KRFC 88.9 Fort Collins CO

Be Heard.

Tuesday December 4th 2018

Time zone: mountain

8.00am NoCo Flow Tuesday 8 - 10 am (Various/Mix) Greg Krush Playlist
10.00am NoCo Flow Tuesday 10 am - Noon (Various/Mix) Cynthia Playlist
10.00am Golden Age of Rock & Roll (Rock) Big Steve Playlist
1.00pm NoCo Flow Tuesday 1 - 3 pm (Various/Mix) Lex Krausz Playlist
7.00pm Your Show of Showtunes (Various/Mix) Dee Lester Playlist
8.00pm Voodoo Soup (Various/Mix) T-FUNK Playlist
10.00pm Alternative Horizons (Various/Mix) Rae Playlist