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Overnight Jazz: The Soundz Of Surprize (Jazz)

The Main Focus is new & recent CD releasezz, in a mix of historical, topical, CO-based, and Gig-related soundz of surprize.

Wed Jan 16th 2019 12.00am–6.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: mountain


Christopher Hollyday “Hallucinations”
from Telepathy CD Album (Jazz Beat Productions 2018) —Featurin' Gilbert Castellanos(tp); Joshua White(p); Rob Thorsen(b); & Tyler Kreutel(d) Joini' Tenorist Hollyday On Bud Powell'zz Composition ~ PC ~.


Jim Brenan 11 “Hiding Place”
from 50/50 CD Album (Death Defying Records/MAPL/Alberta Council For The Arts (Canada) 2019) —Featurin' Jamie Cooper(d) & Chris Andrew(fndr rhds) On The Composition Of Michael Ledner ~ Recorded In 2017 PC ~.


Michael Kocour “East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon)”
from EAST OF THE SUN (WEST OF THE MOON) CD Album (OA2 Records (Seattle,WA) 2018) —Featurin' The Solo Pianismzz Of Kocour On Brooks Bowman'zz Standard ~ PC ~.


Cow Bop & Bruce Forman “Alabamy Bound/Tennessee Waltz”
from Too Hick For The Room CD Album (B4Man~Music 2011) —Featurin' Phil Salazar(fdl); Alex King(b); & Jake Reed(d) Joinin' Guitarist Forman & Songstress Pinto Pammy ~ Pianist Roger Kellaway Featured On "Alabamy Bound" ~ PC ~.


Khabu Doug Young/Art Lande/Bruce Williamson “Ambulante”
from Lubbock CD Album (Synergy Music (CO~Based) 2018) L —Featurin' Khabu Doug Young(g,bari g,co~comp); Art Lande(p,mldc;spkn wrd, co~comp); & Bruce Williamson(reedzz, co~comp) ~ PC ~.


Owen Broder “Wherever This Road Leads”
from Heritage: The American Roots Project CD Album (Artist Share 2017) —Featurin' Owen Broder(as); Nick Finzer(tb); & Sara Caswell(vln) On Miho Hazama'zz Composition ~ PC ~.


Chuck Owen And The Jazz Surge “All Hat, No Saddle”
from Whispers On The Wind CD Album (Mama Records 2017) —Featurin' Guitarist Corey Christiansen & Trumpeter Clay Jenkins On Conductor Owen'zz Composition ~ Appearin' In May @ The UNC/Greeley Jazz Composerzz Gathering ~ PC ~.


Miho Hazama “Somnambulant”
from Dancer In Nowhere CD Album (SSC/Sunnyside Records 2019) —Featurin' Songstress Kavita Shah; Guitarist Lionel Loueke; & Jason Rigby(ts,fl) On Conduct/Composer Hazama Composition ~ Japanese & American 13~Piece little BIG BAND ~ PC ~.


June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky “Ocean Dreams”
from Love's Tango CD Album (EH2U (Everything Happens 2 Us) Records 2019) —Featurin' Norman Johnson(g); Matt Dwonszyk(b); & Ed Fast(d,perc) W/ Brunilda Myftaraj(vlns); Lu San(vla); & Kathy Schiano(clo) Joinin' Songstress/Co~Comp Bisantz & Pianist/Co~Comp Nakhimovsky And Guestin' Trombonist Steve Davis ~ PC ~.


Kristen Strom “Down To The Sea With Ships”
from Moving Day: The Music Of John Shifflett CD Album (OA2 Records 2018) —Featurin' Scott Sorkin(g'zz,co~arr); Dahveed Behroozi(p); Ken Okada(b); & Jason Lewis(d,perc,vbs,co~arr) Joinin' Multi~Reedist/Co~Arr Strom On Bassist Shifflett Composition ~ PC ~.


Magela Herrera “Two Sidewalks”
from Explicaciones CD Album (Brontosaurus Records 2019) —Featurin' Tal Cohen(p); Nestor Del Prado Or Dion Keith Kerr(b); Hilario Bell Or David Chiverton(d); & Philebrt Armenteros(bata d) Joinin' Flautist/Composer/Arranger Herrera ~ Greg Diamond(g) & Jean Caze(tp) Laid Out ~ PC ~.


David Hazeltine “When I'm Here With You”
from The Time Is Now CD Album (Smoke Sessions Records 2018) —Featurin' 1998 NEA JM Bassist Ron Carter & Drummer Al Foster Joinin' Pianist/Composer Hazeltine ~ PC `.


