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From the obvious to the obscure, rock n' roll music from the late 50's, 60's & 70's...featuring The British Invasion, Psychedelic 60's, American & British Blues revival, Garage Rock, Singer/Songwriters, Girl Groups, One-Hit Wonders, Folk rock, Country rock, Rare B-sides, Soul & Surf, Novelty songs, Protest Music, Electric Music for the Mind & Body and more....

Sun May 20th 2018 10.00pm–1.00am

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Time zone: pacific

Playlist chat

12:19am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Gotcha Jessica!

12:19am   Antsy Armando of the IE

CIPOLLINA !!! Yes!!!!!

12:19am   jessica

No, he's been typing away all this time. Strange his keyboard just froze or something. Looks like I'm going to have to investigate it now. :)

12:17am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


12:15am   Antsy Armando of the IE


12:14am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Seriously rockin' it Dave!

12:14am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey Jessica! Have you been typing all his comments or was he doing it up to now?

12:13am   Dave

Man, Jerry Garcia is going to town here!!

12:13am   jessica

Hey Boss Guy! Looks like I'm the middle man here. Bailey's having keyboard problems and cannot type a thing.

12:12am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Yes it is Dave!

12:12am   Dave

Well, at least Children of the Future is all set to go in your blues box for Thursday. I'm gonna request something from it.

12:09am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You bet Dave!

12:09am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Yeah I should, since that was my original intention Bailey. Maybe later in the show

12:08am   Dave

Ah sweet! Thanks Boss!

12:07am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I do Dave!

12:07am   bailey

you should play their track "bo diddle

12:06am   Dave

Do you have "Feathers from Your Tree" by Blue Cheer?

12:04am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


12:03am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Pretty amazing stuff Bailey! I intened to play Bo Diddley by them, but ended up with this awesome track instead...haha!

12:02am   bailey

i have loved this guru guru lp since the day it cane out!

12:02am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Yeah...Some Krautrock prog Jeff!

12:01am   Jeff

Trippy, diggin' it most completely!!!

11:58pm   Jeff

Hey Alexander, are you gonna get some of Bob's whiskey to dip her Chips Ahoy in? Lol!

11:56pm   Dave

: (

11:55pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Didn't bring Mountain!

11:54pm   Dave

Also, how about "Taunta"/"Nantucket Sleighride" by Mountain?

11:51pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

you 're welcome!

11:50pm   Dave


11:49pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I have that one Dave! Thanks!

11:48pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

Well, another day over during which I failed to conquer the world. Guess it's time for another sleeve of Chips Ahoy....

11:47pm   Dave

Do you have ''Seasons" by The Steve Miller Band?

11:44pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

Dylan is the first Nobel Prize winner to have his own brand of whiskey, I'll betcha

11:43pm   Dave

OK, not a problem. I'll think of something else to request.

11:41pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Dave...It seems I didn't bring The Steve Miller record you requested, must be in the Blues box already for next Thursday. And I didn't bring thew Seeds album with Mr. Farmer either! Sorry!

11:41pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

Dewey sings lead on most of their songs

11:40pm   Dave

Hooray for Trips Festival with Gamma Light!! A GREAT show!!!

11:40pm   Jeff

I guess Thursday is Bob Dylan's B'Day

11:39pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

Actually I mixed them up, Gerry's the blonde, HE sounded weird and Dewey sounded great

11:36pm   Brandon 78

Love the chords in Crystal Ship, wow a major 7th, stellar!!!

11:34pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha..oh no!

11:33pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

Dewey Bunnell, on the other hand, sounded like he had inhaled helium

11:30pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


11:30pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

They probably still sound great Alexander??

11:30pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

Gerry Beckley's voice was amazing, hasn't aged at all

11:29pm   Dave

Could you bring Steve Miller Band's Children of the Future on Thursday to your Blues Revival show? I want to request something from it.

11:28pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

I saw America play a free show in DTLA a few years ago

11:16pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

Wasn't his Willy big enough ? :-D

11:15pm   Dave

Beautiful song "Willy" by Joni Mitchell!

11:15pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

Wonder why Joni turned down Graham's marriage proposal

11:07pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Let me see what Dead I brought tonight Brandon, because I didin't Anthem of the sun lp!

11:06pm   bailey

cool :-)

11:06pm   Brandon 78

Boss-John, howsa bout some loud rocking' Grateful Dead, maybe some "Anthem of the Sun", thanks man :)

11:04pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Bailey...found your Todd Rundgren request on a compilation cd I have with me, up soon!

11:03pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


11:01pm   Dave

Also, if you have "Mr. Farmer" by The Seeds, could you play that one too? Thanks!

10:54pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Thanks Jeff!

10:54pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Looking forward to it Bailey!

10:53pm   Jeff

Adequate for the task, sir!

10:53pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Sure can Dave!

10:53pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Purely random Armando!

10:52pm   bailey

i can wait until thursday

10:51pm   Dave

Could you play "In My First Mind" by The Steve Miller Band? Thanks!

