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Sun Nov 19th 2017 5.00pm–7.00pm

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Playlist chat

6:14pm   dman381

yeah that blade runner movie still made $250mil and great reviews and probably $100 mil short of break even

6:14pm   your evil resident

Sc3 Indy's big backyard, great title :-D

6:14pm   Millie Kentner

Bridgetown DIY!

6:14pm   Millie Kentner

I go sometimes in the morning and sometimes evenings. So most likely we will see each other!

6:13pm   pikachu

Didn't Millie have a place where 'events' could happen? we could have it there, what was it called again?

6:13pm   Skatervans

Let's have sc3 in Ireland next yer!

6:13pm   pikachu

MILLIE you DO? maybe i will see you there then, i plan on going evenings after i get off work

6:12pm   dman381

aww that's cool peeks but we'd chip in a ton to offset that bill!

6:12pm   Skatervans

Yeah I heard the new blade runner tanked in the box office

6:12pm   Millie Kentner

Pika, they have a kickboxing class that is free with the normal membership. I would highly recommend it. Kickboxing is a great way to stay in shape and get really good conditioning.

6:12pm   Indy

haha YER, i wish it was my place, but i'm still living at home with parents. I do have a big back yard though

6:12pm   dman381

yeah that UFC gym I pass by on the 10 in rosemead always calls to me to. but I already get up before 4:30 for work, Id have to get up an hour earlier to have any gym time haha

6:12pm   pikachu

i would have SC3 at my place but my only con is how much that electricity bill would be. MOM won't like it much.

6:11pm   dman381

unless it was wonder woman, thor, justice league, star wars, or that live action beauty and the beast, it bombed. seriously Hollywood like didn't make its money back of much of anything outside those few blockbusters.

6:10pm   pikachu

i was planning on just using the equipment to lose weight, but i heard that if i have stress in my life, a boxing bag i either kick or hit may relieve my stress, so i will see what classes they have.

6:10pm   your evil resident

How about Indy's place, or pikas, dmans etc :-D

6:10pm   dman381

haha game of pwns

6:10pm   Millie Kentner

I go to UFC, Pika!

6:09pm   Millie Kentner

No sc3 crew interviews this time. I'd love to do that next time though.

6:09pm   Skatervans

Cool pika are you going to learn MMA?

6:09pm   your evil resident

Love that dolly vid of sysop and his friends, more like a game of pwns hehe

6:09pm   Indy

i haven't watched any of the trailers for the last jedi :-), can't wait for it come out

6:09pm   SysOp (host)

we might have to do again at the house. we'll see!!

6:09pm   dman381

yeah I was looking at the box office numbers and movies still to come this year. so many duds but last jedi certainly the highlight of the rest of the year. so many flops outside of the few big titles this year. so many bombs

6:08pm   dman381

since poor arcade 2084 might be gone? too bad marco couldn't come this time too, always cool to see that due but I know everything is far from Lancaster/palmdale.

6:07pm   SysOp (host)

we just dont know =-(

6:07pm   pikachu

thanks YER, I'm in the danger zone right now though, i am a mere 10lbs away from my heaviest weight again! come january, I'm joining the UFC gym

6:07pm   your evil resident

Last Jedi next movie for me this year

6:07pm   dman381

where will be the next sc3???

6:06pm   your evil resident

Your looking amazing as always BTW pika :-D

6:05pm   Skatervans

Haha SP!!!

6:05pm   your evil resident

Ah OK that's totally cool pika :-)

6:03pm   pikachu

he says theres no need cause i always keep him posted.

6:03pm   SysOp (host)


6:03pm   Skatervans

Yeah I was just going to ask if you interviewed sysop and his SC3 crew

6:02pm   Millie Kentner

I'll post the link on the SC3 page when I upload it! The next one should have a SysOp interview, JS

6:00pm   SysOp (host)

i want to see millies video

6:00pm   your evil resident

Ha I was asking about your hubbie aka electroNIC :-)

5:58pm   pikachu

I AM in there! the notifications went off so much i got in trouble at work so i turned notifications off.

5:58pm   your evil resident

Excellent idea millie

5:57pm   your evil resident

Hi pika just curious, would nick be interested in joining the chatroom lives fb group chat? Its cool either way :-)

5:57pm   Skatervans

Goodbye new Doug lmao

5:56pm   Millie Kentner

Haha it was super fun to film. Next SC3, I'm going to bring all of the connections for my capture card and we can do some legit mini gameplay videos. I'll bring an LED light too so we can all see our pretty faces shine on camera.

