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Bruce B. with deep blues, classic soul and hot R&B, alternating with Tony C and a mix of blues, soul, R&B, jazz and doo-wop. Tune in every Sunday evening for blues you can only get at the "Chicken Shack."

With Bruce B. and Tony C.


Music from the Hills (Music)

John Uhlemann brings you 2 hours of strangely beautiful folk and traditional music from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, with occasional forays into the Middle East and Western Europe.

Sun Dec 16th 2018 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: central


Nicolae Gutsa “N-au Valoare Mărcile (Deutschmarks are without value in comparison with you)”
from The Greatest Living Gypsy Voice - Nicolae Gutsa (Auvidis/Silex 1996)


Nicolae Gutsa “Pale Amende si Abeau (there is a wedding at our place)”
from The Greatest Living Gypsy Voice - Nicolae Gutsa (Auvidis/Silex 1996) —self-labelled as "the world's greatest living Gypsy voice", he does do scat singing well.


Doina Timișului “Brâul lui Murgu”
from Romanian Tradition (ARC 2003)


Doina Timișului “Suita de Jocuri de doi”
from Romanian Tradition (ARC 2003)


Fanfara Din Lăpușnic “Trei melodii de joc: Brâuri de pe Valea Almăjului”
from Doine, Cântece și Jocuri Bănățene (ethnophonie 1997) —brass band music from the Romanian Banat - not as popular as in Serbia, just across the border, but still a presence


Tari Dorottya and Bánát tamburazenekar “Serbian tunes from Banat”
from Táncház - Népzene 2014 (Hagyományok Háza 2014) —The Banat is home to Hungarians and Serbs, as well as Romanians. Here is a Hungarian singer with a Serbian band from the area


Dorin Cuibariu & Pavel Cebzan, with Gheorghe Zamfir orch. “Suita Banateana”
from Gheorghe Zamfir și Virtuoșii săi (Electrecord (LP) 1971) —another suite of progressively faster daneces


Taraful din Baia “M-am intors acasa”
from Gypsies Of Romania - Transylvania ~ Banat (ARC 2000) —interesting because it uses some themes from Hungarian couple dances, but played at frenetic pace in a different style


Gheorghe Zamfir “Sus pe Culmea Dealului”
from Gheorghe Zamfir le génie de la flûte de pan (Philips (LP) 1973)


Gheorghe Zamfir “Doina lui Efta Botoca”
from Gheorghe Zamfir le génie de la flûte de pan (Philips (LP) 1973) —This is the first part of a 4-part suite of music from Banat. Recorded in France, this all-star Romanian band plays a doină, a slow song, a line dance, and a couple dance


Stana Izbașa “two songs from Banat”
from Stana Izbașa (Audio HM 1994)


Flûte de Pan: Zamfir - Aux 2 clarinettes, taragot, sao-soprano: D.A. Cuibaru et P. Cebzan “Zig-Zag”
from Musique Roumaine - L'Orchestre de Zamfir (Philips 1983) —the is a suite for panpipe, 2 clarinets, and Sax. Recorded in Paris, this is Gheorghe Zamfir at his best.


Costica Olan “Doina”
from Costica Olan și Taraful Olanilor (Cinq Planetes) —This Roma taragot player is possessed of a fabulous technique - listen to the staccato notes in the next selection


orch. "Doină Banatului" din Caransebeș “Ardeleană că-n Banat și Brîu”
from Rencontre avec la Roumani - Caransebeș (Electrecord (LP)) —This is a couple dance , often done in lines


Iosif Cocoș (țambal) & orch. "Doină Banatului" “doină de pe Valea Almăjului”
from Rencontre avec la Roumanie- Caransebeș (Electrecord) —Now 2 selections from the town band in Caransebeș, in the southwest of the Banat


Mariana Drăghicescu “Bădiță cu Ochii Verzi (ardeleană)”
from Mariana Drăghicescu (Electrecord (LP))


Mariana Drăghicescu “Trandafir și-o floare”
from Cernă, cernă, apă lină (Electrecord 2000)


Ilie și Radu Vincu “Brîul lui Laie și brîu de la Marga”
from Ilie și Radu Vincu (Electrecord (LP))


Radu și Ilie Vincu “Mamă, Care Ne-ai Făcut”
from Three Virtuosos of the Violin (Electrecord (LP)) —a slow doina for fiddle duet


Luca Novac, taragot, with Radu Simion & Orchestra “Hora de la Petroșnița”
from În Memoria lui Luță Ioviță (Electrecord (LP) 1977) —from the beautiful and slow to the frenetically fast, music from the Romanian Banat remains a favorite of mine. We start out with music for taragot, a pear wood soprano sax - like instrument

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