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World's Music Without Boundaries (World)

Discovering the World's Music Without Boundaries. World music that will awaken the spirit with songs of communication and inspiration..hosted by John

Mon Feb 19th 2018 1.00am–3.00am

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3:02am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

peace everyone!

3:01am   Dave

Harmony and tranquility to all! : )

3:01am   Dave

Take care and be safe as well, VegaManKurt, SantaAnaJeff and MrMalcontent. Have a great week and good night!

3:01am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You're welcome Dave! Good night!

2:59am   Dave

Thanks for two more excellent shows this week! Have a great week, take care, be safe, and I'll hear you again next week! Thanks again, and good night!

2:58am   MrMalcontent

Ahahaha @BossGuy! Ahahaha @Jeff!

2:57am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Good night Jeff! Thanks for listening as always and thanks for that Santana request!! Never really listened to Borboletta that much!

2:56am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Thanks MrMalcontent! Good night!

2:56am   Jeff

Blah, blah, blah, Next week, Blah, blah, blah Dave, Kurt, MrMal, and John, Blah, blah, blah! lol!

2:56am   Dave

Night, MrM!

2:56am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You too Mr. Rickles! I mean MrMalcontent!...haha!

2:56am   BroManKurt

Cloud Cult in here too, Thank U:)

2:56am   MrMalcontent

BossGuy, get lots of sleep! Stay healthy! Thanks for all the nice music!! Kindest regards to you Sir!!

2:56am   Dave

Don't play Xenia outdoors through your Cerwin Vega's Kurt, or you'll drive all the critters away and melt the snow!

2:55am   MrMalcontent

Nice chatting with you BossGuy, Jeff, Dave, BroManKurt!! Have a great week!!

2:53am   BroManKurt

ThanX Dave, I had come inside a few mins ago 2 hear This trak down in My 2000wt Vega Basemante’, it just inst the same Listenin 2 it Outside on MyCell!!!!

2:51am   MrMalcontent

I just needed a snack. I was becoming Don Rickles.

2:51am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Cool! up next for you Kurt!

2:49am   BroManKurt

Yes, its a Simple trak 4 them, short, & LiL of their normal Full sound, but Yes, its 4 all of U peeps, cause Oh well, it just is, cause U are My trully Good Friends!:)

2:48am   Jeff

Dry roasted peanut's, muh dang self, MrMal!

2:44am   MrMalcontent

Nevermind I got some crackers and cheese and guacamole, so keep it going!

2:44am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey Kurt! Was your Cloud Cult request from last week called "Good Friend"??

2:43am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I thought she was singing it to me!

2:42am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Oh yeah, I was in tears Kurt!

2:41am   Jeff

Sorry, I'll dial it back!

2:41am   BroManKurt

Gosh, how cud it Not have Been, wow, what a Moment that must have been Boss!

2:41am   MrMalcontent

Y'all are too much right now.

2:39am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

This was the encore song she sang when I saw her in England 3 three ago!

2:39am   Dave

This Kate CD is on my "get list".

2:39am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Whoa Jeff! You had to go there??haha

2:38am   BroManKurt

This is Top10 beauty 2Me, & really H8 makin Lists of such!

2:38am   Jeff

Can't have a World Music Show without Bush, eh?lol

2:37am   BroManKurt

Ok MyMaL, thats gas Up the Van, we got room, Jeff, Dave, Boss, & MyMaL, iL drive, cause I dont trust Any of U behind the Wheel, plus that Means that U guys can fight over over the Cd Player while I get Us 2 her!:)

2:37am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Such a beautiful song!!

2:36am   MrMalcontent

turning up volume

2:33am   MrMalcontent

She probs got fancy joints in each one yo

2:32am   BroManKurt

Well done Boss, cause Yep, I Like it still, at Least I think id Like it Better 2 hear U sing those Lyrics on air!!! But oh well, iL Settle 4 this Beautiful vocal instead:)

2:32am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Iceland, here we come Bjork!...haha!

2:32am   MrMalcontent

I think Bjork live in Pacoima or Lancaster

2:29am   BroManKurt

Ok, so on Me movin 2 Iceland...but dang it I think MyMaL or Jeff found out that Bjork lives in SoCal, tho im thinkin it may have been NYC, so at Least I have free spots 2 stay in either spot if she Doesnt answer when I knock on Her door, LOL!

2:27am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

That's the way I like it...aah, aah ,aah! That's the way I like it!...lol!

2:25am   BroManKurt

Heck, other than KISS & Zep, my Most playd LP circa 77 was KC & the Sunshine band, im Proud 2 say! Actually now that I admit 2 That iL b Playin in My Ride 2maro in Ode 2U guys, its been 40yrs since I have so Actually I only have that onVinyl dang it!

