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Video Game Music Show with your host, Sysop.

Sun Sep 24th 2017 5.00pm–7.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: pacific

Playlist chat

6:08pm   dman39148

rad show I'm loving it already millie. great gamecube classics featured right away

6:07pm   thatbean

As for Vlog from SC3, ask sysOp if that is cool with him. I think the others would not mind appearing in your vlog. Sounds like a neat idea, though.

6:06pm   thatbean

Nice channel and video. Good video editing so far. Keep it up, Millie!

6:05pm   Millie Kentner

I think it'd be cool to have a video where I walk around SC3 and play video games on each of the stations with you guys and chat and stuff

6:05pm   dman39148

oh nice millie!

6:04pm   Skatervans

Oh cool, it's like a let's play, congrats man

6:03pm   Millie Kentner

Skatervans, its going to be a channel for video game stuff. We are starting with simple play throughs though!

6:02pm   Millie Kentner

I'd love to hear all of your feedback in the comments. I really want to do a vlog at SC3 for my channel with all of you in it.

6:02pm   Skatervans

Hey millie, that's cool man, is it a video podcast or something?

6:02pm   Millie Kentner


6:01pm   Millie Kentner

Can I post links here?

6:01pm   pikachu

millie whats the link?

6:01pm   thatbean


6:00pm   pikachu


5:59pm   Millie Kentner

I miss all of you dearly. I've dedicated my sunday evenings to filming a youtube show. Im still always tuned into KSPC!

5:58pm   dman39148

deku deku panic

5:58pm   Millie Kentner

jump man and friends 2

5:58pm   dman39148

hey bbq man. great set today too! I'm glad fall is finally coming but too bad kinda warm this week upcoming. and my wife informs me ST discovery is only the first ep free, otherwise you need CBS all access

5:58pm   thatbean

Doki Doki Panic

5:58pm   pikachu

BONUS QUIZ: SMB2 was originally another title, what was its name? worth 10 pp!

5:57pm   dman39148

duly noted svans.

5:57pm   Skatervans


5:57pm   Skatervans

Heh Graham, then that makes RS #1

5:56pm   pikachu


5:55pm   DamGrahamBBQman

Yeah it is about time Sys0pp just gives in & realize he has it all wrong,... HE is Assitant #3

5:54pm   Skatervans

Yeah dman its pretty good

5:54pm   dman39148

does in n out make good root beer floats?

5:54pm   Skatervans

Oh no not the eye

5:53pm   Indy


5:53pm   Indy

sysop in trouble now

5:53pm   Indy


5:53pm   dman39148

teddy is awesome, so fun to go to sc3!

5:53pm   DamGrahamBBQman

Lukky # then?

5:52pm   Skatervans

Now I want to play super Mario 24

5:52pm   DamGrahamBBQman

but i am wrong alot. :(

5:52pm   Skatervans

Hehe 24

5:52pm   pikachu

close bbqman!

5:52pm   Indy


5:51pm   DamGrahamBBQman

no your bragging 8!

5:51pm   DamGrahamBBQman


5:50pm   pikachu

out of 8 areas in metroid samus returns, which one do you think I'm currently at?

5:50pm   DamGrahamBBQman

i may be L8 but an entrance i make. Sup1 Vans Pika Sysopp dman indy & all you other Gamers out there !

5:49pm   pikachu

i had a flying dutchman at in n out last time i was there...good and salty!

5:49pm   Skatervans

Yo bbqman, sup dude

5:48pm   Skatervans

It's pretty good @that bean you should def try it

5:47pm   DamGrahamBBQman

angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night,

5:47pm   thatbean

@skatevans yes i have. Never had it though.

5:47pm   thatbean

nice. it's super eurobeat time

5:46pm   pikachu


5:46pm   Poopoopowerup


5:46pm   pikachu

cool! dragon warrior orchestra! i have this CD, of course i would.

5:45pm   Poopoopowerup


5:45pm   Poopoopowerup


5:44pm   Skatervans

No animal style today, have you had a root beer float there before?

5:43pm   pikachu

QUIZ: in Metroid: Zero mission, which of the two main sub bosses do you fight in the tunnels of Brinstar? he's also 4x bigger than the NES version.

5:43pm   Skatervans

Heh dman good one

5:43pm   thatbean

Did you get Animal style or no?

5:43pm   dman39148

haha thanks indy

5:42pm   Skatervans

Oh I've used that watch cartoon site before tons of anime too

5:42pm   dman39148

"gimbels is gone marge...youre gimbels"

5:42pm   Indy

lol dman

5:40pm   Skatervans

I thought I could get it in time doh!

5:40pm   Indy

Ah, good choice. had in n' out on friday

5:40pm   dman39148

pretty soon they will just change this PSA to "you have an iPhone in your right pocket. explain yourself" with no mention of anything else

5:39pm   Skatervans

In n out Indy, the line was really long

5:38pm   Indy

i don't want to go too deep into the internet where the viruses are at lol

5:38pm   Skatervans

Hahaha Indy good one, nobody wants that disease heh

5:38pm   Indy

just been one ep so far. is there a site like watchcartoons, but for shows like gotham and other non-cartoons?

5:37pm   dman39148

haha I was just going to ask the same indy, it better be a good din din to miss vgms

5:37pm   dman39148

how much new gotham have I missed?

