, Chaplin, plus Jacques Tati's Mr. Hulot.


Henry Mancini and His Orchestra “Nothing To Lose (Reprise)”
from The Party - Soundtrack MP3 Other (Master Classics Records 2003) —Instrumental: music bed for voiceover commentary + back announcement.


Henry Mancini and His Orchestra “THE PARTY”
from The Party - Soundtrack MP3 Other (Master Classics Records 2003) —Instrumental + Vocal Mashup. A zany "Flower Power" theme permeates this otherwise "Mod" comedy motion picture.


Claudine Longet “Nothing to Lose”
composed by Henry Mancini
from Treasures MP3 Comp (586 Records 2007) —Import. Featured in Blake Edwards' 1968 film THE PARTY.


Kid Chocolat “Dr. Strangelove Sings the Beatles, Pt. 1 (Num Num Mix)”
from Hello Children, the Peter Sellers Remix MP3 Other (Poor Records 2003) —Samples Peter Sellers' Dr. Strangelove character, plus elements from Blake Edwards' THE PARTY ("Birdie Num Num"). Kid Chocolat is an impressive Swiss DJ.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —_I LOVE YOU, ALICE B. TOKLAS_ TRAILER: http://youtu.be/9Ot-mtIhrpA


Harpers Bizarre “I Love You, Alice B. Toklas”
from Harpers Bizarre MP3 Other (Master Classics Records 2011) —Theme song to this fish-out-of-war hippie dropout film from 1967.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —The Magic Christian Original Trailer: http://youtu.be/szpXshpuAso


Badfinger “COME and GET IT”
from Come And Get It MP3 Album (Vanilla OMP 2011) —Written by Paul McCartney for a film adaptation of the Terry Southern satirical novel of class privilege and greed in the UK, a film co-starring bandmate Ringo Starr & Peter Sellers.


Badfinger “Carry On Till Tomorrow (Remastered)”
from Magic Christian Music MP3 Album (EMI Catalogue 2010) —This plays during the title sequence of THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN film.


Thunderclap Newman “SOMETHING IN the AIR”
from Hollywood Dream CD Album (Polydor Ltd. 1970) L —A band assembled by Pete Townshend of THE WHO, who played with them at times. This is their most popular track, an obvious influence on The Flaming Lips. Featured in THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN.


Julie London “Mad About The Boy”
from Julie London - The Ultimate Collection CD Comp (EMI Gold 1998) —In THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN, a singer on the cruise ship performing this song for Roman Polanski & others turns out to be Yul Brynner in drag. This cover of the Noel Coward song provided a music bed for voiceover commentary & recap.


Kid Chocolat “Dr. Strangelove Sings The Beatles Pt. 2 (Sy-Fy (x) #001 Remix)”
from Hello Children, The Peter Sellers Rmx MP3 Album (Poor Records 2003) —Speaking of The Beatles, here's a remix of Peter Sellers' spoken-word version of their hit song.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —Hoffman Trailer: http://youtu.be/oiMPaiLzISQ One of Peter Sellers darker films, a satire of romantic love co-starring Sinead Cusack. Directed by Alvin Rakoff.


Matt Monro “If There Ever Is a Next Time (Remastered)”
from Matt Monro: The Complete Singles Collection MP3 Comp (EMI Gold 2010) —Excerpt: music bed for voiceover recap/commentary. Featured in Peter Sellers' film HOFFMAN.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —KTXA-TV - "There's a Girl in My Soup" movie promo - 1985: http://youtu.be/4TACE9lBDUY A more traditional May/September romantic comedy with Peter Sellers & Goldie Hawn.


Mike D'Abo “Miss Me In the Morning”
from The Mike D'Abo Collection Vol 1 - Handbags & Gladrags MP3 Comp (RPM Records 2001) —A song by the former lead singer of Manfred Mann, featured in THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP (1970).


Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by John Barry “Ballad Suite from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Curiouser and Curiouser, I've Never Been This Way Before, The Me I Never Knew”
from The Concert John Barry MP3 Album (Universal France 2010) —007 composer John Barry wrote the music for this 1972 musical film co-starring Peter Sellers as the March Hare & Dudley Moore as Dormouse. Excerpt. Music bed for voiceover.


Sir Robert Helpman (Mad Hatter), Peter Sellers (March Hare) and Dudley Moore (Dormouse) “The Pun Song”
composed by John Barry
from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Petulia (1972/1968) MP3 Album (Silver Age Classics 2005) —A John Barry song from this ALICE IN WONDERLAND musical from the UK with Peter Sellers & Dudley Moore, among others.


Steeleye Span “New York Girls”
from Commoners Crown (Remastered) MP3 Album (EMI Catalogue 2009) —A popular UK folk-rock band featuring Peter Sellers contributing a few Goon Show characterizations on vocals &, reportedly, ukelele strumming.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —The Return of the Pink Panther Official Trailer #1 - Christopher Plummer Movie (1975) HD: http://youtu.be/G0ykwFpNa3E


Henry Mancini “Come to Me”
from The Ultimate Pink Panther MP3 Comp (rca 2004) —Excerpt. Lead vocal by Tom Jones, plus the voice of Peter Sellers. Song provided music bed for my voiceover recap.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —Pink Panther Strikes Again - trailer: http://youtu.be/46YlJ7RkVR8


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —Murder By Death 1976 TV trailer: http://youtu.be/WtgUzc4b68Y Sellers co-starred as a Charlie Chan-type of detective in this all-star spoof written by Neil Simon assembling the great "whodunit" sleuths of literary fiction.


Kid Chocolat “Does Your Dog Bite?”
from Hello Children, the Peter Sellers Remix MP3 Other (Poor Records 2003) —This Swiss artist samples one of the greatest jokes of 1970s cinema, a short scene from THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN (1976). Some commentary VO included here.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —Being There (1979) UK Theatrical Trailer: http://youtu.be/vm_jKW1OUKw BEING THERE is, effectively, Peter Sellers' Oscar-nominated Swan Song. He died of a heart attack the year after its release.


Stephen Edwards “The Room Upstairs (from "Being There")”
from Piano Music from the Movies MP3 Album (Music For Moving Images 2011) —Johnny Mandel wrote this instrumental theme for Hal Ashby's political satire BEING THERE (1979).


Eumir Deodato Trio “Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spake Zarathustra) (2001 Space Odyssey Movie Theme)”
from Prelude MP3 Album (CTI Masterworks/Sony Music Entertainment 2011) —Excerpt: a jazz cover of Richard Strauss' composition popularized by Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, which was itself the closing number during Hal Ashby's political satire BEING THERE (1979), starring the Oscar-nominated Peter Sellers in his pen

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