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Retro Video Game Music Show (Specialty)


Video Game Music Show with your host, Sysop.

Sun May 28th 2017 5.00pm–7.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: pacific

Playlist chat

5:31pm   SysOp (host)

i'll buy that for a dollar!!

5:31pm   your evil resident

hahaha dman love that scene too, hah yeah indy funny cute vid indeed

5:31pm   Svans

Haha dman, I love that part

5:31pm   your evil resident

they let me stay up late, you wont be doing that at home

5:30pm   dman139

this is not a lost and found! this is a samba school. we are developing a new dance called the Penetrada! Marge: ...oh my!

5:30pm   Indy

sysop's vid on facebook we're helper #1 was hitting that stuffed animal was funny lol

5:29pm   AlanShadowArtist

finally on.. seems like I missed hearing my request of that track from Xenoblade

5:29pm   Svans

Lmao yer so many funny lines in that ep

5:28pm   your evil resident

we all love you sysop you rule and we love your adorable funny kids :-D

5:28pm   your evil resident

look at all that pink and purple our money sure is gay

5:27pm   SysOp (host)

i love you all!!

5:27pm   SysOp (host)

thanks, peeks!!

5:26pm   dman139

you've already eaten that much!!! ..no I . wait. well... maybe

5:26pm   Svans

What a show that would be especially with the nigri!

5:26pm   dman139

haha you say no to that face. the kidnappers had some great lines

5:26pm   dman139

oh man forgot about her haha. not anymore

5:26pm   your evil resident

it was homers idea you say no that face

5:25pm   your evil resident

and we all know who youd love to be on it svans hahaha ;-D

5:25pm   Pika_on_location

We love our Sysop!

5:24pm   dman139

haha yer. oh nice games with gold this June on xbox one live gold. some assassins creed and the first Watch Dogs. I would like to try that out. I was playing a lot of Mario kart today

5:24pm   Svans

Haha yer, I could watch that for hours hehe

5:23pm   dman139

agree with svans, thanks for making it in sysop

5:23pm   your evil resident

clockwise counter clockwise on top of beneath

5:23pm   dman139

boom hi-yo yer

5:22pm   dman139


5:22pm   your evil resident

Svans favourite show tele-boobies lol ;-D

5:22pm   Svans

Thanks sysop for making it in today! Much appreciated

5:22pm   dman139

please take me, space the boy! ...im afraid he has already gone. d'oh. *taxi sign switches over to hostage*

5:21pm   your evil resident

Thanks dman pity it got halfway through

5:21pm   Svans

The Simpsons are going to Brazil!

5:21pm   your evil resident

are your kids messing around sysop hehe

5:20pm   dman139

oh nice samba de amigo request

5:20pm   your evil resident

that was my request that track that cut out

5:19pm   your evil resident

samba de amigo sysop

5:19pm   Svans

We're back baby!

5:19pm   your evil resident

Thanks svans

5:18pm   Pika_on_location

Shoitout to peeks in EASTLOS baby!

5:18pm   dman139

11% eh? stay hydrated too. oopsy yeah a little quiet there

5:18pm   Svans

The robots are coming!

5:18pm   your evil resident

woah what lmao

5:18pm   Svans


5:18pm   Svans

Cool track yer

5:17pm   your evil resident

wooo my track carnivale thanks sysop wooo

5:16pm   Pika_on_location

Nice track..

5:15pm   Svans

Haha dman, I helped him out buy watching it on Friday

5:14pm   Pika_on_location


5:14pm   Pika_on_location

His MOMMY! John wasn't born yet!

5:14pm   Svans

Lmao yer haha yes!! It holds 300 songs

5:14pm   your evil resident

Oh terminator from your snapchat pika :-)

5:13pm   Indy

Terminator 2

5:13pm   Pika_on_location

It involves John Connors mommy

5:12pm   Pika_on_location

Dman they are drinking lagunitas, 11% alchie

5:12pm   your evil resident

Yeah what movie pika

5:11pm   Indy

wasn't microsoft upset that there was a zune in gotg movie?

