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Mon Dec 30th 2013 11.00am–12.00pm

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Devo “DEVO Corporate Anthem”
from Duty Now for the Future (Deluxe Version) [Remastered] MP3 Album (Warner Bros. 1995) —Music bed for voiceover intro to my "Brief History of Sci Fi & Rock'n'Roll" on today's broadcast!


The Phenomenauts “Where Is the X-38?”
from Re-Entry MP3 Album (Springman Records 2004) —The Phenomenauts, self-dubbed Rocket Roll from Oakland, CA, inspired today's theme. They're playing 3 shows in the 805 this weekend: O'Sullivan's in Santa Maria (Fri.), Billy O's in Ventura (Sat.), & Manny's in Paso Robles (Sunday)!!


Ike Turner, Jackie Brenston “Rocket 88. The Original 1951 - 1960 (R&B and Rock & Roll Sid”
from Rocket 88. The Original 1951 - 1960 (R&B and Rock & Roll Sides) Single (Soul Jam Records / The Orchard 2011) —This 1951 song was the 1st rock single, by JB & the Delta Cats, w/Ike Turner, or by Bill Haley & His Comets (it's also in the sci-fi comedy BUCKAROO BANZAI). Cars are very space age, correct?


Tornados “TELSTAR”
composed by Joe Meek
from Dreamin' On a Cloud MP3 Comp (Classic Records 2009) —A #1 hit in the US ('62), by a UK rock'n'roll quintet. The title refers to a communications satellite launched that year, & features a pre-analog synthesizer "clavioline", a kind of electronic keyboard.


from We Travel the Spaceways / Bad and Beautiful MP3 Album (Evidence Music Inc. 1992) —The flamboyant "Afrofuturist" jazz musician claimed to be from Saturn, created otherworldly music, & his "Arkestra" toured w/ (& influenced) the MC5. This '67 song is dedicated to DJ Vikas of KCSB's show of the same name.


Hawkwind “Sonic Attack”
from Space Ritual (Remastered) MP3 Album (EMI Catalogue 2007) —The words of sci-fi writer Michael Moorcock as recited by Robert Calvert, frontman for this UK Space Rock band. Shades of ROCKY HORROR & HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE in this live 1972 track.


David Bowie “1984 (1999 Digital Remaster)”
from Diamond Dogs MP3 Album (Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company 2004) —The one & only "Man Who Fell to Earth" recorded this tribute to Orwell's novel as a pilot song for a never-realized stage musical.


Zolar X “Jet Star 19”
from TIMELESS MP3 (Alternative Tentacles 2004) —The house band at Rodney's English Disco in L.A. never really left mid-1970s Tinsel Town until Jello Biafra's label rescued their campy "space glam" music from obscurity.


Yacht “Tripped and Fell In Love (Instrumental)”
from SHANGRI-LA (Instrumentals) MP3 Album (DFA Records 2011) —These art-rockers' acronym stands for Young Americans Challenging High Technology. With a utopian-cult/sci-fi vibe, the progressive synthpop group has posted a number of instrumentals at freemusicarchive.org. Music bed for back-announcement/voiceover.


Joby Talbot “Journey of the Sorcerer”
from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Original Soundtrack) MP3 Album (Polystar 2005) —A quick tribute to HGthG author Doug Adams, who died in SB in 2001. HITCHHIKER'S' memorable theme song is intriguingly a COVER of music by THE EAGLES, I was amazed to discover!


Parliament “Star Child (Mothership Connection) (Promo Radio Version)”
from Mothership Connection MP3 Album (Casablanca 1975) —A campy version of Funk Afrofuturism from George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic. This is a 2003 reissue.


Kraftwerk “The Robots (Single Edit)”
from The Robots MP3 Single (EMI UK 1991) —Germany's avant-garde electronic group Kraftwerk create a musical allegory of the dehumanization of mankind.


Tubeway Army & Gary Numan “This Machine”
from The Plan MP3 Album (Beggars Banquet 1999) —Gary Numan's 1st, more punky group, produced this Philip Dick-inspired record that was released in 1984 after his late-70s breakthrough as a solo artist.


Producers for Bob “Bob Defines The Subgenius [RADIO EDIT]”
from Bob's Media Ecology 2 MP3 Album (DOVe 1992) —The Church of the Subgenius provides philosophical underpinnings to the absurdist sci-fi music group Devo. Hear this record in its entirety here: bobdobbsmediaecology.blogspot.com


Devo “Jocko Homo”
from Hardcore, Vol. 1 MP3 Comp (Devo Inc. 2013) —Devo's cutting satire of "devolved" man has roots in the 1970 Kent State massacre, which founding member Jerry Casale witnessed. In fact, 2 of the 4 victims were his friends. From a new record featuring unreleased early tracks.


They Might Be Giants “Space Suit”
from Apollo 18m MP3 Album (Rhino/Elektra www.rhino.com 2005) —Music bed for voiceover commentary & back-announcement. The group developed ties to NASA during the 1990s, reflected in the album's name & this instrumental track.


Man Or Astro-Man? “Maximum Radiation Level”
from Deluxe Men in Space - EP MP3 EP (Touch & Go Records 1996) —The great, postmodern sci-fi surf group from Auburn, Alabama, creates an instrumental post-apocalyptic jam with the addition of one brief introductory sample.


Yacht “Paradise Engineering”
from Shangri-La MP3 Album (DFA Records 2011) —PDX synthy art-rockers touch on the theme of utopian genetic engineering. Self-described as a "Band, Belief System, and Business," interested parties should take a look at their "Mission Statement" at teamyacht.com.


Polysics “Black Out Fall Out”
from Neu [Bonus Track] MP3 Album (Asian Man Records 2003) —The Tokyo-based, Devo-influenced group plays high-energy "technicolor pogo punk." Based on its music video, these lyrics are about the dehumanization of corporate culture, & not nuclear fallout, as I 1st suspected.


The Phenomenauts “Rocket Soul” MP3 Other (2014) —Debuting a rough-mix of a new song from the Devo-influenced band's forthcoming album, ESCAPE VELOCITY. This tracks precedes a brief interview w/the android Leftenant AR-7.


The Phenomenauts “I'm With Neil”
from N/A MP3 Single (n/a 2012) —A tribute to astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson that originally debuted on the website for WIRED magazine: youtube.com/watch?v=qDLrwwOxnaA No album or audio release is planned.


Melodysheep “A Glorious Dawn”
from Best of Symphony of Science MP3 Album (melodysheep 2009) —melodysheep.bandcamp.com/album/best-of-symphony-of-science A lovely auto-tuned song that features vocals by the late Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking (whom I've seen at UCSB - once buying a burrito!).

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