10:50pm   Antsy Armando of the IE

BOSS GUY, you are already playing songs from my birthday requests for next week. At least three!

10:47pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

That organ hook in Chest Fever is killer !

10:47pm   Dave

That organ intro to "Chest Fever" has got to be the best one ever recorded!

10:46pm   Brandon 78

whoo-hoo!!! Chest Fever is so awesome!!!

10:46pm   Antsy Armando of the IE

BOSSGUY can be seen Behrid drummer MIKE CLARKE. High as a kite !!!

10:44pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

No argument there, Armando!

10:43pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I probably have some version of those Santana requests, thanks Jeff!

10:43pm   Antsy Armando of the IE

QMS - one of the top five San Francisco bands. (At least based on their first three LP's)

10:41pm   Jeff

Hey John, got much Santana with ya tonight? Like to hear In A Silent Way or Incident At Neshabur?

10:39pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

During the Flying Burrito Brothers set, as the camera pans from the stage to the front of the crowd, Blouie!

10:38pm   Blouie

Where can I see you in Gimme Shelter??

10:35pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Yeah, the harder stuff was great too, Alexander the pretty good!

10:34pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

I like Jeff Lynne best when he rocks out, as on Ma-Ma-Ma Belle and Do Ya. Not crazy about the Top 40 stuff, too slick

10:34pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha...that is true Armando!

10:34pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You're very welcome Madeline!

10:33pm   Antsy Armando of the IE

And you, THE BOSS GUY, can be seen in the audience watching the FBB play at Altamont in the film "Gimme Shelter".

10:33pm   Madeline Maldonado

Thank you ????

10:29pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Absolutely Bailey! Thanks!

10:28pm   bailey

forgot to ask: if it fits in simewhere can you please play todd's we gotta get you a woman? thanks

10:28pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I haven't forgotten them Armando! One of my all time favs!

10:28pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Got that request too Blouie!

10:27pm   Antsy Armando of the IE

THE FLYING BURRITO BROS - One of the great forgotten bands of the late '60s / early '70s

10:27pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Up next Blouie! Thanks!

10:26pm   Blouie

And Mum wants to hear Crystal Ship from The Doors.

10:24pm   Blouie

Aw, man. Well, how about Wild Horses?

10:24pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Happy Sunday to you Brandon!

10:23pm   bailey

Alot of the nausea and complete lack of energey could because of some of the skin meds i have been getting though...

10:22pm   Brandon 78


10:22pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Sure can Madeline ! Thanks!

10:22pm   Antsy Armando of the IE

"On The Third Day" was OK. But it was the first ELO album with no ROY WOOD involvement. And that was not a good sign to me.

10:22pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey Blouie! I don't!

10:21pm   Madeline Maldonado

Could you play The Flying Burrito Brothers song Wheels

10:20pm   Blouie

Hi, Boss Guy! Get well soon, Bailey! Hey BG, do you have any live Stones albums? Like Ladies & Gentlemen from 1972?

10:18pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Whoa! Some serious after effects from the stroke still! Sorry to hear that Bailey!

10:17pm   bailey

feeling so-so. VERY disoriented much of the time and very dizzy as well usually. Nausea also figures real prominently...

10:16pm   Dave

Hey Bailey! Feeling any better?

10:16pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Saw ELO on tour for "On the Third Day" record and thought they were amazing Armando! You should revisit that album!

10:14pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey Bailey! How you feelin' tonight? I saw the opening show for Utopia tour on You Tube recently. Todd definitely sticking to Utopia material!

10:14pm   Antsy Armando of the IE

I think that I "phased out" on ELO around the time of the "On The Thrid Day" LP.

10:12pm   Dave

When Pet Sounds was first released, the British absolutely loved it, whereas over here, it was met with a lukewarm response. I guess Brian Wilson had the last laugh!

10:11pm   bailey

in for a bit. thought you might be interested to know that a utopia show i downloaded from a few days ago had them playing both 'the icon' and 'them from utopia'. looks like he's being pretty thorough this time around (have not listened to it yet)

10:09pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Yeah, I'm not surprised at all, Alexander the Pretty Good!

10:08pm   Alexander the Pretty Good

The Brits are absolutely bonkers for the Beach Boys

10:08pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

It sure as hell did, which is why I played it Dave!

10:07pm   Dave

That Roy Wood track sounded eerily like early '70s Beach Boys!

10:04pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey Armando!

10:04pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Thanks Dave! It was tons of fun to do!

10:04pm   Antsy Armando of the IE

Evening Boss Guy. And to all of your devoted listeners.

10:03pm   Dave

Great Soul Satisfaction show last Wednesday!

10:02pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey Dave!

10:02pm   Dave

God evening John and everybody!



