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Feel Like Going Home (Music)

Prodigal songs, wayward grooves, lyrical detours, soul folk in action - that's Feel Like Going Home, with Roy Kasten, three hours of indie rock, errant twang, dusty blues and acoustic-electric ballads.

Wed Jul 4th 2018 7.00am–10.00am

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Ernest Troost “I'll Be Home Soon”
from O Love (Travelin' Shoes Records 2014) —Ernest has been involved in motion picture music over his career. Much of his music creates moods and textures not unlike what one would experience from film. This is a really nice album.


Maurice Tani & 77 El Deora “New Dress”
from Blue Line (Western Independent Recordings 2013) —Maurice is from Northern Calfornia and works all the cool parts of the Americana spectrum, with lots of C&W and blues touches. In addition to his music, he's a talented and in-demand graphic artist.


Devil's Elbow “You and I”
from demo (Blue Lotus) L —St. Louis' Mat Wilson and Elliot Sowell, with a little private stash music not available to the general public. Yet another great reason to tune-in and support KDHX.


Guy Forsyth “Heart of Sawdust”
from Calico Girl (Small and Nimble Records 2008) —This is Guy's re-recording of his Calico Girl album. The original was tied-up in label shenanigans and all but stolen from Guy. He was so proud of the songs that he chose to remake the songs, which had grown and changes some over the years.


Susanna Van Tassel & Dave Gonzalez “I Had A Feeling”
from Think We're Gonna Be Alright (Lux Records 2018) N  —One of my favorite singers (Van Tassel) and one of my favorite Paladins/Hacienda Brothers (Gonzalez) with a hard country honky tonk records. Release on LP 1st, CD a bit later.


Joshua Hedley “Weird Thought Thinker”
from Mr. Jukebox (Third Man Records www.thirdmanrecords.com 2018) N  —Well, I just couldn't resist this one based upon the song title alone. However, young Mr. Hedley has put together a really great traditional country album here.


Dwight Yoakam “Missing Heart”
from 3 Pears (Warner Bros./Via Records 2012) —Yoakam to this day is probably my favorite C&W singer. He's never stopped singing both musics, never quit composing great songs. 3 Pears? 3 Cheers!


Charlie Mars “My Friend Ray”
from The Money (Rockingham Records 2014) —You know, I really don't know that much about Charlie. However, I picked this album up from our "stray" bins and I like it a lot. Sometimes it pays to try something different; one might like it!


The Claudettes “Cosmic Dancer”
from Pull Closer To Me Live In The Piano Room (Yellow Dog 2017) —Johnny Iguanna's Claudettes, feauturing guitarist/bassist Zach Verdoorn on lead vocals. The album was recorded in one small room with 1-2 microphones capturing everything.


Sarah Borges “Think of What You've Done”
from Radio Sweetheart (Lonesome Day Records 2014) —One of my favorite artists, who is working on a brand new album in between road trips. Sarah is also a huge proponent of independent and community radio - she was a college DJ back in the day.


Rev. Cleophus Robinson “Rusty Old Halo”
from He's Done Great Things (Peacock Records 1966) L —Rev. Cleophus pastored St. Louis' Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church for 40 years, recording hundreds of songs. He just may be my favorite singer - ever.


Liz Vice “Fancy Feet”
from Save Me (Liz Vice 2018) N  —Brand new music from the gifted and ever-soulful Liz Vice. Folks, this woman could sing the tax codes and make them sound soulful. Did I mention she's gifted?


Malford Milligan “I'm Too Close”
from The Gospel According to Austin Vol. 2 - Malford Milligan & Friends (The Gospel According To Austin 2001) —Austin's arbiter of all things soul, Malford Milligan. He sings all genres of music and sings them well, but when he wraps his pipes around old hymns something truly special happens.


Mavis Staples “There's a Devil On the Loose”
from Have a Little Faith (Alligator Records 2004) —Miss Mavis - she's a national treasure! And this song title....it pretty much says it all. And not just in the US, but around the World.


Precious Bryant “That's The Way The Good Thing Go”
from The George Mitchell Collection Volumes 1-45 (Fat Possum 2008) —Recorded in 1969 in Waycross, GA, when Precious was in her 20s. She was playing blues, church songs and dance tunes at the time.


Henry Townsend “The Train is Coming”
from The Blues In St. Louis, Vol. 3: Henry Townsend (Folkways Records 1984) L —Recorded in St. Louis in May, 1961, by musicologist Samual Charters. Henry Townsend in his prime. Mr. Townsend was the godfather of St. Louis' blues scene 50 years plus.