Lutalo "Sweet Lu" Olutosin “Sister Sadie's Blues (Intimacy Of The Blues)”
from Meet Me At the Crossroads CD Album (Sweet Lu Records 2017) —Featurin' Mace Hibbard(reedzz); Lester Walker(tp): Donald Brown Or Tyrone Jackson(p); Kevin Smith(b); Henery ConnerwayIII9d) Joinin' Songster/Lyricist Olutosin On A Re~Workin' Of Billy Strayhorn'zz Comnposition "Intimacy Of The Blues" ~ PC ~.


Brad Goode Quintet Featurin' Ernie Watts “half moon”
from That's Right! CD Album (Origin Records 2018) L —Featurin' Andreean Farrugia(p,comp); Kelly Sill(b); & Adam Nussbaum(b) W/ Tenorist Watts Joinin' BrassMan Goode ~ Goode Appearzz Wkly For A Sunday Jam @ The Muse Performance Space ~ ~ PC ~.


Michael Wolff “Swirl” CD Album (SSC/Sunnyside Records 2019) —Featurin' Ben Allison(b) & Allan Mednard(d) Joinin' Pianist/Composer Wolff ~ PC ~.


Steve Hobbs “Blowing in the wind”
from Tribute to Bobby [Hutcherson] CD Album (Challenge Records 2017) —Featurin' Adam Kolker(reedzz); Bill O'Connell(p); Peter Washington(b); & John Riley(d) Joinin' Hobbs(vbs) On A Dylan Classic ~ Appearin' In CO W/ Pianist Lenore Raphael In May ~ PC ~.


Black Art Jazz Collective (Wayne Escoffery; Jeremy Pelt; James Burton III; Xavier Davis; Vincente Archer; & Johnathan Blake) “Armor Of Pride” CD Album (High Note Records 2018) —Featurin' Wayne Escoffery(ts,comp); Jeremy Pelt(tp); James Burton III(tb); Xavier Davis(p); Vincente Archer(b); & Johnathan Blake(d) ~ PC ~.


The Milwaukee Jazz Orchestra “Brotherhood of Man”
from Welcome To Swingsville! CD Album (BluJazz Productions (Chi~Town) 2016) —Featurin' Tim Hanraqhan(b); Warren Hanrahan(d); & Brian Ford(perc) On Frank Loesser'zz Composition ~ Recorded Live! & Unrehersed! @ The U. Of Wisconsin~Milw In 2016 ~ PC ~. PC ~.


Bobby Watson & The "I Have A DReam" Project “The Triad(Martin,Malcom,Ghandi)”
from Check Cashing Day CD Album (BWM 2012) —Featurin' Herman Mehari(tp); Richard Johnson(p); Curtis Lundy(b,composer); & Eric Kennedy(d) Joinin' Altoist Watson ~ PC ~.


Frank Kimbrough/Scott Robinson/Rufus Reid/Billy Drummond “We See (CD#3)”
from MONKs DREAMS: The Complete Compositions Of Thelonious Sphere Monk (6~CD Set) CD Album (SSC/Sunnyside Records 2018) —Featurin' Scott Robinson(tp); Frank Kimbrough(p); Rufus Reid(b); Billy Drummond(d) ~ PC ~.


Chuck Deardorf “Monk's Dream”
from Perception CD Album (Origin Records 2019) —Featurin'


Ran Blake & Jeanne Lee “Misterioso (CD#1 ~ 1966)”
from The Newest Sound You Never Heard: The Unique Voice Of Jeanne Lee With Ran Blake At The Piano ~ 2~CD CSet CD Album (a~side records 2018) —Featurin' The Unique Voice Of Jeanne Lee With Ran Blake At The Piano ~ REcorded In 1966 ~ PC ~.


Ran Blake & Claire Ritter “I Mean You”
from Eclipse Orange CD Album (Zoning Records 2018) —Featurin' Pianist Ritter Joined By Saxophonist Kent O'Doherty On This Principally Piano Duetzz Of Blake & Ritter ~ PC ~.


Mike Neer “'Round Midnight”
from Steelonious CD Album (MNM (Self~Released) 2016) —Featurin' Matt King(p,org); Andrew Hall(b); & Diego Voglino(d,perc) Joinin' Neer(lap stl g, uke, perc) On The Jazz Anthem Of Monk; Cootie Williams; & Bernard Hanighen Kickin' Off To~Nite'zz Monk'zz Supra~Fecta ~ PC ~. ~ PC ~.

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