H.P. Lovecraft “I've Been Wrong Before”
composed by Randy Newman
from H.P. Lovecraft I CD Album (Island Def Jam 2010) —1967 debut lp



Jimi Hendrix “drifting”
composed by Jimi Hendrix
from CRY OF LOVE LP Album (reprise records 1970)



Steve Miller Band “seasons”
composed by Steve Miller
from BRAVE NEW WORLD LP Album (Capitol Catalog 1969) R



The Grateful Dead “Viola Lee Blues”
composed by Noah Lewis
from The Grateful Dead LP Album (WB/Rhino 1967) R  —debut lp, Jerry Garcia on lead guitar



Guru Guru “Electric Junk”
from Hinten CD Album (play loud! 1971) —German Krautrock group from the 70's



David Bowie “Moonage Daydream”
composed by David Bowie
from The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars LP Album (RCA 1972) R  —Mick Ronson on lead guitar



Jefferson Airplane “Star track”
composed by Jorma Kaukonen
from Crown Of Creation CD Album (RCA Records 1968) —Jorma Kaukonen on lead vocals/guitar



Patti Smith Group “Space Monkey”
composed by Patti Smith
from Easter LP Album (Arista 1978)



Love “Stephanie Knows Who”
composed by Arthur Lee
from Da Capo LP Album (elektra 1967) —Arthur Lee on lead vocals



The Doors “The Crystal Ship”
from The Doors LP Album (Elektra Records 1967) R



Dan Fogelberg “Changing Horses”
composed by Dan Fogelberg
from Souvenirs LP Album (Epic Records 1974) —Joe Walsh on Acoustic 12-string & Electric guitars



Buffalo Springfield “Do I Have to Come Right out and Say It”
composed by Neil Young
from Buffalo Springfield LP Album (Atco Records 1966) —debut lp feat. Richie Furay on lead vocals



America “Ventura Highway (Live)”
from America: Live LP Album (Rhino/Warner Bros. 1977) —recorded live at The Greek Theater 1977



Big Star “Watch the Sunrise”
composed by Chris Bell/Alex Chilton
from #1 Record (Remastered) CD Album (Universal Music Group International 2009) —Alex Chilton on lead vocals 1972 release



Todd Rundgren “We Gotta Get You a Woman”
composed by Todd Rundgren
from Runt LP Album (Bearsville 1970) R



Joni Mitchell “Willy”
composed by Joni Mitchell
from Ladies Of The Canyon LP Album (reprise records 1969) —Song about her love affair with Graham Nash. "Willy" was his nickname



Tim Buckley “happy time”
composed by Tim Buckley
from Blue Afternoon LP Album (elektra 1969) R



John Mayall “california”
composed by Thompson/Mayall
from The Turning Point LP Album (Polydor Records 1969) —John Mayall on lead vocals/harmonica, Johnny Almond on saxes, Steve Thompson on bass



Santana “Song of the Wind”
from Abraxas CD Album (Columbia/Legacy 1991) —Carlos Santana on lead guitar, late 60's release



The Band “Chest Fever”
composed by Robbie Robertson
from Music From Big Pink LP Album (Capitol Records, LLC 1969)



Quicksilver Messenger Service “Pride of Man”
composed by Hamilton Camp
from Quicksilver Messenger Service LP Album (Capitol Records 1968) —John Cipollina on lead guitar, Gary Duncan on lead vocals



The Left Banke “I've Got Something On My Mind”
from There's Gonna Be a Storm - The Complete Recordings 1966-1969 CD Compilation (ISLAND MERCURY 1992) —1967 original release



Steve Miller Band “Quicksilver Girl”
composed by Steve Miller
from Sailor LP Album (Capitol Catalog 1968) —Steve Miller on lead vocals/guitar, their 2nd lp



The Rolling Stones “Wild horses”
composed by Jagger/Richards
from Sticky Fingers LP Album (Rolling Stones Records 1971) R



The Flying Burrito Brothers “wheels”
composed by Gram Parsons/Chris Hillman
from 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of the Flying Burrito Brothers CD Compilation (A&M 2001) R  —Gram Parsons on lead vocals 1969 release



The Merry-Go-Round “Time Will Show the Wiser”
composed by Emitt Rhodes
from The Merry-Go-Round LP Album (A&M Records 1967) —Emitt Rhodes on lead vocals



Yes “I've Seen All Good People (A. Your Move, B. All Good People)”
composed by Jon Anderson/Chris Squire
from The Yes Album (Deluxe Edition) CD Album (Rhino/Elektra 1970) —Jon Anderson on lead vocals



Jethro Tull “Back to the Family”
composed by Ian Anderson
from Stand Up (Bonus Track Version) CD Album (Parlophone UK 2001) —Ian Anderson on lead vocals



Electric Light Orchestra “New World Rising Ocean Breakup Reprise”
composed by Jeff Lynne
from On The Third Day LP Album (United Artists 1973) —Jeff Lynne on lead vocals



Roy Wood “WhyDoes such a Pretty Girl Sing Those Sad Songs”
composed by Roy Wood
from Mustard LP Album (United Artists 1976)

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