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Artist Disk Year

10 CC Merch

I'm Not in Love Buy it!

Ace Merch

How Long Buy it!

The Acorn Merch

No Ghost (Four Tet Remix) [Bonus Track] Buy it!

Adele Merch

Hello (Ozzie Remix) Buy it!

Agua Roja Merch

Joey Buy it!

Air Merch

Alone in Kyoto Buy it!

Air Merch

Run Buy it!

Alexandra Stan Merch

Mr. Saxobeat Buy it!

Alice Russell Merch

High Up On the Hook Buy it!

Aloe Blacc Merch

Wake me Up Buy it!

Alt-J Merch

Hunger Of The Pine Buy it!

Andrew Bird Merch

Capsized Buy it!

Andrew Bird Merch

Simple X Buy it!

Andrew Bird Merch

Take Courage Buy it!

Andy Shauf Merch

The Magician Buy it!

Annie Lennox Merch

Stay by Me Buy it!

Anya Marina Merch

Vertigo Buy it!

Apostle of Hustle Merch

National Anthem of Nowhere Buy it!

Apparat Merch

Black Water Buy it!

Arcade Fire Merch

The Suburbs Buy it!


Astronauts Merch

Skydive Buy it!

Austra Merch

Utopia Buy it!

The Avener Merch

Lonely Boy Buy it!

The Avett Brothers Merch

I And Love And You Buy it!


B 52's Merch

Revolution Earth Buy it!

The B-52s Merch

Mesopotamia Buy it!

The B-52s Merch

Roam Buy it!

B52 Merch

Follow Your Bliss Buy it!

Baby Alpaca Merch

Sea of Dreams Buy it!

Baby Alpaca Merch

Sea of Dreams (Turbotito Remix) Buy it!

The Bangles Merch

Going Down To Liverpool Buy it!

The Barr Brothers Merch

Even the Darkness Has Arms Buy it!

Bat for Lashes Merch

Daniel (Cenzo Townshend Radio Edit) Buy it!

The Beach Boys Merch

Kokomo (Viceroy Edit) Buy it!

Bebel Gilberto Merch

Sun is Shining Buy it!

Beck Merch

Heaven Hammer (Missing) Buy it!

The Bees Merch

Got to Let Go Buy it!

Belize Merch

Teenage Wasteland (Baba O'Riley Remix) Buy it!

Bell x1 Merch

The Trailing Skirts of Love Buy it!

Ben Howard Merch

Rivers in Your Mouth Buy it!

Benjamin Francis Leftwich Merch

Shine (Kygo Remix) Buy it!

Benjamin Franklin Leftwich Merch

Shine Buy it!

Bibi Bourelly Merch

Sally Buy it!

Bird York Merch

In Deep Buy it!

Blitzen Trapper Merch

Furr Buy it!


Blitzen Trapper Merch

Thirsty Man Buy it!

Bob Moses Merch

Tearing Me Up Buy it!

Bob Moses Merch

Tearing Me Up (RAC Mix) Buy it!

Bon Iver Merch

10 d E a T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄ Buy it!

Bonnie Raitt Merch

Spit of Love Buy it!

The Book of Daniel Merch

The Camels Parade Buy it!

Brand New Merch

Jesus Christ Buy it!

Brian Eno & David Byrne Merch

Home Buy it!

Brian Eno and John Cale Merch

The River Buy it!

British Sea Power Merch

A Lack of Color Buy it!

British Sea Power Merch

Living Is So Easy Buy it!

Broken Bells Merch

the ghost inside Buy it!

Broken Bells Merch

The High Road Buy it!

Bronski Beat Merch

Love and Money Buy it!

Bruce Cockburn Merch

The Last Night of the World Buy it!

Bruce Hornsby Merch

Swan Song Buy it!

Bruce Springsteen Merch

Brilliant Disguise Buy it!

Bryan Ferry Merch

The Name of the Game Buy it!

Capital Cities Merch

Farrah Fawcett Hair (feat. André 3000) Buy it!

