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A "wondrous boat ride" exploring rock 'n' roll & other music, the counter cultural, cinema, pop culture, oddities, etc. Buy a ticket, take the ride.

Mon Mar 17th 2014 11.00am–12.00pm

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Time zone: pacific


The Sandpipers “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”
composed by Stu Phillips - Bob Stone
from Various ‎– Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls - Original Soundtrack Album MP3 Comp (20th Century Fox Records 2005) —"Freak Power Ticket" Show Promo w/ The Sandpipers' "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" + John LaZar as Z-Man Barzell in Roger Ebert + Russ Meyers' movie of the same name.


MIT Concert Choir (Cutter) “Cantata 140. 1. Chorus”
from Bach and Schubert MP3 Other (CC License 2005) —Excerpt. Music bed for intro to my 2nd of a 2-part interview with WES ANDERSON COLLECTION author Matt Zoller Seitz + RogerEbert.com. This Bach cantata was adapted by Mark Mothersbaugh as the "Loquasto International Film Festival" in THE LIFE AQUATIC.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 1979) —Bottle Rocket [Short Film] opening/intro with Luke & Owen Wilson. A quirky conversation about a weird episode of the 1970s cop show STARSKY AND HUTCH.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 1979) —Matt Zoller Seitz discusses his book THE WES ANDERSON COLLECTION & its influences.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 1979) —The Substance of Style, Pt 1 Wes Anderson and his pantheon of heroes (Schulz, Welles, Truffaut) - This excerpt touches Seitz's interest in cartoonist Charles Schulz + Bill Melendez.


N/A “N/A”
composed by N/A MP3 Other (n/a 1979) —This segment explains Seitz's career-spanning link w/Anderson; his own Pulitzer nomination for criticism; why Anderson is a "GREAT"; a preview of GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL; + a summary of Andersonian themes.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 1979) —THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL - Official International Trailer HD (a film that's already won 2nd prize at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival).


Alexandre Desplat “The War (Zero's Theme)”
from The Grand Budapest Hotel MP3 Album (2014) N  —Music bed for voiceover reintroduction of today's program.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 1979) —This final segment asks, "Will Wes Anderson ever win an Oscar nomination?," touches on Wes Anderson's use of music in his films, his impressive diversity, & lists other great directors deserving of overdue recognition.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 1979) —Criterion Trailer 300: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou - Host Ted Coe & special guest Matt Zoller Seitz both identify THE LIFE AQUATIC as their personal favorite Wes Anderson film.


Tab & Anitek “The Life Aquatic”
from The Freakout Tent MP3 Album (Dormouse Records 2013) —From the Free Music Archive! Music bed for voiceover recap/commentary.


Iggy & The Stooges “Search And Destroy”
from Raw Power MP3 Album (Columbia/Legacy Japanese Issue 1973) —This song is memorably featured in THE LIFE AQUATIC. I played the Iggy remastered version, in part as a tribute to Stooges drummer Scott Asheton, who died this past weekend. Music bed for voiceover commentary/recap.


Curro “Here's To You”
from Silba a Ennio Morricone MP3 Album (DiscMedi S.A. 2007) —This song is also in THE LIFE AQUATIC, played during the Ned/Kingsley funeral scene. That Ennio Morricone/Joan Baez hit was originally featured in the Italian docudrama SACCO E VANZETTI. I love the trademark Morricone whistling! RIP Scott Asheton!


Seu Jorge “Team Zissou”
composed by Seu Jorge
from The Life Aquatic - Studio Sessions featuring Seu Jorge CD Album (Hollywood 2005) —The LIFE AQUATIC SESSIONS features Seu Jorge's entire slate of Bowie adaptations, recorded for the Wes Anderson film. This sole original, tongue-in-cheek song is about the movie's documentary-filmmaking/seafaring collective.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 1979) —Moonrise Kingdom Official Trailer #1 - Wes Anderson Movie (2012) HD: a recent Anderson film that was talked about as worthy of a Best Picture Oscar nomination. I think of it as approaching the genius of Twain's Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer!


Leonard Bernstein “The Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra, Op. 34: Themes A-F”
from Moonrise Kingdom (Original Soundtrack) MP3 Comp (ABKCO Music & Records, Inc. 2012) —A terrific classical track that seems wholly appropriate for a deceptively simple juvenile love story from the great Wes Anderson.


Johnny And The Hurricanes “Kaw-Liga”
from Miserlou (The Singles 1959-1962) MP3 Comp (Rock&Roll Classics 2013) —Music bed for voiceover commentary/show outro. This surf-rock quintet covers Hank Williams' original C&W song. That classic was featured prominently in MOONRISE KINGDOM.

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