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Video Game Music Show with your host, Sysop.

Sun Feb 18th 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: pacific

Playlist chat

6:07pm   Indy

the stuff of nightmares: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC0cvwnG0Ik

6:06pm   Skatervans

They are back in stock at Target for like $3 and I bought a lot of them, I can give you a box for free tonight at the press!

6:06pm   Indy

or that one crazy bus song

6:06pm   Indy

RIP. lol yer

6:06pm   your evil resident

Rad gravity for Indy too LOL

6:05pm   RobotParts


6:04pm   Indy

sysop!!! lol fml -___-

6:04pm   SysOp (host)

you mean the over priced lucky charms? no i havent lol

6:03pm   SysOp (host)

im dedicating snake eater and DK rap to indy tonight!

6:03pm   Indy

i think that's breaking one of the robot laws when it comes to artificial intelligence. lying

6:03pm   Skatervans

Yo sysop, have you gotten your hands on the Mario Odyssey cereal yet?

6:02pm   RobotParts

I'm kinda confused when joining the chat.."I'm not a robot" lool

6:01pm   your evil resident

Hahaha thanks dman :-D

6:01pm   Indy

just don't do snake-eater or the dk rap pls

6:01pm   Skatervans

Now that's what I'm talkin' bout

6:00pm   your evil resident

10pm, I'll be getting up at 6am for work

6:00pm   SysOp (host)

im going to do the zelda rap... wika wika!!

6:00pm   AgentMulder

Can I make a request for Isaac's Battle Theme from Golden Sun

6:00pm   dman5266

Lol I’m still laughing at yer using that PSA line

5:59pm   Robot420

sysop, are we going to hear some fancy scratching, wigi wigi, ahahaha

5:59pm   sweep the leg

Look eye, always look eye!

5:59pm   dman5266

Haha I saw some of that sonic and knuckles vid and I was like what???

5:59pm   your evil resident

Lol indy

5:58pm   your evil resident

Macgruff the crime dog ha

5:58pm   Skatervans

My queen, my queen show us de wae

5:58pm   Indy

not a looker in the bunch lol

5:57pm   Green Knight

I'd have to change my name to Pink Knight.

5:57pm   Skatervans

Haha indy bunch of old timers

5:57pm   your evil resident

Lmao that knuckles wedding online clicking lol

5:57pm   dman5266

Lol yer I busted up at the pink thing. Great use of that PSA!

5:56pm   Robot420

real robots were pink.

5:56pm   Wasteland ghoul

Spirited Da Wae

5:56pm   RobotParts


5:56pm   your evil resident

Everybody's hugging, lmao

5:56pm   Indy

where is da queen? *clicking clickign*

5:56pm   your evil resident

Take lots of pics

5:55pm   Indy

LOL i need an adult, i need an adult

5:55pm   Skatervans

Indy...do u know da wae my bruddah?

5:55pm   Robot420

yea for mozzarella sticks

5:55pm   your evil resident

Stranger danger haha

5:55pm   your evil resident

Let's all wear pink so we recognise each other, lol

5:55pm   Wasteland ghoul

.....I'm a creepy old man

5:54pm   Wasteland ghoul

A-Aron where's A-aron at?

5:54pm   Green Knight

Oh, Hai

5:53pm   Indy

likewise. in the beginning, none of us knew if we were a bunch of old men pretending to be young video gamers. so far so good after meeting up, we are who we say we are

5:53pm   sweep the leg


5:53pm   Skatervans


5:53pm   sweep the leg


5:53pm   your evil resident

What was that? Haha

5:52pm   RobotParts

Cant wait to meet you guys tonight

5:52pm   Skatervans

Haha indy

5:51pm   Robot420

scrooges cane is the best,

5:51pm   Wasteland ghoul

It was for u

5:51pm   Wasteland ghoul


5:51pm   Wasteland ghoul


5:51pm   Indy


5:50pm   Wasteland ghoul


5:50pm   Wasteland ghoul

No its fine you just hate me

5:50pm   your evil resident

Annnnd now haha

5:50pm   sweep the leg

Those are theories guys m. Daniel is not the bully!

5:50pm   Indy

lol the captions when ralph's heart rips in two [whimpering]

5:49pm   RobotParts

Robot420 is AFK

5:49pm   Wasteland ghoul

That's way easier. Here I am complicating life

5:49pm   dman5266

Hahaboom yer

5:49pm   Indy


5:49pm   dman5266

Hehe and you can actually see the point his heart breaks....right...here *bart pauses on Ralph’s heartbreak *

5:49pm   your evil resident

This better be the best rocket league ever...... They got lucky, haha

5:49pm   RobotParts

Hihihi Indy

5:48pm   Wasteland ghoul

Hi RP it doesn't on mine sadly. I have to keep pressing the current playlist option to refresh it

5:48pm   Indy

RP, just tap send even if the box is blank and it will refresh immediately

5:48pm   Wasteland ghoul

And there's a picture of a train

5:47pm   Indy

hey there robotparts

5:47pm   Skatervans

Hey RP

5:47pm   RobotParts

Not sure if chat refreshes from mobile?

