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Ferraby Lionheart “Man On The Moon”
from Stereogum Presents... DRIVE XV: A Tribute to Automatic For the People MP3 Album (stereogum.com 2007) —Ferraby Lionheart covered this R.E.M. hit on the 2007 tribute record released online by the music blog stereogum.com. Today's show celebrates Andy Kaufman & the release of his 1st album, ANDY AND HIS GRANDMOTHER (Drag City 2013).


Andy Kaufman “Andy is Making a Record”
from Andy and His Grandmother MP3 Album (drag city records 2013) N  —The 1st track from Andy Kaufman's posthumous debut album, with narration by Bill Hader.


Señor Wences “'S-All Right? - 'S-All Right!”
from Deefeecult For You - Easy For Me / 'S-All Right? - 'S-All Right! MP3 Single (Amoeba Music / Joy Records 1959) —Ventriloquist Señor Wences appears to have influenced Andy Kaufman's Foreign Man & Latka Gravas characters. (www.amoeba.com/music/album/842525)


Doc Severinsen “Johnny's Theme (The Tonight Show Theme)”
from The Tonight Show Band With Doc Severinsen MP3 Album (Amherst Records, Inc. 1986) —Andy Kaufman first made an impact on TV on daytime & late-night talk shows in the mid-to-late 1970s, ranging from THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW and the Dinah Shore show, plus THE TONIGHT SHOW With JOHNNY CARSON.


67 Mob “Archie Bunker Meets Sammy Davis Jr. Skit”
from Raising The Bar MP3 Album (67 MOB RECORDS, LLC 2009) —Andy Kaufman's Foreign Man would "imitate" celebrities from the era, such as Richard Nixon, Ed Sullivan, & Archie Bunker.


Elvis Presley “Also Sprach Zarathustra”
from The Alternate Aloha MP3 Comp (rca 1988) —Excerpt from this live dress-rehearsal before Elvis' smash-hit international TV concert broadcast. In the wake of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, Elvis adopted Richard Strauss' "Zarathustra" as his intro music during live concerts.


Elvis Presley “See See Rider”
from The Alternate Aloha MP3 Comp (rca 1988) —A opening-set concert staple for "The King of Rock and Roll" Elvis Presley.


Elvis Presley “That's When Your Heartaches Begin”
from Elvis # 1 Singles MP3 Comp (sony bmg music entertainment 2005) —Andy Kaufman performed this Elvis song on Johnny Cash's 1979 Christmas special.


Elvis Presley “Treat Me Nice”
from The Complete Elvis Presley Masters Disc 4 MP3 Comp (RCA Records/Legacy Recordings 2010) —This Elvis song was also performed on ABC's "The Andy Kaufman Special" (aka "Andy's Funhouse").


Class of '55 “We Remember the King”
from Memphis Rock & Roll Homecoming MP3 Comp (America Records 1986) —Import release. A few years after his death, Elvis' Sun Records peers, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, & Johnny Cash pay tribute to The King. Andy Kaufman's impersonation of Elvis is said to have been the rock'n'roll icon's personal favorite.


Brad Fiedel “NA” (NA 2013) —Film composer BRAD FIEDEL shared the stage in NY with Andy Kaufman in the early 1970s back when Andy Kaufman was beginning his pro career. In this short interview, Mr. Fiedel describes one of Andy Kaufman's earliest public performances ever.


Nelson Riddle “The Great Gatsby: Original Soundtrack Recording” MP3 Album (1974) —Irving Berlin, as sung by Bill [William] Atherton, fr/the '74 Jack Clayton adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's modern classic. During his comedy routine, Andy Kaufman was known to read from the opening of that same book, in an appropriately fancy voice.


The Not Ready for Prime Time Players “OPENING”
from Saturday Night Live MP3 Album (Arista 1976) —Andy Kaufman auditioned for Saturday Night Live during its 1st season, but was not included in the comedy troupe. He did appear in the show's 1st episode, however, and on a handful of other occasions into the early 1980s.


Children's Cartoon All-Stars “Mighty Mouse”
from Songs from Cartoons MP3 Comp (Big Eye Music 2012) —The 1st episode of NBC's Saturday Night (aka Saturday Night Live) featured special-guest Andy Kaufman lip-synching to the theme song to the 1950s-60s Terrytoons Saturday morning program MIGHTY MOUSE, by The Sandpipers.


Andy Kaufman “Sleep Comedy”
from Andy and His Grandmother MP3 Album (drag city records 2013) N  —Fr/ Kaufman's debut LP, this track illustrates his deeper surrealist/Dadaist influences in a silly way: a routine for those who are asleep. EG, this segment enacts a convo b/w Kaufman & Italian director Federico Fellini (who even sounds like Foreign Man!)


