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The Victim's Ball “Funeral Music for Queen Mary”
composed by Roberto Massaglia
from Tales from the Gibbet MP3 Album (Elysium Sound / CD Baby 2012) —Music bed. Henry Purcell's music was adapted by electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos for Stanley Kubrick's dystopian sci-fi classic A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. We salute the film as part of a series honoring the LACMA's Stanley Kubrick exhibit, closing Sunday.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —A Clockwork Orange (1971) trailer: http://youtu.be/ut6CAVrR5Q8


David Bowie feat. Walter Carlos “Intro: (Ninth Symphony, Fourth Movement-Abridged)”
from Ziggy Stardust: Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture [30th Anniversary] MP3 Album (Virgin 2003) —During his live shows, David Bowie used to play selections from Wendy Carlos' score for A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.


Die Toten Hosen “The Return of Alex”
from Love, Peace & Money MP3 Album (T.O.T. Musik GmbH 2007) —English translation of the German punk heroes' opening track from their punk-rock musical adaptation of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.


Dr. Phibes and The Ten Plagues of Egypt “Moonlight Sonata (Ludwig van Beethoven)”
from Music of the Gods, volume 2 MP3 Album (You Are Not Stealing Records 2010) —http://freemusicarchive.org - Music bed for voiceover introduction and commentary. From the Free Music Archive, Creative Commons/royalty free release.


Wendy Carlos “Ninth Symphony: Second Movement (Scherzo)”
from Clockwork Orange - Complete Original Score MP3 Album (East Side Digital 1998) —The transgendered electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos adapted a number of classical works for Stanley Kubrick's 1971 dystopian classic A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.


Stereo Total “Orange Mécanique”
from Do the Bambi MP3 Album (Kill Rock Stars 2005) —The title is a French translation of "Clockwork Orange." This song samples & references the Kubrick classic.


Bong Da City “AMYNA”
from Purple N' Blue Vol. 1 MP3 Album (Bong Da City 2011) —This Greek hip-hop crew samples Wendy Carlos' CLOCKWORK ORANGE Title Music (an adaptation of Henry Purcell's "Funeral Music for Queen Mary"). Download it for free from http://bongdafloga.blogspot.com/2011/01/purple-n-blue-vol1.html


Wendy Carlos “Title Music From A Clockwork Orange”
from A Clockwork Orange - Complete Original Score MP3 Album (East Side Digital 1998) —An electronic/synth adaptation of Henry Purcell's "Funeral March for Queen Mary."


Walter Carlos “Air on a G String”
composed by J.S. Bach
from Switched-On Bach MP3 Album (Columbia Records 1968) —"Trans-Electronic Music Productions, Inc. Presents." Walter Carlos famously began sex-reassignment treatment in 1968 and had surgery in 1972, becoming known as Wendy from that point. "Trans-Electronic" is likely a pun. Music bed for voiceover.


U2 “Alex Descends Into Hell for a Bottle of Milk / Korova I”
from The Fly - EP MP3 Single (Mercury Records Limited 1991) —The B-Side to "The Fly" is U2's only release from their score to the Royal Shakespeare Company's 1990 stage adaptation of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.


Rob Zombie “Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)”
from Past, Present & Future MP3 Comp (Geffen Records 2003) —This 2001 song (& its lavish music video) pay tribute to Kubrick's A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.


Walter Murphy “A Fifth of Beethoven (Beethoven's Fifth Symphony)”
from A Fifth of Beethoven MP3 Single (Valentino Production Music / BFM DIGITAL 1976) —This funk-disco hit version of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony exemplifies the Classical Music Revival of the late-60s & 1970s. Music bed for voiceover.


Rancid “Clockwork Orange”
from B Sides and C Sides MP3 Comp (Rancid 2007) —The song's name says it all. Self-released domestically by the band, & on a Japanese import internationally.


Lower Class Brats “Ultra Violence”
from The Clockwork Singles Collection MP3 Album (Punk Core 2007) —"Clockwork Singles Collection" suggests how fanatical LCB is about the characters of "A Clockwork Orange." Song features samples from the film.


Ramones “Durango 95”
from Too Tough to Die MP3 Album (Rhino/Warner Bros. 2005) —The title of this instrumental track from the Ramones' 1984 album references the sports car driven by A CLOCKWORK ORANGE's anti-hero Alex DeLarge & his droogs on their late-night raids. The cover of this album also alludes to the film.


Sepultura “Moloko Mesto”
from A-Lex MP3 Album (Marquee Inc. / Avalon 2009) —A-LEX by Brazilian thrash-metal band Sepultura is a concept album/rock opera inspired by the story A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. A-Lex is a pun on the name of ACO's main character while also signifying "No Law" or anarchy.