5:47pm   your evil resident

Let's bee friends

5:47pm   Wasteland ghoul

Yeah!!! My request!

5:47pm   Skatervans

Yeah total pwnage, they were too good

5:47pm   your evil resident

I choo choo choose you

5:46pm   RobotParts

Hello Hello!

5:46pm   dman5266

Haha doesn’t he lick it off uniform or shirt or something

5:46pm   Wasteland ghoul


5:45pm   Indy

lmao wiggum's pants

5:44pm   Wasteland ghoul

Nothing gets chocolate out....SEE?

5:44pm   Indy

YER*, svans lol. sorry dman

5:44pm   SysOp (host)

the school wouldnt suck if you would just stop bulling johnny!

5:44pm   Wasteland ghoul

Go apple! Go orange!

5:43pm   your evil resident

Haha that too, we got hammered 10-0 lol

5:43pm   Indy

dman, svans, did either of you just enter your name in the game and get blown away: https://i.redd.it/0q67iomqzhhz.jpg

5:43pm   Dt

Nothing cleans glass like that

5:43pm   Skatervans

No mercy

5:43pm   sweep the leg

This school sucks, man!

5:43pm   Wasteland ghoul

I ALWAYS think of that scene when I text. I'm thankful my bf understands the nonsense I type.

5:42pm   dman5266

Nice set tonight. Glad I remembered to record leaving Lucille’s. So ....many...leftovers

5:42pm   sweep the leg

I honestly knew someone was going to mention it to me

5:42pm   SysOp (host)

not a bad idea, bean!

5:42pm   Skatervans

Haha yeah what about 4-0? all Millhouse!!!

5:42pm   sweep the leg

Hahaha I saw that the other day svans

5:42pm   Dt

Epson salt. Defiantly that

5:41pm   dman5266

Lol wasteland ghoul great scene

5:41pm   itsthatbean

@sysop: you should let pika have the mic for a few minutes to have random video game trivia throughout the night.

5:41pm   Dt

Got to be tomato juice then

5:41pm   Skatervans

Haha dman duffman oooooh yeaaaah

5:40pm   dman5266

Boo urns you need a portable battery pika

5:40pm   your evil resident

Lol love that fingers too fat

5:40pm   Indy

lol "to order a dialing wand, smash your palm on all the keys now"

5:40pm   itsthatbean

That sounds like fun. Better and random Pika Trivia

5:40pm   Dt


5:40pm   Dt

Driving! No wait

5:40pm   your evil resident

Hey svans 6-3 hehe :-D

5:39pm   Wasteland ghoul

I think I even told u guys to get booze and sign in lol But my typing is crap. "The fingers you have used to dial are too fat"

5:39pm   dman5266

Boo urns you need a portable battery pika

5:39pm   Skatervans

https://youtu.be/aPhbnsrkDlA. SWEEPS this is for you dude!

5:39pm   your evil resident

Quiz and alcohol, its a winning combination

5:39pm   Rolling Thunder


5:38pm   dman5266

Oh nice just got my final Bday gift of money inside a Duff beer koozie- can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff!!!

5:38pm   Pikaonlocation

DAMN data and battery, looks like I have to call it a night to save battery for the live set

5:38pm   Dt

Herd it on a couple other shows on kspc smiled every time

5:37pm   Wasteland ghoul

No probs hun. It was a blast for us too! Next time we will play earlier so u won't be up at 3am YER. And yes it is fun to play while drinking

5:37pm   Skatervans

Yeah you too mate

5:37pm   itsthatbean

Found it https://youtu.be/Tk1lQKgMapY

5:36pm   sweep the leg

Win lose don't matter. You prove point

5:36pm   SysOp (host)

thanks, RT ;-)

5:36pm   your evil resident

Yes absolutely svans, great idea, great goals too thanks

5:35pm   Rolling Thunder


5:35pm   Dt

Awesome voice my young man. It was good

5:35pm   Rolling Thunder


5:35pm   Rolling Thunder

Nice Transition, with station ID, Sysop

5:34pm   itsthatbean

I should have requested "Captain N: The Game Master" theme song to be played tonight.. badass show

5:33pm   your evil resident

Hey wasteland ghoul thanks again for you and your bfs quiz night twitch stream so funny ha

5:33pm   dman5266

Jackbox tv would be good while drinking haha

5:33pm   Wasteland ghoul

Thata the Ron Swanson motto

5:33pm   itsthatbean

There was a moon theme remix done with Terry Cruz soundclips synched up to the song really well

5:32pm   Indy

you guys can sleep on a deployed airbag like homer did when he was working two jobs

5:32pm   Wasteland ghoul

Sounds like every one is busy tonight but we should have another Jack box tv night!