Souls of Mischief “Cabfare”
from 93 'til Infinity (Jive 1993) —This hip-hop track, fr/Souls of Mischief & the Oakland-based Hieroglyphics crew, samples Bob James' theme-song to ABC's sitcom TAXI. Giving his Foreign Man-type a name, "Latka," TAXI made Andy Kaufman a TV star!


Bob Smith “Howdy Doody”
from The Music of Televisions Hits MP3 Comp (Ling Music Group / The Orchard 2010) —One of Andy Kaufman's main influences (like Paul Reubens' Pee Wee Herman, who in some ways succeeded him), was children's programming of TV's "Golden Era," such as the variety show with puppet hero Howdy Doody.


Cartoon Theme Players “Howdy Doody”
from Classic Cartoon Theme Songs MP3 Other (Master Classics Records 2010) —Andy Kaufman liked to contrast the conservative innocence of a wooden puppet-boy with red hair & freckles, Howdy Doody, from the 1950s, with a more cynical & self-reflexive 1970s-80s sensibility.


Coldcut “Say Kids What Time Is It?”
from Say Kids (What Time Is It?) MP3 Single (P.R. Records Limited 1987) —This early remix/hip-hop track samples the HOWDY DOODY TV-show theme-song's refrain.


Laverne & Shirley “SIXTEEN REASONS”
from Laverne & Shirley Sing MP3 Album (Rhino Atlantic 2006) —The Andy Kaufman Special, recorded in 1977 & aired in 1979 on ABC-TV, featured a mock-interview with Andy Kaufman's friend Cindy Williams, of LAVERNE & SHIRLEY fame, & called awkward attention to Kaufman's own "sitcom star" status.


The Fontane Sisters & Howdy Doody “The Popcorn Song”
from The Turtle Song MP3 Album (Wnts 2010) —More fun for all of us in The Peanut Gallery!


Slim Whitman “It's A Small World”
from The Very Best of Slim Whitman MP3 Comp (EMI Catalog (USA) 2010) —Yodelling C&W singer Slim Whitman, who became something of a self-parody by selling his records via TV infomercials, was a big influence on Andy Kaufman, in part for that reason. Kaufman pushed his audience not to dismiss the man's brilliance prematurely.


Slim Whitman “Rose Marie - Original”
from Slim Whitman Selected Favorites, Vol. 2 MP3 Comp (Charly Records 2006) —Andy Kaufman himself performed this Slim Whitman love song on stage in his yodeling style. A slightly longer version of this same song, from Curb Records' 1990 Slim Whitman GREATEST HITS CD was actually broadcast on the air.


Slim Whitman “Indian Love Call”
from Slim Whitman - Country Legend MP3 Comp (X5 Music Group 2011) —This Slim Whitman hit was later repopularized by its use in Tim Burton's film MARS ATTACKS. Another version of this song, from Curb Records' 1990 Slim Whitman GREATEST HITS CD was actually broadcast on the air.


Kat Mandu “The Break (Remix)”
from 12 Inch Classics MP3 Single (Unidisc Music Inc. 1993) —This disco track was included in HEARTBEEPS, Andy Kaufman's only feature & starring-vehicle fr/1981, a box-office bomb that co-starred Bernadette Peters & was directed by Allan Arkush (ROCK 'N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL).


The Bobs “Andy Always Dreamed of Wrestling”
from Biographies MP3 Album (Bobs Records 2013) —A song written for the posthumous 1989 mockumentary I'M FROM HOLLYWOOD, about Andy Kaufman's side-career wresting women in comedy clubs & later men like Jerry Lawler on the southern wrestling-circuit.


Fred Thaler “Fridays Theme”
from N/A MP3 Other (http://www.fredthaler.com/#!fridays-band 1980) —www.fredthaler.com/#!fridays-band The theme song to ABC's edgy SNL ripoff, FRIDAYS. In 1981 Kaufman & others involved w/the show staged a fight during the live broadcast, which stirred a lot of media speculation & controversy.


TV Hits “Seinfeld”
from Tv Hits Vol. 10 MP3 Comp (Tam-Tam Media 2013) —One of Kaufman's most elaborate & notorious hoaxes was a staged fight on ABC-TV's sketch program FRIDAYS, an SNL rip-off that for many was MUCH more punk & edgy than SNL. Cast members included Michael Richards + Larry David of SEINFELD.


Andy Kaufman “[Honk] vs [Dog] B”
from Andy and His Grandmother MP3 Album (drag city records 2013) N  —Andy Kaufman anticipates "reality programming" by recording scenes from his life on a micro-cassette recording during the late 1970s. He also seems here to be provoking a sexualized "catfight" between 2 women in his life.