5:10pm   dman139

pirates movie? ...but johny depp needs to buy back his yacht, guys, we gotta help him out, poor dude

5:10pm   your evil resident

Nice silent hill track

5:10pm   dman139

sad I am missing the turn down for what fest this weekend however. I didn't realize it was memorial day weekend coming up til just a few days ago haha

5:10pm   dman139

sad I am missing the turn down for what fest this weekend however. I didn't realize it was memorial day weekend coming up til just a few days ago haha

5:09pm   your evil resident

will you be listening to it on a zune svans ha

5:09pm   Pika_on_location

Anyone wanna guess what movie I saw this past fri?

5:09pm   dman139

what are they drinking peeks? any good microbrews? ....hey this isn't feaux dive, this is a dive! .youre a long way from home, yuppie boy

5:09pm   Svans

Yeah indy I will be there right when the park opens so I can get a fast pass and after go on the ride before it gets too long

5:08pm   your evil resident

I'm Mary Poppins y'all haha yondu

5:07pm   Svans

Haha yer I will be listening to the GOTG Awesome mix volume 2 while on the ride heh

5:07pm   your evil resident

cool track btw

5:06pm   Pika_on_location

Can't bbq and get drunk tomorrow cause of work the next day so we doing it now.

5:06pm   your evil resident

Oh yeah I saw the avatar ride, looks cool

5:06pm   Indy

you off on wednesday, svans?

5:06pm   your evil resident

I was born in eastern ireland :-)

5:05pm   Svans

Yeah I will def get a fast pass for that ride for sure

5:05pm   dman139

yeah nice to have neat line stuff. They said the new Avator land looks really cool at night with the bioluminescent plants and stuff.

5:05pm   your evil resident

Westside is da best, no eastside is da best, ali g ha

5:04pm   Svans

Oh nice, haha curse those long queues

5:04pm   Indy

the standby was 240 minutes when I got my fastpass, but a bit later, there was a moment it was 75 minutes

5:03pm   SysOp (host)

i was born in east LA!

5:02pm   dman139

yeah hope the wait for you not as bad on a weeknight svans

5:02pm   Indy

the ride was really cool. i'd enjoy it better if I saw the movies though :-/. Lots of neat stuff in the queue line once you're inside

5:02pm   dman139

oh nice pika I am jealous. I did BBQ yesterday but since had no freezer meat unthawed, just went with a whole lotta hot dogs (the 6 in one holder worked great) and veggie kabobs!

5:02pm   your evil resident

were you hooked on a feeling and high on believing indy ;-D

5:02pm   Svans

I'm going to go on it on Wednesday

5:01pm   Pika_on_location

Hey sysop! I'm in east LA whoop whoop!

5:01pm   dman139

and we have recordation!

5:01pm   Svans

Hey Indy and yer, oh cool Indy was it rad? Have you seen the movies yet?

5:01pm   dman139

how was that ride indy?

5:01pm   Pika_on_location

Hey guys, at a bbq right now

5:00pm   dman139

woo music!

5:00pm   your evil resident

what a twist svans

5:00pm   Indy

svans, I went on guardians of the galaxy ride today. got my fast pass for it about 9:30 and had to come back between 2:10-3:10 >.<

4:58pm   Svans

But what if I AM a robot?

4:57pm   Svans

Hey yo

4:57pm   Indy

Hey hey

4:56pm   your evil resident

That was easy no captchas or anything just logged in

4:54pm   your evil resident


4:53pm   SysOp (host)




NEC “retro block”
composed by Turbo Grafx 16
from Bonks Big Advenure (NA)



Na “Magus Battle Theme”
composed by na
from Chrono Trigger (NA)



Bit Shifter “Double Density”
composed by Bit Shifter (NA)



Grant Kirkhope “Mumbo's Big BBQ!”
composed by Grant Kirkhope
from Banjo-Kazooie (NA)



Na “Satorl, the Shimmering Marsh ~ Night”
composed by na
from Best VGM 1175 - Xenoblade Chronicles (NA)



Akira Yamaoka “Claw Finger”
composed by Akira Yamaoka
from Silent Hill (NA)



Na “First Stage”
composed by na
from Mega Man X2 (SNES) (NA)



Sixto Sounds “The Skull Fortress- [Flash in the Dark (Wily Stage 1)]”
composed by Sixto Sounds
from OC ReMix #2293_ Mega Man 9 (NA)

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