5:31pm   dman5266

Haha I’ll sleep when I’m dead

5:31pm   Skatervans

Yeah yer awesome game session, we should play every Sunday man

5:30pm   Wasteland ghoul

Lol I wish I said that "sleep is for the weak!" totally my style

5:30pm   SysOp (host)

thats right, sk8!

5:30pm   Indy

hilarious mashup of crysis 1 and ducktales the moon theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc6AHtM8qKM

5:30pm   your evil resident

Got on matter zzzzzzz ha

5:30pm   Rolling Thunder


5:30pm   Skatervans

Haha dt, I will wear a vans shirt or something heh

5:30pm   your evil resident

With svans gf he won't be getting any sleep ;-D

5:30pm   Wasteland ghoul

Yes... I was drunkenly forcing everyone to play. In so sorry. But I did have fun

5:29pm   Skatervans

Haha Sysop, sleep is for the weak

5:29pm   Rolling Thunder


5:29pm   Dt

Hold a board or something

5:29pm   your evil resident

Hey svans great rocket league sessions your good, love your rick and Morty add one cool

5:29pm   Dt

Buy you a beer then sk8. Make your self apperent

5:29pm   SysOp (host)

sleep is overrated

5:28pm   Indy

that sucks svans and dman having to work monday.

5:28pm   AgentMulder

If someone requested something orchestral, I second it then! Doesn't matter what, trying to find some new stuff.

5:27pm   Skatervans

I will be getting only 2 hours of sleep tonight heh

5:27pm   your evil resident

Can I come too? Ohh.... Haha

5:27pm   Indy

likes perfect dark right?

5:27pm   Indy

wasteland ghoul, you're the one that also

5:27pm   Skatervans

Yeah dman, you should def come! You can meet my girlfriend tonight

5:26pm   your evil resident

I saw black panther too, awesome movie

5:26pm   your evil resident

Gang beasts so funny svans haha

5:26pm   Robot420

scrooges cane is the best,

5:26pm   dman5266

Hey svans. Should Dman come tonight and get 3 hrs sleep???

5:25pm   your evil resident

Great jackbox quiz session Friday night at 3 am lol

5:25pm   Skatervans

Yeah pika I will def be there

5:24pm   Skatervans

Hey indy, dman and pika

5:24pm   itsthatbean

@AgentMulder I think someone may have requested orchestral video game piece on the VGMS facebook page. Though, it has been a while since I checked it.

5:23pm   Wasteland ghoul

Why is this so good?!

5:23pm   Robot420

I remember my friened getting this game for xmas, we played all winter break. that was fun.

5:23pm   itsthatbean

Launchpad! Fly this plane without crashing!!

5:23pm   your evil resident

Hey svans my gaming buddy that was the best gaming I ever had :-D deffo do it again

5:22pm   AgentMulder

Got anything orchestral to play? Something Japanese?

5:22pm   Pikaonlocation

Svans u coming today?

5:22pm   dman5266

Woo ducktails

5:22pm   Dt

Dt woo woo!

5:22pm   sweep the leg

No mercy

5:21pm   Robot420

I have been a bad gamer i have not played all week,

5:21pm   Skatervans

I was gaming with yer today

5:21pm   Indy

hey hey svans

5:21pm   Indy


5:21pm   dman5266

Haha yer. Love they make fun of Lincoln’s terrible MMc commercials

5:21pm   Skatervans

Hey dudes sorry for the lateness

5:20pm   your evil resident

Yeah I'll upload them to my YouTube page and post in group chat :-)

5:20pm   Robot420

Indy, the robots will be there.

5:20pm   itsthatbean

Lincoln automobiles

5:19pm   your evil resident

This show is sponsered by Lincoln, Lincoln what are we doing? Haha

5:19pm   Indy

going great Robot! will be seeing you Robots this evening at the Press?

5:18pm   Robot420

Hellooo Indy, How is it going??

5:18pm   your evil resident

Oh I gave him a paddlin few times muhahaha, ire 1 usa 0 hehe

5:18pm   Indy

nice YER! you gonna upload the gaming session? that be fun to watch and here. an irishman vs an american man on rocket league

5:17pm   sweep the leg

No such thing as bad student only bad teacher

5:17pm   Dt

Tell him I’ll be there. I’m on a good one too

5:17pm   dman5266

Awesome totally guessed it correctly that it was end of Majoras Mask

5:17pm   Indy

Hello.exe Robot420

5:16pm   Pikaonlocation

Nick changed his mind, he no go now

5:16pm   your evil resident

Yeah few times on rocket league, 6-3, played a few team games too, he won few I won few, played gang beasts too, so funny, I recorded all the gaming sessions :-)

5:16pm   dman5266

Dman sad. I need a PS4 pro to join you bros

5:16pm   Indy

great track this here

5:14pm   Indy

what's up yer. did you beat svans? is that why he's not here now? that's a paddlin

5:14pm   Dt

Nick be there peeks?