The Cars Merch

Double Life Buy it!

The Cars Merch

It's All I Can Do Buy it!

Cat Power Merch

Willie Buy it!

The Chemical Brothers Merch

Under Neon Lights Buy it!

The Chemical Brothers Merch

Wide Open Buy it!

The Chemical Brothers Merch

Wide Open (Edit) Buy it!

Chet Faker Merch

Bend (D Pulse Remix) Buy it!

Chris Rea Merch

Looking For a Rainbow Buy it!

Chris Rea Merch

Texas Buy it!

Chris Rea Merch

The Road to Hell (Part ll) Buy it!

Coldplay Merch

God Put a Smile Upon My Face Buy it!

Cool Uncle Merch

Break Aaway Buy it!

Cool Uncle Merch

Break Away Buy it!

Cornershop Merch

Sleep on the Left Side Buy it!

Cowboy Junkies Merch

Ooh Las Vegas Buy it!

Crosby Stills & Nash Merch

Guinnevere Buy it!

Crying Day Care Choir Merch

Wedding Song Buy it!

Cults Merch

Go Outside Buy it!

The Cure Merch

A Forest Buy it!

The Cure Merch

A Forest (Acoustic Version) Buy it!

The Cure Merch

Just Like Heaven Buy it!

The Cure Merch

Pictures of You Buy it!

Daft Punk Merch

Doin' It Right (feat. Panda Bear) Buy it!

Daft Punk Merch

Doing It Right Buy it!

Daft Punk Merch

Random Access Memories (Vanderway Remix) Buy it!

Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan Merch

Unplayed Piano (Chris Lord-Alge Mix) Buy it!

Daughter Merch

Youth Buy it!

Daughter Merch

Youth (Isoline Remix) Buy it!

David Byrne & Brian Eno Merch

Home Buy it!

David Lindley & El Rayo-X Merch

Brother John Buy it!

David Lindley & El Rayo-X Merch

Papa Was a Rolling Stone Buy it!

Death cab for cutie Merch

A Lack of Color Buy it!

Declan McKenna Merch

The Kids Don't Want to Come Home Buy it!

Deepakalypse Merch

Drummers Buy it!

Deer Hunter Merch

Breaker Buy it!

Devotchka Merch

A Clockwise Witness Buy it!

Devotchka Merch

Clockwise Witness Buy it!

DIIV Merch

Dopamine Buy it!

Dire Straits Merch

How Long Buy it!

Dire Straits Merch

Portobello Belle Buy it!

Dire Straits Merch

Tunnel of Love (Intro: The Carousel Waltz) Buy it!

Don Henley Merch

The End of the Innocence Buy it!


Donald Fagen Merch

New Frontier Buy it!

Donald Fagen Merch

Tomorrow's Girls Buy it!

Dubai Trip Hop Merch

Arabian Dance Buy it!

Duffy Merch

Mercy Buy it!

Duran Duran Merch

(Reach Up for the) Sunrise (Jason Nevins Remix) Buy it!

Dustin O'Halloran Merch

Opus #23 Buy it!

Edie Brickel and The New Bohemians Merch

Nothing Buy it!

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians Merch

Nothing Buy it!

Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians Merch

Love Like We Do Buy it!

Electric Light Orchestra Merch

Mr. Blue Sky Buy it!

Elf Power Merch

Spiral Stairs Buy it!

ELO Merch

One Step at a Time Buy it!

ELO Merch

Strange Magic Buy it!

Elvis Costello Merch

Beyond Belief Buy it!

The English Beat Merch

Save it For Later Buy it!

The English Beat Merch

What's Your Best Thing? (Bonus Track) Buy it!

Eno/Cale Merch

Spinning Away Buy it!

Eno/Cale Merch

The River Buy it!

Fatboy Slim Merch

Praise You Buy it!

Faul & Wad Ad & Pnau Merch

Changes Buy it!

Few Bits Merch

Sweet Warrior Buy it!