Freddie Blassie “Pencil Neck Geek”
from Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection: The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time [Disc 2] CD Album (Rhino Records 1991) —"Classy" Freddie Blassie, was an American professional wrestling villain and manager who appeared w/Andy Kaufman in a spoof of Louis Malles' MY DINNER WITH ANDRE. Kaufman had been had been enchanted w/the world of pro wrestling since childhood.


The Bobs “March & Fanfare”
from N/A MP3 Single (n/a) —http://bobs.com - This track was Andy Kaufman's entrance music while performing as a wrestler. It also appears in his posthumous wrestling mockumentary I'M FROM HOLLYWOOD, & also THE MAN ON THE MOON.


Jerry Lawler “Memphis, Tennessee”
from It Came From Memphis: Volume 2 MP3 Comp (Birdman Records 2001) —World champion pro wrestler Jerry "The King" Lawler was Andy Kaufman's nemesis in both the regional wrestling circuit & on late-night TV. This song pays tribute to his Southern home.


Paul Shaffer “Late Night (Instrumental)”
from Coast to Coast MP3 Album (Capitol Records, LLC Interscope 1986) —Andy Kaufman's most famous hoax involved an angry confrontation w/wrestling nemesis Jerry Lawler on LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN during the early 1980s. Here's that show's theme music.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 1979) —My Dinner with Andre - CRITERION - OFFICIAL TRAILER Louis Malles' film, depicting an intellectual dinner conversation b/w Wallace Shawn & Andre Gregory, inspired an Andy Kaufman spoof, MY BREAKFAST WITH BLASSIE.


Blood, Sweat & Tears “Variations On A Theme By Erik Satie (1st and 2nd Movements - Adapted From "Trois Gymnopedies'”
from Blood, Sweat & Tears MP3 Album (Columbia 1969) —Reissued in 1999, this track interprets the Erik Satie music used in MY DINNER WITH ANDRE (1981), which is also included in Andy Kaufman's low-budget video spoof, MY BREAKFAST WITH BLASSIE (1983).


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 1979) —Andy Kaufman - My Breakfast With Blassie - www.dailymotion.com/video/xlvkbe_andy-kaufman-my-breakfast-with-blassie_shortfilms Andy Kaufman dines & converses at a Sambo's Restaurant w/legendary pro wrestler Freddie Blassie.


Ricky Nelson “It's Just the Nearness of You”
from Ricky Nelson Gold - Original Vintage Recordings MP3 Comp (Vantage Point 2013) —A man identified as Jim Brandy appears on PBS Soundstage's ANDY KAUFMAN SHOW on its "Has-Been Corner." He's called a former rock'n'roll idol (now in advanced middle age). One of his 2 songs is actually Ricky Nelson's "...Nearness of You."


Tony Clifton “I Will Survive”
from Man on the Moon: Music from the Motion Picture [Soundtrack] MP3 Comp (Warner Bros. Records Inc. 1999) —Jim Carrey here plays the Borscht-belt lounge performer Tony Clifton, suggesting Andy Kaufman's own immortality. Clifton was created by Kaufman & sidekick/co-writer Bob Zmuda. Both men played Clifton, hiding under a wig, mustache, shades, & much padding.


Cake “I Will Survive ”
from Fashion Nugget MP3 Album (Volcano 2009) —Music bed for interview w/young Andy Kaufman fan Moses Marsh, former host of KCSB's "Mixtape Mojo." Sacramento band Cake provide a twist on the Gloria Gaynor hit fr/the 70s, a stirring song of soldiering on (or in this context, attaining immortality).


Sage Francis “Andy Kaufman”
from Still Sickly Business MP3 Album (Strange Famous Records 2005) —Andy Kaufman was known for elaborate pranks and hoaxes. Legends that he faked his own death prompted Sage Francis to imagine a similar fate in this eponymous song. Music bed for Moses Marsh interview.


Mudkids “(Do The) Andy Kaufman”
from Basementality MP3 Album (Crush Entertainment 2006) —A hip-hop tribute to "The King of Comedy," ANDY KAUFMAN.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 1979) —'I'm Still Here' Trailer HD - This mockumentary depicted Joaquin Phoenix's "retirement" from acting to pursue a career as a rap artist. Co-written & directed by brother-in-law Casey Affleck, it turned out to be a Kaufmanesque hoax.


R.E.M. “The Great Beyond”
from In Time - The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 CD Album (Warner Bros. 2001) —R.E.M.'s 2nd great song inspired by comedian/performance artist Andy Kaufman, this single was written for Milos Forman's popular biopic MAN ON THE MOON, which was entirely scored by the band.


Andy Kaufman “One More Song For You”
from Man On the Moon (Music from the Motion Picture) MP3 Album (Warner Bros. Records Inc. 1999) —Featured on the MAN ON THE MOON soundtrack. ANDY KAUFMAN LIVES!!! <3

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