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Artist Disk Year

The 24th Street Wailers Merch

Wicked Buy it!

3 Deep Merch

3 Deep Buy it!

Adam Comer Merch

Sunshine Buy it!

Alan Sherman Merch

Dr Demento's Christmas album Buy it!

Anderson Family Merch

Live from Grass Valley Buy it!

Anderson Family Band Merch

Live from Grass Valley Buy it!

Arty Hill Merch

Another Lost Highway Buy it!

Austin Hanks Merch

Alabastard Buy it!

Band of Horses Merch

Why Are You OK Buy it!

Barry Shultz Merch

In the Middle of the Night When the Catfish Bite Buy it!

Billy McLaughlin Merch

Wintersongs & Traditionals Buy it!

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears Merch

Backlash Buy it!

Blackie And The Rodeo Kings Merch

Kings and Kings Buy it!

Blithdale Canyon Bluegrass Band Merch

Demo Buy it!

Blue and Lonesome Merch

Live from Harrietscville Buy it!

Blue and Lonesome Merch

Live from Harrietsville Buy it!

Blue and Lonesome Merch

Some Old Day Buy it!

Bobby Lee Merch

Wine Country Swing Buy it!

Bones Jugs Merch

Acoustic Rainbow Roots Volume 47 Buy it!

Brennan Leigh & Noel McKay Merch

Before the World Was Made Buy it!

Brian Hudson Merch

Next Level Buy it!

Brigitte Demeyer & Mike Marshall Merch

Another Thousand Miles Buy it!

Brother Roy Merch

Last Man Standing Buy it!

Bruce Molesky Merch

Soon Be Time Buy it!

Chris Sanders Merch

Rare Bird Buy it!

Clovice Lewis Merch

My Mistletoe - single Buy it!

Cody Kilby and Darrin Vincent Merch

Christmas Grass Buy it!

Colby Kilby and Darrin Vincent Merch

Christmas Grass Buy it!

Con Brio Merch

Paradise Buy it!

D.B. Reilly Merch

Live from Chester Buy it!

Dan Sankey Merch

Second Wind Buy it!

Darrin Vincent and Cody Kilby Merch

Christmas Grass Buy it!

Darrin Vincent and Colby Kilby Merch

Christmas Grass Buy it!

Dave Hooper Merch

Corporate Monkey Buy it!

David Cowen Merch

Copano Bay Buy it!

David nachmanoff Merch

Bluegrass in the Backwoods Buy it!

Dix Bruce and Jim Nunnaly Merch

Brothers At Heart Buy it!

Donegone Band Merch

Doe gone Buy it!

Downchild Blues Band Merch

Something I've Done Buy it!

Earl Poole Ball Merch

Pianography Buy it!

Euphonia Merch

Crying IN the Rain Buy it!

Euphonia Merch

Old Jawbone Buy it!

Farewell Milwaukee Merch

Fm Buy it!

Florida school glee club Merch

u-tube Buy it!

Gator Nation Merch

Live at Funky Fridays Buy it!

Gator Nation Merch

Zydeco Party Buy it!

Graham Wilkinson Merch

We Three Kings single Buy it!

Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys Merch

My Personal Favorites Buy it!

The Heifer Belles Merch

The Heifer Belles Buy it!

Highwoods stringband Merch

Cluck Old Hen: Celebrating 150 Years Of The Rhode Island Red Buy it!

Honey Holler Merch

Baby Mine Buy it!

Honeysuckle possums Merch

Hillary Klug Buy it!

Honky tonkers for Truth Merch

Sample Buy it!

Jay Gaunt Merch

Greensleeves - single Buy it!

The Jerks of Grass Merch

Come on Home Buy it!

Jim Nunally Merch

Glorias Waltz Buy it!

Jim Nunnaly Merch

Glorias Waltz Buy it!

Jim Williams Merch

Whisky Bird Buy it!

Jody Stecher and Kate Breslin Merch


John Lemme Merch

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - single Buy it!

John Lilly Merch

Cold Comfort Buy it!

John Malcom Penn Merch

Hangtown Fry Buy it!

John Mayall Merch

Talk About That Buy it!

John Mellencamp Merch

Clowns And Hillbillies Buy it!

John Reichman Merch

The Road West Buy it!

Johnny Hoy And The Bluefish Merch

Film Noir Angel Buy it!

Jon Spear Band Merch

Old Soul Buy it!

Jorge Jorgenson Merch

Christmas Memories Buy it!

Jorge Jorgenson Merch

Scandanavian Christmas Buy it!

Jorge Jorgenson Merch

Scandanavian Christmas Humor Buy it!

Josie Kuhn Merch

La Luna Loca Buy it!

Joyann Parker and Sweet Tea Merch

On the Rocks Buy it!

Justin James & Co. Merch

Dark Country Buy it!

Kat Danser Merch

Passin'-A-Time Buy it!