5:13pm   your evil resident

Hey all was gaming session with svans tonight :-D much fun

5:13pm   Dt


5:12pm   Wasteland ghoul

I'm not nearly as good as my bf tho. I'm encouraging him to practice a lot for evo

5:12pm   Robot420

hi all,

5:12pm   sweep the leg


5:12pm   Indy

Greetings Peeks! how will those of us who don't know what you look like be able to spot you? Is there something iconic for you to wear at such events?

5:11pm   Wasteland ghoul

DBFZ is addicting. Good combos

5:11pm   Pikaonlocation

Hello! Will I be seeing u tonite at the live set?

5:10pm   dman5266

BK that takes me back. Banjo tooie too. Good games

5:10pm   Wasteland ghoul

Loving everything

5:09pm   Indy

hut two three four

5:09pm   itsthatbean

I have yet to play DBFZ. But I want to very very fking badly

5:09pm   dman5266

Ah played DBZ fighters last weekend with bro in law

5:08pm   dman5266

Ah cool pika. Nice tracks so far

5:08pm   Wasteland ghoul

Been playing both of these a lot lately. Shadow and DBFZ

5:07pm   itsthatbean

Hi Pika!

5:07pm   Pikaonlocation


5:06pm   itsthatbean

Is Crazy Horse still open and in business?

5:06pm   itsthatbean

Oh nice, dman

5:05pm   dman5266

Where you at pika?

5:05pm   Wasteland ghoul

Hey pika

5:05pm   dman5266

Wow they gonna build a Porto’s bakery where Crazy Horse use to be at West Covina mall

5:05pm   Wasteland ghoul

Itsthatbean Same here

5:04pm   Pikaonlocation

Pika in da. House!

5:04pm   dman5266

Dman just finished his first ever visit to Lucille’s BBQ

5:03pm   Indy

wow. yup i'm off tomorrow. It was just gonna be a 5 hour shift, but they gave it to us off instead.

5:03pm   SysOp (host)


5:03pm   itsthatbean


5:03pm   itsthatbean

A trooper you are, SysOp!

5:03pm   dman5266

Woah 30 minutes early

5:02pm   ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ

I don't have an Avril collection.

5:02pm   ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ

I have to play my own Avril collection.

5:01pm   itsthatbean

I miss the sucker punch show. :((

5:00pm   itsthatbean

Tonight is live show.... hate that my school is not closed tomorrow :(

5:00pm   ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ

greetings. and salutations even.

4:59pm   Indy

evening ya'll

4:59pm   itsthatbean


4:55pm   ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ

1 hour of PunkOp!

4:54pm   SysOp (host)

i wish!

4:53pm   ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ

GO FOR 3 HOURS! Sorry A/D!

4:50pm   ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ


4:49pm   SysOp (host)

youre the man!

4:43pm   ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ

Your show sounds different. nyuk nyuk nyuk meow meow meow

4:41pm   ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ

I'd have been here 5 minutes ago if not for crazy Spinitron fun.

4:41pm   ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ


4:31pm   SysOp (host)




Tribute to Slipknot “Killpop (8 Bit Remix Cover Version)”
composed by Tribute to Slipknot
from 8 Bit Universe (NA)



Na “Theme Song (HD)”
composed by na
from NASCAR Heat (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Castlevania 2 (NA)



Na “Nakkai Desert ~ Wrecked Gustaff”
composed by na
from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne (Mega Man Legends) (NA)



Na “Cherry Blossom Color Season (Cherry Tree Times)”
composed by na
from Katamari Damacy (NA)



Jake Kaufman “BGM - Love You Love You Love”
composed by Jake Kaufman
from Mighty Switch Force (NA)



Na “Gourmet Race”
composed by na
from super smash bros. brawl (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from DuckTales (NA)



Na “Final Hours Guitar Cover”
composed by na
from Majoras Mask Ending Sequence EP (NA)



Grant Kirkhope “Outside Mumbo's Hut”
composed by Grant Kirkhope
from Banjo-Kazooie (NA)



Na “Main Theme”
composed by na
from Dragon Ball FighterZ (NA)



Yoko Shimomura, Isao Abe “Ryu (Japan)”
composed by Yoko Shimomura, Isao Abe
from Street Fighter II (NA)



Na “Swift Horse”
composed by na
from Shadow of the Colossus (NA)

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