2:20am   MrMalcontent

thank you BossGuy!!

2:20am   BroManKurt

Hey, im a Proud lifetime KISS fan so im Always used 2 bein Abused, it Makes Me somewhat Stronger & such, U kno it My Friends!:)

2:18am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Thanks MrMalcontent!

2:18am   MrMalcontent

very nice group of songs!

2:12am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Rob Thomas is a tough sell for me, but I still love you, BroManKurt!...haha!

2:10am   Jeff

Oooh... Mega Bass Effect!!!

2:10am   MrMalcontent

Maybe the group draws the line at Rob Thomas. I still like you BroManKurt.

2:04am   MrMalcontent

We still like you BroManKurt

2:04am   MrMalcontent

When will the MELLOW hit Dave???

2:03am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Our man David Sylvian!

2:02am   BroManKurt

Oh &This is Beautiful!!

2:01am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

thanks MrMalcontent!

2:01am   BroManKurt

Ps-I dont wanna come off as a Rob Thomas h8r for messin on “Smooth”, it was a Gr8 single, but since these blogs Last 4ever & all, I gotta say Jeez t/Matchbox 20 trak called “Bent” is one of the Few AOR hits of early 2000s that I Dug, so theres That:)

2:01am   Dave

You're damn right!!

2:00am   MrMalcontent

that was nice

2:00am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You're very welcome Dave! Toumani rules!!

1:58am   Dave

Thank you much for the Toumani!

1:57am   Dave


1:57am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Who? Dave? Dave's not here!

1:55am   Dave


1:53am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Who? Dave?

1:53am   Dave

Yeah man, open the damn door!! ;)

1:52am   MrMalcontent

Dave is on another level.

1:51am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Who? Dave? haha1

1:51am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

They're sooo good MrMalcontent! Excellent guitar players in the group!

1:50am   Dave

Dave's not here!!

1:50am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

It's Tinariwen Dave!

1:49am   MrMalcontent


1:49am   Dave

Who is it??

1:48am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Yeah, And I really didn't like that Carlos Santana record that he won all those grammys Kurt, but I'm glad the royalty checks keep coming for him!

1:48am   MrMalcontent

I really did

1:47am   BroManKurt

I think Because of t/song Smooth in 99 that Peeps that Dont kno music, Especially t/young generation Doesnt kno that Carlos is 1 of t/Best guitartists, but Heck, I saw Recently that Smooth is t/Biggest single Ever, so I doubt he Regrets t/Paycheck!:)

1:47am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha...you meant "High" DAve!

1:47am   MrMalcontent

Good to know. Thanks Sir.

1:46am   MrMalcontent

Dave is partaking. Oops. I mean high! No, no! I meant, hI dAvE!!

1:46am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Nope! It has the studio version of Loucura by Mariza, MrMalcontent!

1:44am   MrMalcontent

Does the Fado compilation have Mariza "O Gente de Minha Terra"?? For future reference.

1:44am   Jeff

Gawd I dig a song with echo in it!

1:43am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


1:41am   Dave

Bongs are aglow!! ; )

1:41am   Jeff


1:39am   Dave


1:39am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

This Santana track is friggin' awesome Jeff!

1:37am   Jeff

Best stuff he's ever done!

1:37am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Lol! You're welcome MrMalcontent!

1:37am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Oh now I Remember Kurt! The Bellagio Hotel!

1:37am   BroManKurt

Nice 2c that U Woke up 4 Me MyMaL, Uummm, I mean Us!;)

1:37am   MrMalcontent

oKaY bOsSgUy! tHaNkS!

1:36am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You're welcome Jeff!

1:35am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I can play for you Jeff!

1:35am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Oops! Cap lock was on...haha!

1:35am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


1:33am   Dave

Happy dead! (???) Perhaps happy dead presidents day?

1:32am   BroManKurt

Nice one BroJeff!

1:32am   Jeff


1:31am   BroManKurt

Oh, & it was at the Then new friggin Belagio Hotel in Vegas, the Penthouse whole Top level & All, a bit 2fancy 4 My HippieAss, tho I pulled m/Hair back really Nice & wore really sweetTuX, so Wow/its All good, plus Of course, We walkd 2 WonderfulLife!

1:29am   Jeff

Gurgle, gurgle, cough, cough... uhh John? Is Easy Star All-Stars cover of Money in excessive rotation? I dig that tune!

1:29am   MrMalcontent

hi mistah jeff

1:28am   MrMalcontent

So very happy Dead.

1:28am   MrMalcontent

New Mariza album?!?

1:28am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Happy Dead, MrMalcontent??

1:27am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

My old age is showing Kurt, cause I don't remember you gettin' married to Crista!

1:27am   MrMalcontent


1:26am   Jeff

Dobraye Utra, Dave!