Kathy Kalick Merch

Between the Hollow & the High-Rise Buy it!

Kathy Kallick Merch

Between the Hollow & the High-Rise Buy it!

Kelly's Lot Merch

Bittersweet Buy it!

Kenny Hall Merch

Sweets Mill String Band Buy it!

Laura Lapointe Merch

Superhero Buy it!

Laura Marling Merch

Semper Femina Buy it!

Laura snd Darin Smith Merch

West Road Buy it!

Linda Stonestreet Merch

bringger of the light Buy it!

Luxuriant Sedans Merch

Born Certified Buy it!

Mac Wiseman Merch

Old Likker in a new JUG Buy it!

Mae Moore Merch

Folklore Buy it!


Hope and Desire Buy it!

Marshall Perry Project Merch

Life's Too Short Buy it!

Marty O'Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra Merch

Pray for Rain Buy it!

Mary Black Merch

Hold My Hand Buy it!

Miss Leslie and Her Juke Jointers Merch

Wrong Is What I Do Best Buy it!

Miss Leslie Sloan Merch

Wrong Is What I Do Best Buy it!

Nashville Fiddles Merch

Country Christmas, Bluegrass Christmas Music Buy it!

Nashville Harmonicas Merch

Christmas Grass Buy it!

Nora Jane Struthers Merch

carnival Buy it!

Pas fiddle Project Merch

Pas Fiddle Buy it!

Pat robertson Merch

the first step Buy it!

Peter Ostrusco and Norman Blake Merch

Meeting onSouthern Soil Buy it!

Poor Man's Whiskey Merch

Roadside Attraction - Promo Plus Buy it!

Ragged But Right Merch

Good and Greasy Buy it!

Ray Bierl Merch

easy Street Buy it!


Red Molly Merch

James Buy it!


Redwood String Trio Merch

O'Carolan's Concerto Buy it!

Renee Wahl Merch

Sworn Secrets - EP Buy it!

Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin' Altar Boys Merch

Live At the Red Rocket Buy it!

Rhonda Vincent Merch

Christmas Grass Buy it!

Rita Hosking Merch



Rita Hosking Merch

BURN Buy it!


Rita Hosking Merch

Come Sunrise Buy it!


Rita Hosking Merch

Silver Stream Buy it!


Romi Mayes Merch

Devil on Both Shoulders Buy it!

Roosevelt Dime Merch

Full Head of Steam Buy it!

Sam Bush Merch

Howlin' At The Moon Buy it!


Sarah Elizibeth Cambell Merch

Threadgill's Supper Session Second Helpings Buy it!

Sarah Elizibeth Campbell Merch

Threadgill's Supper Session Second Helpings Buy it!

Sarah Jaroz Merch

Follow me Down Buy it!

Sarah Jaroz Merch

undercurrent Buy it!

Savannah Blue Merch

Savannah Blue Buy it!

Scott Cook Merch

Further Down the Line Buy it!


single Buy it!

Sean McCann Merch

Merry Christmas, Everyone - single Buy it!

Sharon Green, Merch

Dances from the Greenery Buy it!

Skiffle Symphony Merch

Skiffle Symphony with Kenny Hall Buy it!

Spuyten Duyvil Merch

Social Music Hour, Vol. 1 Buy it!

Stan Freeberg Merch

Dr Demento's Christmas album Buy it!

Stan Freeburg Merch

Dr. Demento Presents: Greatest Christmas Novelty CD Buy it!

Steve Goodbar Merch

Track in Time Buy it!

Steve Harr Merch

Mountain Family Buy it!


Steve Turner and the Coyotes Merch

'Neath the Blue Buy it!

String Fever Merch

Waitin for the Moment Buy it!

The Suffers Merch

The Suffers Buy it!

Sylvia Woods Merch

Three Harps for Christmas Buy it!

Tenbrooks Merch

20 years of Grass valley Bluegrass festival Buy it!

Teri Joyce Merch

Kitchen Radio Buy it!

Three Deep Merch

Feet First Buy it!

Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott Merch

Over Jordan Buy it!

Time Traveling Transvesstite Merch

xoe fiztgerald Buy it!

Timothy B Schmidt Merch

Expando Buy it!

Tom Leher Merch

Dr. Demento Presents: Greatest Christmas Novelty CD Buy it!

The Tonewoods Merch

The Tonewoods Buy it!

Tonewoods Merch

The Tonewoods Buy it!

Tweed Funk Merch

Bringin It Buy it!

Tweed Funk Merch

Come Together Buy it!

Whiskey Belles Merch

Nothin' Says Christmas Like Whiskey Buy it!

Wine Country Swing Merch

Demo Buy it!

Wood and Wire Merch

Wood and Wire Buy it!

Yarn Merch

This Is the Year Buy it!

Yvette Landry Merch

No Man's Land Buy it!

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