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NA “NA” MP3 Other (NA 2010) —The Warriors Movie Trailer [which actually features music from Tangerine Dream's SORCERER soundtrack!]


Tangerine Dream “Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)”
from Sorcerer MP3 Album (MCA Records 1977) —Partial music bed for voiceover introduction.


Barry DeVorzon “Theme From "The Warriors"”
from The Warriors: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack MP3 Album (A&M Records 1979) —Paying tribute to Santa Barbara film composer Barry DeVorzon and Walter Hill's 1979 cult-classic dystopian youth-rebellion film, THE WARRIORS.


Stanton Warriors “Who Are the Warriors (Bass Kleph Remix)”
from Stantons Remixed MP3 Single (Punks 2009) —Samples Gramercy Riff dialogue from Walter Hill's 1979 cult-film THE WARRIORS.


Barry and the Tamerlanes “I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight”
from Hits, Hits, & Hits, Vol. 3 MP3 Comp (Serenia Media 2013) —An early chart success by SB's Barry Devorzon from his own California doo-wop trio, circa 1963.


Martha Reeves And The Vandellas “Nowhere To Run”
from 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best of Martha Reeves & The Vandellas MP3 Comp (Motown Records 1999) —A loose adaptation of Xenophon's ancient Greek story, ANABASIS, THE WARRIORS features a "Greek Chorus" radio DJ (Lynn Thigpen) who sends coded messages (like this song) to NYC's "Armies of the Night" as they try to apprehend the framed Warriors contingent


from Dion MP3 Comp (Sound and Vision 2013) —"Le Meilleur de Dion" - Featured in Philip Kaufman's more realistic 1950s-period NYC gang movie, THE WANDERERS (1979).


Hypstrz “Riot On Sunset Strip”
from Hypstrz MP3 Album (Bomp Records 2005) —A cover of The Standells' title track for the 1967 teen-rebellion exploitation film of the same name, inspired by six days of rioting the previous year.


Erik Johannessen “Gramercy Riffs”
from Inkblots MP3 Album (Gigafon 2012) —A reference to the black gang Gramercy Riffs from THE WARRIORS, on this recent jazz record. In the film, there's a very "blaxploitation"/Black Panther vibe coming from these martial artists from the Gramercy Park borough of Manhattan.


Gramercy Riffs “Clubfoot Boogie”
from Gramercy Riffs MP3 Album (Gramercy Riffs 2010) —This band takes its name from NYC'S most dominant street gang featured in THE WARRIORS.


Malachai “WARRIORS”
from Ugly Side of Love CD Album (Domino Recording Co. LTD www.dominorecordco.us 2009) —Inspired by Walter Hill's film THE WARRIORS, the song samples the clanking bottles of Luther (David Patrick Kelly) of The Rogues & lyrically references the story in many other ways, too.


Garland Jeffreys “WILD IN the STREETS”
from Ghost Writer MP3 Album (A&M 1977) —A lyrical reference to the 1968 AIP youth-rebellion exploitation classic of the same name, starring Christopher Jones, Shelly Winters, Hal Holbrook, & Richard Pryor.


Nation of Ulysses “N-Sub Ulysses”
from Plays Pretty for Baby MP3 Album (Dischord 1992) —Teen rebellion with an anarchist political manifesto (in zine format!), a hardcore/screamo-punk soundtrack, & nice thrift-store suits. Washington DC punk brilliance on Ian Mackaye's terrific label.


David Candy “Listen to the Music”
from Play Power MP3 Album (JetSet Records 2001) —A more mellow take on the Ian Svenonius persona (former front-man of NOU & Make Up), embodied by his foppish alter ego, David Candy, singing one of the main songs from 1968's cult film WILD IN THE STREETS.


Pop Will Eat Itself “Can You Dig It?”
from This Is the Day... MP3 Album (BMG Records (UK) Ltd 1989) —With a title from the refrain of Cyrus of the Gramercy Riffs (sampled too!) in the 1st scene of THE WARRIORS, this song is an anthem of liberatory pop culture, which it lists, from many media & genres.


Bobby Hughes Experience “Fusa Riot” MP3 Album (Ultimate Dilemma Records 1999) —This track samples percussion from the Barry Devorzon & Perry Botkin, Jr. track "The Riot," featured in Stanley Kramer's little-known college-revolution film R.P.M. (1970).