1:25am   BroManKurt

Btw, I memba askn Ya 2 the Wedding back in 99, but Jeez, Christa wanted it On that date, which fell on a Thurs if im Not mistaken, I told Her, well Fk, MyBoss cant make it Unless we pull a SunEvent, its Not like U have Xtra employees 2work UrStore!:/

1:25am   Jeff

!!!tnetnoclaM hatsiM yeH

1:24am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Painless Dave!!

1:23am   Dave

Of course, a little Bebel Gilberto never hurt, either! ; )

1:21am   Dave

Dobraye Utra, Jeff!

1:20am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Sure can Dave, thanks!

1:20am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey Jeff!

1:20am   Dave

Could you play some Toumani Diabate and "Hair Receding" by Xenia Rubinos? Thanks!

1:20am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey MrMalcontent!

1:19am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Yeah, I am surprised by how quickly you and Dave got back on spinitron!

1:19am   Jeff

Hey Dave and BroManKurt!

1:18am   MrMalcontent

greetings. and salutations even.

1:18am   BroManKurt

Whatever U did, or said, or another DJ had, all I hafta say is Spinatron is Usually a CakeWalk these days, Which is Awesome 4 All of Us, cause Jeez, it really Sukd that what is Sometimes the Only good Moment of the Week was such a Friggin pain 4me!:)

1:16am   Dave

Hey Kurt!

1:15am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey BroManKurt

1:14am   BroManKurt

Back with U my Friends:)

1:10am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

welcome back Dave!

1:09am   Dave

Hi again!



Bat for Lashes “daniel”
composed by Natasha Khan
from Two Suns CD Album (P-VINE) —U.K./Pakistani singer/songwriter, Natasha Khan



Cloud Cult “good friend”
from love CD Album ((RED) Rebel Group 2013) R  —Group from Minnesota



Xenia Rubinos “Hair Receding”
composed by Xenia Rubinos
from Magic Trix CD Album (Ba Da Bing! 2012) R  —Spanish singer/songwriter



Jeff Buckley “Lover, You Should've Come Over”
composed by Jeff Buckley
from Grace CD Album (Columbia 1994) —Tim Buckley's love child



Kate Bush “Among Angels”
composed by Kate Bush
from 50 Words For Snow CD Album (anti- 2011) —U.K. singer/songwriter



Lianne La Havas “gone”
composed by Lianne La Havas
from Is Your Love Big Enough? (Deluxe Edition) CD Album (Nonesuch 2012) —U.K. singer/songwriter/guitarist



Bjork “Joga”
composed by Bjork
from The Golden Unplugged Album CD Album (Buc 2010) —Icelandic singer/songwriter with Icelandic String Quartet live version 1999



Gaby Moreno “Frontera”
composed by Gaby Moreno
from Illusion LP Album (Metamorfosis 2016) —Guatemalan singer/songwriter



Euis Komariah & Yus Wiradiredja “Sorban palid”
from The Sound of Sunda CD Album (Global Style Records 1990)



Natacha Atlas “Mistaneek”
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Sudan Archives “Come Meh Way”
from Sudan Archives - EP Digital EP (stones throw 2017) N



Nine Horses “Atom and Cell”
composed by David Sylvian
from Snow Borne Sorrow CD Album (Samadhisound 2005) —U.K. singer/songwriter David Sylvian on vocals



TOUMANI DIABATE “Kaounding Cissoko”
composed by Toumani Diabaté
from THE MANDE VARIATIONS CD Album (World Circuit/Nonesuch 2008) R  —African Kora player from Mali



Tinariwen “Chatma”
from Amassakoul CD Album (World Village 2003) —Gypsy musicians from the Sahara desert!



Easy Star All-Stars “Money (feat. Gary Nesta Pine & Dollarman)”
from Dub Side of the Moon Anniversary Edition CD Album (Easy Star 2014) R  —Reggae group covering Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon lp



Santana “Promise Of a Fisherman”
from Borboletta LP Album (Columbia Records 1974) R  —Carlos Santana on lead guitar



Mariza “Por Ti!”
from Fado Em Mim CD Album (EMI Portugal 2011) —Portuguese vocalist



Bebel Gilberto “baby”
composed by Caetano Veloso
from Radio Hour CD Album (Six Degrees) —Brazilian vocalist(acoustic live performance)



Amália Rodrigues “Com que voz”
from Essential Fado Collection CD Album (Classique Perfecto) —Portuguese vocalist



Son De La Frontera “Bulería Menor”
from Cal CD Album (World Village)



Shakti with John Mclaughlin “Lady L”
composed by L Shankar
from A Handful of Beauty CD Album (Columbia 1976) —John McLaughlin on guitar, Zakir Hussain on tabla, L. Shankar on electric violin

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