The Fine Arts Showcase Merch

Chemical Girl Buy it!

Fine Young Cannibals Merch

Funny How Love Is Buy it!

Fine Young Cannibals Merch

Good Thing Buy it!

Fleet Foxes Merch

White Winter Hymnal Buy it!

Fleetwood Mac Merch

Gypsy Buy it!

Fleetwood Mac Merch

Hypnotized Buy it!

Foals Merch

Give It All (Lindstrom Remix) Buy it!

The Folk Merch

Avery Buy it!

Foreign/National Merch

Mombasa Buy it!

Foster The People Merch

Call it what you want Buy it!

Fountains Of Wayne Merch

Richie and Ruben Buy it!

Freedom Fry Merch

1979 Buy it!

Freedom Fry Merch

Smells Like Teen Spirit Buy it!

Freischwimmer Merch

California Dreamin Buy it!

Freischwimmer Merch

California Dreamin (Original Extended Mix) Buy it!

Fritz Helder Merch

Lagerfeld Lady Buy it!

Galkin Merch

Out to Lunch Buy it!

Gap Dream Merch

Fantastic Sam Buy it!

Gary Wright Merch

My Love is Alive Buy it!

Genesis Merch

The Carpet Crawlers 1999 Buy it!

Ginger Ale Merch

Hate Street Dialogue (Remix) Buy it!

Gizmo Varillas Merch

Give a Little Love Buy it!

GoldFish Merch

Deep of the Night Buy it!

GoldFish Merch

Get Busy Living Buy it!

GoldFish Merch

Sleep of the Night Buy it!

Goldfrapp Merch

Ooh La La Buy it!

Gomez Merch

Airstream Driver Buy it!

Graffiti6 Merch

Annie You Save Me Buy it!

Gramatik Merch

Good Evening Mr. Hitchcock Buy it!

Grimes Merch

Realiti Buy it!

Groove Armada Merch

At The River Buy it!

Groove Armada Merch

My Friend Buy it!

Guster Merch

Long Night Buy it!

Henri Bardot Merch

Make You Love Me Buy it!

Henry Green Merch

Electric Feel Buy it!

Henry Jamison Merch

Real Peach Buy it!

Here We Go Magic Merch

Fangela Buy it!

Hey Marseilles Merch

Cannonballs Buy it!


Good Together Buy it!

Imogen Heap Merch

Cycle Song Buy it!

Imogen Heap Merch

Hide 'n Seek Buy it!

Indio Merch

Hard Sun Buy it!

Iron and Wine Merch

He Lays in the Reins Buy it!

Iron and Wine Merch

The Devil Never Sleeps Buy it!

Ivy Merch

Edge of the Ocean Buy it!

James Morrison Merch

Nothing Ever Hurt Like You Buy it!

Jamie Cullum Merch

Wheels Buy it!

Jets Overhead Merch

Heading to Nowhere Buy it!

Jets Overhead Merch

I Should Be Born Buy it!

Joan Armatrading Merch

I'm Lucky Buy it!

Joan Armatrading Merch

Willow Buy it!

Joe Jackson Merch

Fools In Love Buy it!

Joe Jackson Merch

It's Different For Girls Buy it!

Joe Jackson Merch

You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want) Buy it!

Johan the Angel Merch

Train: Isaiah 5:26-30 Buy it!

John Cale Merch

Dancing Undercover Buy it!

John Cale Merch

Indistinct Notion of Cool Buy it!

John Lee Hooker Merch

In the Mood Buy it!

Jose Gonzales Merch

Killing For Love Buy it!

Jose Gonzalez Merch

Love Will Tear Us Apart Buy it!

Junip Merch

Rope & Summit Buy it!

K. Flay Merch

Blood in the Cut Buy it!

Kathleen Edwards Merch

Change The Sheets Buy it!

Keb' Mo' Merch

The Action Buy it!

Keb'Mo' Merch

The Action Buy it!

Keren Ann Merch

My Name Is Trouble Buy it!

