KQAL 89.5FM Winona, MN

Winona's Radio Alternative

Thursday March 2nd 2017

Time zone: central

12.00am The Late Shift (Music) Playlist
6.00am Wake Up Winona (Music) Playlist
9.00am Jazz Cafe (Music) Playlist
12.30pm Culture Clique (Talk) Playlist
1.00pm Mid West Music Fest (Music) Caleb Hammel Playlist
1.00pm The Rock Pile (Music) Caleb Hammel Playlist
3.00pm KQAL 3pm - 4pm KQAL Playlist
4.00pm KQAL 4pm - 5pm KQAL Playlist
5.00pm KQAL 5pm - 6pm KQAL Playlist
7.00pm KQAL 7pm - 8pm KQAL Playlist
7.00pm KQAL Prime Time (Music) Nicole Ruhland Playlist
8.00pm KQAL 8pm - 9pm KQAL Playlist
9.00pm KQAL 9pm - 10pm KQAL Playlist
10.00pm The Late Shift (Music) Robert Pack Playlist
11.00pm KQAL 11pm - 12am KQAL Playlist