Mississippi Fred McDowell “61 Highway”
from Live At The Gaslight (Grapeshot Media/Live Archive 2000) —Recorded at the Gaslight Cafe in NYC in Nov, 1971. Essentially Fred's final recordings, as he would be dead by July of 1972.


Gil Scott-Heron “A Sign Of The Ages”
from The Revolution Begins: The Flying Dutchman Masters (BGP/Ace url 2012) —This song is from the 1971 album Pieces Of A Man, as released by Pretty Purdie & the Playboys. Composed by Scott-Heron & Brian Mitchell.


Stevie Wonder “Jesus Children of America”
from Innervisions (Motown 1973) —What more do you need to say? It's Stevie Wonder. From '69 to '77 or so, this man was channeling a higher power or something. Wow!


Horace Silver “Liberated Brother”
from In Pursuit Of The 27th Man (Capitol/Blue Note 2002) —Originally released in 1973. Horace Silver is one of my favorite jazz artists. Oh, and this was recorded by Rudy Van Gelder, guananteeing pristine audio capture.


Joan Osborne “Ring them Bells”
from Songs of Bob Dylan (Womanly Hips Records 2017) —Joan is so talented it's almost frightening. I love her voice, her style, and the name of her private recording label.


Sean Wheeler “I'm coming Home”
from Sand in My Blood (Little Village Foundation 2017) —This was one of the most pleasantly unexpected and surprising albums of 2017. Sean's voice oozes soul, and his reading of the songs rewrote many of them permanently in his own image. Brought to you by the great folks at Little Village Foundation.


Shinyribs “Who Built the Moon”
from Well After Awhile (Nine Mile Records 2010) —Kevin Russell and his band of musical hippies and gypsies. If you've seen Shinyribs, you know just how amazing a singer he truly is.


Filthy Friends “windmill”
from Invitation (Kill Rock Stars 2017) —Nothing fancy here, just a bunch of rock 'n' roll veterans letting their collective hair down, turning up, and having a ball.


Hindu Love Gods “Battleship Chains”
from Hindu Love Gods (Giant 1990) —Warren Zevon fronting REM playing blues and hard rock. That's it. And "it" is a really cool record.


Tonio K. “Say Goodbye”
from amerika (Gadfly Records 1997) —A remastered version of the 1980 album. I like this guy; witty, subversive, and pretty tremendous rock 'n' roll.


The Wilhelms “Contortionist Blues” (Perdition 2018) N L —John Wendland and Andy Ploof - ladies and gentlemen, The Wilhelms! With a CD release event on July 7 at the venerated listening room, The Focal Point


Patrick Sweany “Baby Every Night”
from Ancient Noise (Nine Mile Records 2018) N  —Patrick Sweany is a force of nature artist, and one of the more gifted, more concise yet "open" songwriters you'll find anywhere. Yes, I'm a fan. Can you tell?


The Wood Brothers “Seasick Emotions”
from One Drop of Truth (Honey Jar Records 2018) —This band is just so good, combining blues (Oliver is one of the finest blues guitarist out there), jazz, rock, and whimsy. Oh, and intelligence.


Chris Smither “The Devil's Real”
from Blues Live From Mountain Stage (Blue Plate Music 1995) —Recorded for the Mountain Stage television program. Smith certainly isn't a blues purist, but there are certainly blues elements basic to his sound.


Doug Sahm and Friends “The Dealer's Blues”
from The Best Of Doug Sahm's Atlantic Recordings (Atlantic Records 1992) —Composed by Doug Sahm, Fathead Newman on the tenor sax solo. There's a great Doug Sahm bio currently loaded up on Netflix. If you get the chance, check it out.


Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore “Get Together”
from Downey to Lubbock (Yep Roc 2018) N  —Folks, this record is brand new and it's just so good. This is the old '60s "movement" song, composed by Chet Powers (Dino Valenti).


Jeff Turmes “Before You Were Born”
from The Sun Never Went Down (Jeff Turmes 2017) —Many of you might know Turmes as Mavis Staples' bass player, but he's a recording artist, composer of reknown, and multi-instrumentalist, too. He's a special cat, and this album features his banjo playing.


Tom Hall “920 (The Herb Song)”
from Sorry - Concert Is Sold Out (Three Worn Hats Productions 2018) L —Composed by Tom Hall, who happens to be one of my favorite singers and guitar players. This is Tom's solo piece from the album.


Ivas John “Keep Your Train Movin'”
from Good Days a Comin' (Right Side Up Records 2015) L —Ivas is a younger guy, but such a rich and expressive singer as well as gifter songwriter guitarist. We're lucky he plays in St. Louis on a regular basis.

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