King Charles Merch

Love Lust Buy it!

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins Merch

Bubble Buy it!

Kings of Convenience Merch

Love Is No Big Truth Buy it!

Kinky Merch

Monday Killer Buy it!

Kongos Merch

Come With Me Now Buy it!

Kurt Vile Merch

Pretty Pimpin Buy it!

Kygo Merch

No Diggity vs Thrift Shop Buy it!

The Lagoons Merch

California Buy it!

LCD Soundsystem Merch

All My Friends (Live at Madison Square Garden) Buy it!

Leigh Nash Merch

My Idea Of Heaven Buy it!

Leisure Merch

Take It to the Top Buy it!

Lettuce Merch

Phyllis Buy it!

Lightning Dust Merch

Antonia Jane Buy it!

The Lightning Year Merch

Endless Memory Buy it!

Lloyd Cole Merch

Like Lover's Do Buy it!

Lloyd Cole Merch

Tell Your Sister Buy it!

Loney Dear Merch

Ignorant Boy, Beautiful Girl Buy it!

Lord Huron Merch

Ends Of The Earth Buy it!

Lord Huron Merch

Fool for Love Buy it!

The Low Anthem Merch

Charlie Darwin Buy it!

The Lulus Band Merch

Ngwendeire Guita (Detroit Swindle Remix) Buy it!

The Lumineers Merch

Ophelia Buy it!

The Lumineers Merch

Ophella Buy it!

The Lumineers Merch

Stubborn Love Buy it!

Luna Merch

Friendly Advice Buy it!

Luna Merch

Pup Tent Buy it!

Lusine Merch

Two Dots Buy it!

Magic Numbers Merch

This is a Song Buy it!

Mark Knopfler Merch

River Towns Buy it!

Mark Knopfler Merch

Rudiger Buy it!

Mark Knopfler Merch

The Car Was the One Buy it!

Mark Knopfler Merch

You Don't Know You're Born Buy it!

Martha and the Muffins Merch

Echo Beach Buy it!

Matt Corby Merch

Resolution Buy it!

Matt Mays and El Torpedo Merch

Terminal Romance Buy it!

Matt Pond PA Merch

Our Braided Lives Buy it!

Max Frost Merch

White Lies Buy it!

Mazzy Star Merch

Into Dust Buy it!

Mechanitis Merch

Mechanitis Buy it!

Metric Merch

Lie Lie Lie Buy it!

MGMT Merch

Time to Pretend Buy it!

Michelle Shocked Merch

God Is a Real Estate Developer Buy it!

Milo Greene Merch

Cutty Love Buy it!

Moby Merch

Run On Buy it!

Moby Merch

Sunday Buy it!

Moby Merch

The Perfect Life (feat. Wayne Coyne) Buy it!

Monsters of Folk Merch

Dear God Buy it!


The Motels Merch

Only the Lonely Buy it!

The Motels Merch

Suddenly Last Summer Buy it!

Motopony Merch

King Of Diamonds Buy it!

Motopony Merch

Seer Buy it!

Mr. Probz Merch

WAVES Buy it!

Mr. Probz Merch

Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit) Buy it!

MS MR Merch

Hurricane Buy it!

Mystic Diversions Merch

E Pa Pa Buy it!

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Merch

Thank You Buy it!

The National Merch

England Buy it!

The National Merch

Fireproof (Visager Remix) Buy it!

The National Merch

Humiliation Buy it!

The National Merch

Morning Dew  Buy it!

The National Merch

Pretty in Pink Buy it!

The National Merch

Runaway Buy it!

The National Merch

Start a War Buy it!

New Order Merch

1963 Buy it!

New Order Merch

Your Silent Face Buy it!

New Radicals Merch

You Get What You Give Buy it!

No Doubt Merch

It's My Life Buy it!

Nora En Pure Merch

Come With Me Buy it!

Nora En Pure Merch

Saltwater (2015 Rework) Buy it!

