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Power Hour: A Comic Culture Cast (Specialty)

Want to discuss that new comic book movie, TV show, video game, or novel? We are here to do just that on Power Hour: a Comic Culture Cast looking at the latest news in comic book culture from trailers to pull lists. We want to make the world of comics accessible to everyone by breaking down stories, Easter eggs, and terminology for newcomers. Come join us in the chat for this exciting summer as we review movies such as Wonder Woman and Spider-Man and everything else involving comics! Wednesdays at 3:00pm on KSPC Claremont!

Sun Sep 24th 2017 9.00am–11.00am

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Time zone: pacific

Playlist chat

9:14am   Skatervans

I just watched the mighty morphing one only

9:13am   Skatervans

What a twist!

9:12am   Skatervans

It was a good one

9:12am   Skatervans


9:11am   Skatervans

Johnny Quest is the best too

9:10am   raengpy2

Yes! I love the Jetsons. I know Alpha X does too

9:08am   Skatervans

The Jetsons rule!!

9:08am   raengpy2

Renpy-two! we are many raengpy

9:07am   Skatervans

Good morning everyone

9:07am   raengpy2

No flintstones Comic Knight?

9:03am   Comic Knight (host)

hi there it's been a while!

9:03am   Alpha X

What is up my dude

9:02am   Comic Knight (host)

Hello everyone!



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