KRFC 88.9 Fort Collins CO

Be Heard.

Sunday May 16th 2010

Time zone: mountain

12.00am Night Howlers (Various/Mix) JJ Johnson Playlist
6.00am Classics With An Attitude (Classical) Carolyn Charkey Playlist
8.30am Sunday Cafe (Various/Mix) Steve Dirmeyer Playlist
10.00am The Folk Show (Folk) Steve Brockway Playlist
12.00pm River of Soul (Various/Mix) Charlie Snider Playlist
2.00pm Where it All Began (Country) Conway Gandy Playlist
4.00pm The Kid's Show (KidsMusic) Vincent Burkardt Playlist
5.00pm Composer's Sketchbook (Classical) Dennis Bigelow Playlist
7.30pm Jazz Cornucopia (Jazz) John Zimbrick Playlist
9.00pm Mountain Standards Time (Jazz) Gene Playlist
11.00pm Nausaleum (Various/Mix) Nausaleus Gribblesnorts Playlist