Nore En Pure Merch

Come With Me Buy it!

Norwegian Recycling Merch

Viva La Viral Buy it!

Nouvelle Vague Merch

Dance With Me  Buy it!

Nvdes Merch

Before the Weekend Comes Buy it!

Oh Pepi Merch

The Race Buy it!

Oh Wonder Merch

Without You Buy it!

Oscar Isaac & Marcus Mumford Merch

Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song) Buy it!

Other Lives Merch

Reconfiguration Buy it!

The Owls Merch

Air Buy it!

Ozark Mountain Daredevils Merch

Jackie Blue Buy it!

P.S. I Love You Merch

Bad Brain Day Buy it!

Paolo Nutini Merch

New Shoes Buy it!

Parquet Courts Merch

Stoned and Starving Buy it!

Passengers Merch

Miss Sarajevo Buy it!

Patrick Watson Merch

Big Bird In a Small Cage Buy it!

Paul Duncan Merch

Oil in the Field Buy it!

Paul Simon Merch

Born At the Right Time Buy it!

Peas and Rice Merch

Swing Republic Buy it!

Pela Merch

Anytown Graffiti Buy it!

Persephone's Bees Merch

Nice Day Buy it!

Peter Bjorn and John Merch

What You Talking About? (RAC Remix) Buy it!

Peter Gabriel Merch

Don't Give Up Buy it!

Pink Floyd Merch

Another Brick in the Wall (Pt 1), The Happiest Days of Our Lives, Another Brick in the Wall (Pt 2) Buy it!

The Police Merch

Driven to Tears Buy it!


Keep It for Your Own Buy it!

Portishead Merch

The Rip Buy it!

The Pretenders Merch

The Biker Buy it!

The Psychedelic Furs Merch

The Ghost in You Buy it!

Quilt Merch

Roller Buy it!

R.E.M. Merch

Drive Buy it!

Radiohead Merch

Everything in its Right Place (re:tract edit) Buy it!

Radiohead Merch

House of Cards Buy it!

Radiohead Merch

Ill Wind Buy it!

Radiohead Merch

There There Buy it!

Raphael Saadiq Merch

100 Yard Dash Buy it!

Rayland Baxter Merch

Mr. Rodriguez Buy it!

Redlight King Merch

Old Man Buy it!

REM Merch

Nightswimming Buy it!

Richard Buckner Merch

Meadow Buy it!

Rico Merch

Tribute to Don Drummond Buy it!

Robert Smith Merch

Perfect Blue Sky Buy it!

Sam Roberts Merch

Fixed to Ruin Buy it!

Sam Roberts Merch

Hard Road Buy it!

Sam Sparro Merch

Black & Gold Buy it!

San Fermin Merch

No Devil Buy it!

Sanders Bohlke Merch

The Weight of Us Buy it!

Sarah Jaffe Merch

Clementine Buy it!

Say Hi Merch

November Was White, December Was Grey Buy it!

School of Seven Bells Merch

Open Your Eyes Buy it!

The Silencers Merch

My Love Is Like a Wave / Razor Blade Reprise Buy it!

Silversun Pickups Merch

Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance) Buy it!

Silversun Pickups Merch

Latchkey Kids Buy it!

Sinead O'Connor Merch

I am Stretched on Your Grave Buy it!

Sinead O'Connor Merch

I Am Stretched On Your Grave (2009 Remastered Version) Buy it!

Sky Ferreira Merch

24 Hours Buy it!

Slow Runner Merch

Everything is Exactly As it Seems Buy it!

Smashing Pumpkins Merch

1979 Buy it!

Sneaker Pimps Merch

6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Mix) Buy it!

Sniff 'n' the Tears Merch

Driver's Seat Buy it!

Sonia Dada Merch

Lay My Body Down Buy it!

Sons of Maria Merch

You and I Buy it!

Sound Team Merch

Born to PLease Buy it!

Squeeze Merch

Annie Get Your Gun Buy it!

Steely Dan Merch

Time Out of Mind Buy it!

