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Radio Free Aftermath (Underground)

With Sam & JoJo

Sat Jan 20th 2018 7.00pm–9.00pm

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Playlist chat
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9:03pm   Gary Abusey

or a ride

9:02pm   Broke down on the PCH

Thank Nice show and may you always have a spare can of tuna;dish

9:01pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

night folks

8:56pm   Gary Abusey

Use the tuna to catch a kitty, then use the kitty to catch a rude with a cat-lover

8:56pm   Broke down on the PCH

No bread or Mayo but I'm on on diet!

8:55pm   Gary Abusey

Jojojojo, jojojojo, jojojojo, jojojojo, jojojojo

8:54pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

bread and mayo?

8:50pm   Broke down on the PCH

That's ok I got a can of tuna fish

8:48pm   DanS

Thanks JoJo and peace to you Sam, wherever you are.

8:44pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

malcontent I am honored and broke down I'm sorry you're hung out there to dry

8:43pm   Broke down on the PCH

I don't think you can hitckhide anymore it like 2000 and some thing not 1969

8:41pm   MrMalcontent

JoJo, you are First Rate and I'm enjoying your show! Thanks and kind regards to you Sir!

8:40pm   Broke down on the PCH

Merge records chaple hill!

8:38pm   Gary Abusey

Why don't you be adventurous and try hitch-hiking ? You might make a new friend !

8:35pm   Gary Abusey

This is no time to be thinking about toddler clothes Brokedown....

8:29pm   Broke down on the PCH

This is a good show! Anyone got jumper cccables?

8:27pm   Gary Abusey

This is Choo Choo Chatter, what's your train question Brokedown ?

8:25pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

we are here for you

8:25pm   MrMalcontent

Is this a Sunday in 2000 because drew ain't on the radio now.

8:24pm   Gary Abusey

Stranded on the PCH and the 101 is blocked, that's rough !

8:22pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

RFA with sam and jojo, sans sam

8:18pm   Broke down on the PCH

Is this kroq with Dr drew?

8:09pm   Broke down on the PCH

Hi there you guys!

8:07pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

that's kind, malcontent.

8:06pm   MrMalcontent

I liked getting the bonus on that track! Good times.

7:55pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

now you're hearing the rust, folks

7:50pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

never doubted you dan

7:46pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

loincloth or codpiece, that's the line I draw

7:39pm   Gary Abusey

JoJo, the next time you talk to Sam, could you please ask him to wear clothes when he's on the air?

7:31pm   DanS

I'm not imaginary! I'm a real boy!

7:31pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

rusty is my middle name, malcontent, thanks for keeping me on the crooked and narrow

7:26pm   MrMalcontent

RustyJoJo, don't forget to add a checkmark to user posts otherwise it looks like you're chatting with imaginary "folks"!

7:25pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

hey, it's the witty quips that make us know we're still alive

7:24pm   DanS

No problem. Do what you gotta do. We can shelve the witty quips for another day.

7:22pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

hey folks, yeah, I'm keeping the flame lit... probably won't be too quick on the draw in this here chatroom, since I'm trying to do the job without my beacon and my compass

7:22pm   Robert


7:16pm   Robert

u there?

7:15pm   Gary Abusey

Fear not, JoJo, it's a self-flying airplane

7:14pm   MrMalcontent

Hello Sir! Is this real life?? Now Sam is missing in action?!?

7:14pm   Robert

well there's me.......got used to Sam no JoJo now it's JoJo no Sam

7:12pm   Sam & JoJo (host)

hey there, Jo-Jo here, flying tragically solo tonight, no Sam on the scene.

7:09pm   DanS




Marvin Gaye “a funky space reincarnation”
from here my dear (Motown)



Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross “I'll Keep My Light in My Window”
from Marvin & Diana (Motown)



Filthy Friends “brother”
from invitation CD Album (Kill Rock Stars 2017) N



Scarcity of Tanks “Rat Fink”
from Hinge (A Minor One) N



Todd Snider “Just Like Old Times”
from The Storyteller (Aimless) N



Portastatic “When You Crashed (w/ Ken Vandermark)”
from The Perfect Little Door (Merge Records)



Figure 8 “Lg- [s-db-j]tv”
from Pipe Dreams CD Album (Black Saint 1994)



Rodriguez “sugar man”
from Cold Fact (Light In The Attic Records)



Slim Gaillard “Yep Rock”
from Jump an' Jive (Savoy)



Jamila Woods “Heavn”
from HEAVN CD Album (jagjaguwar 2017) N



Ernie and The Top Notes “Things Could Be Better”
from Rare Funky Soul, Vol. 7 (M&M.)



Cody ChesnuTT “so sad to see a lost generation”
from My Love Divine Degree CD Album (One Little Indian Records 2017) N



Moses Sumney “Lonely World”
from Aromanticism CD Album (Jag Jaguwar 2017) N



Sonny Stitt “Private Number”
from Best of (unknown)



Gil Scot-Heron “New York is Killing Me”
from I'm New Here CD Album (BMG International 2010)



French Vanilla “Anti Aging Global Warming”
from French Vanilla CD Album (Danger Collective Records, LLC 2017) N L



Loretta Lynn “women's prison”
from All Time Greatest Hits CD Album (MCA 2002)

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