Mr. Dibbs “Habitat 1st Segment”
from Primitive Tracks: Photosynthesis MP3 Album (Cease & Desist 2000) —Like the previous song, this track ALSO samples percussion from the Barry Devorzon & Perry Botkin, Jr. song "The Riot," featured in Stanley Kramer's little-known college-revolution film R.P.M. (1970).


Barry DeVorzon “Baseball Furies Chase”
from The Warriors: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack MP3 Album (A&M Records 1979) —Reissued 2005. In THE WARRIORS, The Baseball Furies are the most surreal of all the gangs, sporting Yankees pinstripes & war paint. Striking in silence, one might ask, "Is this Kabuki theater? Are these NYC street mimes?"


Mandrill “Echoes In My Mind”
from Fencewalk: The Anthology CD Album (Poly dor 1997) —A funk-fusion band fr/Brooklyn, their song here was featured on THE WARRIORS original soundtrack. One final Baseball Furies note: do they hint at the ways that pro sports help forge "tribal" identities in our own modern society?


The Isley Brothers “Nowhere to Run”
from 60s Greatest Hits And Rare Classics MP3 Comp (Motown Records 1991) —Arnold McCuller's verision appears in THE WARRIORS.


Moka DJ “Theme From 'The Warriors'”
from Old School Techno Vol. 3 MP3 Album (The Saifam Group Digital 2009) —A techno remix of Barry DeVorzon's WARRIORS theme, which also features audio samples from the film.


4 Non Blondes “Bless The Beasts And Children”
from If I Were a Carpenter CD Comp (A&M 1994) —The Carpenters' version was theme song to Stanley Kramer's 1971 message movie, which in its own right was about a youth uprising, this time by reform-school boys seeking to liberate a herd of bison facing certain death at the hands of redneck hunters.


Carpenters “Bless The Beasts And Children”
from The Carpenters: Yesterday Once More - Greatest Hits 1969-1983 MP3 Comp (A&M Records 1998) —Music bed for voiceover commentary: theme song for Stanley Kramer's film of the same name.


DJ Vadim “Game Tight”
from U Can't Lurn Imaginashun CD Album (BBE 2009) —Radio Edit. Samples "Cotton's Theme" from BLESS THE BEAST & CHILDREN (aka Nadia Comenici's main Olympic gymnastics track, "Nadia's Theme").


Alcohol Jazz “S.W.A.T”
from Suerte Y Padrino MP3 Album (Subterfuge Records 2002) —From the Barry De Vorzon-penned theme song to the "Special Weapons & Tactics" SWAT TV cop program, made a hit in 1976 by Rhythm Heritage.


Mekon feat. Schoolly D “Skool's Out (Mekon Radio Edit)”
from Skool's Out MP3 Single (Wall of Sound 1997) —Samples the SWAT tv-theme, among other things. Music bed for voiceover commentary.


Genya Ravan “Love Is a Fire (Live)”
from LIVE MP3 Album (ItsAboutMusic.com 2006) —Genya Ravan's original version of this was featured on THE WARRIORS' official soundtrack album.


The Lizzies “Indrid Cold”
from Just Turtles MP3 Album (The Lizzies 2011) —With a song referencing the humanoid alien from THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES etc., The Lizzies themselves seem to have taken their moniker from another pop-culture source, the lesbian gang of the same name from THE WARRIORS.


The Coup “The Guillotine”
from Sorry to Bother You MP3 Album (Anti 2012) —The music video populates its Occupy uprising threat with characters straight out of the Black musical THE WIZ. Such a great hip-hop jam! Bandleader Boots Riley often acts as an Occupy Oakland spokesman. :)


Eagles “IN THE CITY”
from The Long Run MP3 Album (Rhino/Elektra www.rhino.com 1979) —Originally written for THE WARRIORS by Santa Barbarans Barry De Vorzon and Joe Walsh (yes, allegedly, Mr. Walsh also lives in Santa Babylon).


from Hatchet Warrior MP3 Album (Psychopathic Records 2003) —Excerpt. This Juggalo Insane Clown Posse acolyte in face paint (practically out of THE WARRIORS) covers the film's Walsh/DeVorzon closing theme. Of interest is ABK's Lumbee Native American heritage, a tribe from North Carolina.


Max Frost & The Troopers “Shape Of Things To Come”
from Wild in the Streets: Original Soundtrack LP Album (Tower Records 1968) —We close with an excerpt of this song from the soundtrack to the 1968 youth uprising cult-film classic, by the fictional band Max Frost & The Troopers.

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