Stereolab Merch

Jenny Ondioline Buy it!

Stevie Nicks Merch

Sara (white label remix) Buy it!

Superorganism Merch

Something for Your M.I.N.D. Buy it!

Supertramp Merch

Even In the Quietest Moments Buy it!


Sweet Tempest Merch

The Truth Buy it!

The Swell Season Merch

Low Rising Buy it!

Swimming Tapes Merch

Souvenirs Buy it!

Swing Republic Merch

Peas and Rice (feat. Count Basie & Jimmy Rushing) Buy it!

Syd Matters Merch

Obstacles Buy it!

Talking Heads Merch

City of Dreams Buy it!

Talking Heads Merch

Road to Nowhere Buy it!

Talking Heads Merch

Slippery People Buy it!

Tame Impala Merch

Cause I'm a Man Buy it!

Tangle Eye Merch

John Henry's Blues Buy it!

Tanita Tikaram Merch

Poor Cow Buy it!

Tanita Tikaram Merch

World Outside Your Window Buy it!

Tears for Fears Merch

Woman in Chains Buy it!

Teddybears Merch

Crystal Meth Christian Buy it!

Telepomusik Merch

Breathe Buy it!

Til Tuesday Merch

Voices Carry Buy it!

Tom Petty Merch

A Face In The Crowd Buy it!

Tom Petty Merch

A Higher Place Buy it!

Tom Petty Merch

You Wreck Me Buy it!

Toni Childs Merch

Dreamer Buy it!

Toni Childs Merch

Stop Your Fussin Buy it!

Track a Tiger Merch

Glad to Be Scattered Buy it!

TV on the Radio Merch

Happy Idiot Buy it!

Twin Within Merch

Bernie Buy it!

Two Door Cinema Club Merch

Bad Decisions Buy it!

U2 Merch

Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses? Buy it!

UB40 Merch

Don't Break My Heart Buy it!

UB40 Merch

I Would Do For You Buy it!

UB40 Merch

I've Got Mine Buy it!

UB40 Merch

Red Red Wine Buy it!

UB40 Merch

Watchdogs Buy it!

Vacationer Merch

Paradise Waiting Buy it!

Van Morrison Merch

Be Thou My Vision Buy it!

Van Morrison Merch

By His Grace Buy it!

Van Morrison Merch

In the Days Before Rock and Roll Buy it!

Van Morrison Merch

New Biography Buy it!

Van Morrison Merch

On Hyndford Street Buy it!

Van Morrison Merch

Precious Time Buy it!

Velvet Morning Merch

Blue Jean Baby Buy it!

Violet Days Merch

So Dope Buy it!

Walker Lukens Merch

Lifted Buy it!

The Wallflowers Merch

Closer to You Buy it!

Wallflowers Merch

God Says Nothing Back Buy it!

Walter Lukens Merch

Lifted Buy it!

The War On Drugs Merch

An Ocean In Between the Waves Buy it!

The War On Drugs Merch

My Billie Jean Buy it!

The War On Drugs Merch

Under the Pressure Buy it!

Warren Zevon Merch

Lawyers , Guns And Money Buy it!

The Weepies Merch

No Trouble Buy it!

Whitey Merch

Just another animal Buy it!

The Who Merch

The Song is Over Buy it!

Wilco Merch

Heavy Metal Drummer Buy it!

Wilco Merch

You Never Know Buy it!

Wild Nothing Merch

To Know You Buy it!

William Tyler Merch

Kingdom of James Buy it!

William Tyler Merch

Kingdom of Jones Buy it!

The Wind and The Wave Merch

With Your Two Hands Buy it!

The Wind and The Wave Merch

You've Got Time Buy it!

World Champion Merch

Avocado Moon Buy it!

World Champion Merch

Shakes Buy it!

World Party Merch

Is It Like Today Buy it!

Young Galaxy Merch

Swing Your Heartache Buy it!

Zero 7 Merch

Give it Away Buy it!

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