5:37pm   Indy

yo svans, better late than never. what's for din?

5:36pm   Skatervans

Hey dudes, sorry I'm late, I was out getting dinner

5:34pm   Indy


5:33pm   pikachu


5:33pm   thatbean


5:33pm   pikachu

thanks bean, Castlevania 3 was a great game. love the phantom ship stage. so creepy

5:32pm   Indy


5:32pm   pikachu

QUIZ: in LOZ the minish cap, the minish wizard Eslo who inhabits the cap Link wears is part hat and part what animal species?

5:32pm   MrMalcontent

(ST:D ends at 9:05pm)

5:31pm   Indy

funny dman

5:30pm   Indy

haha did you catch the latest star trek discovery, wouldn't sound good abbreviated

5:29pm   dman39148

sorry take that back. 8-9pm

5:29pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

Shamed into participation.5th grade all over again.

5:28pm   dman39148

great retro block!!!! I think 8:30-9:30 is star trek discovery. I don't want to abbreviate that show name tho haha

5:24pm   thatbean

Nice request, Pika

5:21pm   Indy

*hearts melting*

5:20pm   Indy


5:20pm   pikachu


5:16pm   thatbean

oh wow. What time does Star Trek come on TV tonight?

5:16pm   dman39148

James Frain listed as a star trek discovery cast member too. he was mayor Galavan in gotham

5:16pm   thatbean

the song, Cosmic Cat, is a good track. From the music game series, beatmania IIDX (DX stands for deluxe). I love the artist that made the song.

5:15pm   thatbean

yay :D

5:15pm   dman39148

nice job that bean. oh yes and Star Trek Discovery premeires tonight on ....cbs

5:13pm   pikachu


5:13pm   dman39148

oh nice that facebook - Microsoft undersea cable got completed from spain to Virginia too. woo super fast internets!

5:13pm   pikachu

green? nope

5:12pm   thatbean


5:12pm   thatbean

eerr.. First movie *

5:12pm   thatbean

I haven't kept up with news on Blade Runner. Is it expected to have a follow up story to where the last movie ended?

5:11pm   dman39148


5:11pm   dman39148

woo trivia! yeah new 4k apple tv picks a mode to run everything in, so unless you have a large collection of iTunes movies that all got upgraded, its not worth it. series 3 watch had some lte probs too. not great

5:11pm   pikachu

QUIZ: in Dragon Warrior, which slime had more hit points between these two? a)green slime b)red slime

5:11pm   dman39148

anyone excited for Blade Runner movie? it made the cover of my Wired magazine. that's a lot more exciting than apples new product, haha, hi yo!

5:10pm   Indy

good tune this

5:10pm   pikachu

well the trivia must continue...sooo...

5:10pm   dman39148

yeah I talked to svans this morning too. we were in the chat for power hour of the comic culture podcast that moved to sunday mornings a few weeks ago (formerly Wednesdays)

5:10pm   thatbean

@pika.. Farmers

5:10pm   pikachu

at least we have him in the chatroom lives!

5:10pm   thatbean

oh nice, my request got played. :D

5:09pm   pikachu

he works during these hours, so no more show for him till his sched changes or he gets a new one. who works at 2am anyway?

5:09pm   Indy

you know who else is amiss? Svans, where he be?

5:07pm   dman39148

hi indy.

5:07pm   dman39148

I know pika, sad, but glad to have you around

5:07pm   thatbean

with YER new job, he is pretty much not here during the time the show is on.

5:07pm   SysOp (host)

where is that lucky charm anyway?

5:07pm   Indy

Evening ya'll

5:06pm   thatbean

Hi Pika. and yes

5:04pm   pikachu

hello DMAN and others...so quiet without YER these days..

5:04pm   thatbean

cool. that's good to hear, dman.

5:03pm   dman39148

woo hoo dman car surgery was a success. had to replace a broken headlight but was fine and 1/6 the cost of the dealer

5:00pm   dman39148


4:57pm   thatbean

Should be a good show tonight. :)

4:57pm   MrMalcontent

I was KnotKnut. Trying to represent I've been enjoying your show for a long time! Keep up the good work! Cheers and kind regards to you Sir!

4:55pm   MrMalcontent

How's you?

4:54pm   MrMalcontent


4:51pm   SysOp (host)




Na “Dimitri battle”
composed by na
from Sly cooper 2 (NA)



Na “Stage Theme”
composed by na
from Paperboy 2 (NES) (NA)



Na “Gym Leader Battle”
composed by na
from Pokemon Stadium (NA)



Na “Theme of Chun-Li”
composed by na
from Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Super Mario 2 (NA)



Na “Deja Vu”
composed by na
from Initial D (NA)



Na “Adventure”
composed by na
from Dragon Quest III Symphonic Suite (NA)



Na “Main Theme”
composed by na
from Dead Nation (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Castlevania 3 (NA)



Na “Phantom Forest”
composed by na
from FFVI (NA)



Masashi Hamauzu “Blinded By Light”
composed by Masashi Hamauzu
from Final Fantasy XIII (NA)



Na “[Future Bass] Dirty Androids (as 8bit Moonside)”
composed by na
from Cosmic Cat (NA)



Na “Mischievous Robot (Arranged)”
composed by na
from Cave Story Remastered (NA)



Na “Totally Radd!!”
composed by na
from Mike Tyson-s Punch-Out (NA)

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