Los Violadores “1-2 Ultraviolento”
from Lo Mejor de Los Violadores MP3 Album (Music Brokers 2002) —This Argentinian punk band pays tribute to ACO with this reference to the "ultraviolent" crime spree/frenzy of its characters.


The Fall “To Nk Roachment: Yarbles”
from This Nation's Saving Grace MP3 Album (Beggars Banquet 1989) —Yarbles is from the Nadsat language featured in the ACO book & film: referenced by this popular UK post-punk band.


D.O.A. “Singin' In The Rain”
from Let's Wreck the Party MP3 Comp (Conveyor 2011) —Any punk-rock cover of "Singin' in the Rain" is hard not to see as a nod to the song bastardized by Malcolm McDowell's Alex during his droog-gang's attack on a famous writer, raping his wife in the process.


New Order “Ultraviolence”
from Power, Corruption & Lies (Collector's Edition) MP3 Album (Rhino/Warner Bros. 2008) —The title references ACO, although it's not clear what other connections it might have with the story.


David Bowie “Suffragette City (Live)”
from Live In Santa Monica '72 (Remastered) MP3 Album (Virgin Records 2008) —Along with playing selections from Wendy Carlos' ACO score during live concerts in the early 1970s, Bowie also mentions his "droogs" in this song (remastered in 2003).


Sepultura “A-Lex III”
from A-Lex MP3 Album (Marquee Inc. / Avalon 2009) —More from the Sepultura concept album inspired by the story A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.


Mike Oldfield “William Tell Overture”
from The Mike Oldfield Collection MP3 Comp (UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2009) —Music bed for voiceover commentary, sharing Roger Ebert's 2-star negative review of ACO from 1972, based on the movie's alleged conservative politics.


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —Trainspotting - Trailer: http://youtu.be/GmQqhuKmECc


NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —Segment from Danny Boyle Interview from 2009. His brilliant 1996 film TRAINSPOTTING features a few significant allusions to ACO, including a nightclub that recreates the Korova Milk Bar of that film.


Heaven 17 “Temptation (Edit)”
from Now That's a Download: Eighties MP3 Comp (Mixed Repertoire 2007) —Heaven 17 was a fictitious band name in Anthony Burgess' 1962 novella which reappears in a record-store scene in Kubrick's 1971 adaptation. Danny Boyle plays this song during his "Korova Milk Bar" tribute scene in TRAINSPOTTING (1996). Partial music bed.


Droogs “Call Off Your Dogs”
from Collection MP3 Album (Plug n Socket 2006) —This LA garage-rock band was successful internationally. They take their name from ACO.


Horrorshow “No Rides Left”
from The Grey Space MP3 Album (Elefant Traks 2008) —This Australian hip-hop duo takes its name from the Nadsat word meaning "well" or "good." This song also alludes to ACO w/lyrics identifying our "humble narrator" (a la Alex DeLarge).


Die Toten Hosen “Mehr Davon”
from Reich & Sexy MP3 Comp (T.O.T. Musik GmbH 2007) —This is one of the 3 singles from "Ein Kleines Bißchen Horrorschau" the ACO concept album by Germany's best punk band. Half of the songs on that album were featured in a stage version of ACO, which also included music by Germany's great Ludwig Van.


The Adicts “Viva La Revolution”
from Songs of Praise MP3 (Dwed Wecords 2008) —A British band heavily influenced by the characters in Burgess's & Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange." Known for wearing white costumes and black bowlers. Active since the 1970s!


Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards “Singin’ In The Rain”
from Singin' In the Rain - the Best Of CD Comp (Stardust 2008) —Music bed for voiceover. Ukelele Ike was the 1st to score a hit with this song, as featured in the film HOLLYWOOD REVIEW OF 1929. The Gene Kelly version is heard during the end credits of ACO.


Devotchka “This Place Is Haunted”
from How it Ends CD Album (cicero recordings 2004) —The name "devotchka" means "naughty girl" in the Russian Nadsat slang of ACO. This band's sound is well versed in an eclectic range of music from around the globe.


Y La Bamba “Como Ratones”
from Court the Storm MP3 Album (Tender Loving Empire 2012) —The bilingual Portland band Y La Bamba headline at SOhO Restaurant & Music Club this coming Thursday, June 27th, courtesy of New Noise & Numbskull.


from Lupon MP3 Album (GypsyPop Records 2010) —This PDX band headlines at SOhO on Thursday, 6/27.


Mylo “Valley of the Dolls”
from Destroy Rock & Roll MP3 Album (RCA Records 2005) —This song remixes The Sandpipers' theme song to the Roger Ebert-penned Russ Meyer cult sexploitation film BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, which is being screened in LA on Thurs. at a star-studded tribute to the late-great film critic/writer.

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