KMUD Garberville

Redwood Community Radio

Sunday August 14th 2016

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Life In The Emergency Lane (Music) Frying Pan Dan Playlist
5.00am Universal Gospel Experience (Music) Frying Pan Dan Playlist
8.00am Childrens Story Hour (Music) Katy & Dave Wave or Fran Playlist
10.30am Wild River Radio (Music) Jack, Pamela, Randy, Bettye Rotating host Playlist
3.00pm World Beat Show (Music) Agnes Playlist
5.30pm Beyond The Blowtorch (Music) B'anna Playlist
7.00pm Lester Leaps In (Music) D.J. Red I Playlist
9.00pm Jo Mama's Blues (Music) Cynthia Playlist
11.00pm The Get Down (Music) Frying Pan Dan Playlist