5:56pm   Skatervans

Hey millie, rad man can't wait to check it out

5:56pm   MrMalcontent

Hey Skatervans! Howdy all Friends Of Video Game Music Show!

5:55pm   your evil resident

Korg rules my fave

5:54pm   dman381

oh cool yeah I was just gonna ask millie

5:54pm   pikachu


5:54pm   your evil resident

Awesome thanks Millie :-D

5:54pm   pikachu

NEMO!!! and the beautiful princess whose name is....?

5:54pm   Indy

yo Millie. cool dude! looking forward to it

5:53pm   your evil resident

Thanks 8 bit jazz heroes they were epic

5:53pm   Millie Kentner

SC3 video will be released the weekend after thanks giving, all!

5:53pm   Skatervans

Power hour!!!

5:53pm   Skatervans

Haha that was a good part, my favorite parts were with korg

5:53pm   your evil resident

Nixon for president, haha

5:52pm   your evil resident

Great movie pika

5:52pm   dman381

lol great abe line, yer

5:52pm   dman381

cool set. thanks 8bit jazz heroes

5:52pm   your evil resident

Abe: boo bring on sha na naaa, lol

5:50pm   pikachu

wasn't it VANS? i loved the story Thor tells when he and Loki were kids, the whole snake thing! lol!

5:50pm   Skatervans

Yo mrm nice to see you again

5:49pm   Skatervans

I saw it twice in imax and 3D

5:49pm   MrMalcontent

8-Bit Jazz Heroes, I'm lovin this live in studio!! BRAVO!! BRAVO!! Tip of the hat to you SysOp!!

5:48pm   Indy

you're the boss Peeks :-D

5:48pm   Skatervans

Yeah Thor Ragnarok will ragna-rock your face off, so funny and rad

5:46pm   dman381

oh rad song of storms. I honestly love tetris music and their other tracks were great too,but I think this is my fave so far

5:46pm   dman381

oh yeah did you guys hear about the Plague Inc game? my bro in law was playing it. your goal is to infect the entire planet haha. the founders were invited to the CDC to speak about the game. really cool

5:46pm   pikachu

seen both. but thor first!

5:45pm   Indy

yeah Peeks?

5:44pm   dman381

uh huh, uh huh...ok now I want you to all me back and tell me the opposite of everything you just said. ...homer simpson is a ...brilliant man who is ...ensuring the financial future of this company. oh yes, and his personal hygiene above reproach

5:44pm   your evil resident

See that rampage trailer haha

5:43pm   pikachu


5:43pm   Skatervans

I wonder when that Tetris movie is coming out hehe

5:42pm   your evil resident

Tetris so cool

5:41pm   Skatervans


5:37pm   your evil resident

Tuba a ba? Vio no Lin?

5:37pm   dman381

very cool dudes tho. I bet my bro with love to play with these guys. his one vault of angels cd just turned a year old he said on facebook. he loves this kind of technically precise and easy listening stuff

5:36pm   Skatervans

Yeah donkey Kong county

5:36pm   dman381

haha release the spit valve

5:35pm   dman381


5:35pm   your evil resident

Hello guests from the chatters (waves)

5:34pm   Skatervans


5:34pm   your evil resident

Sax o mo phone

5:34pm   your evil resident

Much cool :-)

5:33pm   Skatervans

Sax-o-phone, sax-o-phone

5:32pm   Indy

"release the spit valve"

5:32pm   your evil resident

Haha dmoxinyl, damn beatniks haha

5:31pm   Skatervans

Lisa Simpsons would be proud of all this jazz music

5:31pm   your evil resident

Jazz version of rad gravity have kidding

5:30pm   dman381

very chill, very chill. love when bart gets the fantasy of having the goatee, "it's for real daddio" coolsville. all right, all right. lets have a benefit concert! haha lisa's jazz concert for the animals. goov-ay, groo-vay

5:30pm   Indy

i like this. very easy listening

5:29pm   Skatervans

Can you imagine playing super Mario Bros with this playing in the background

5:27pm   your evil resident

So chill much cool

5:26pm   Skatervans

Smooth VG jazz is were it's at

5:26pm   dman381

this is a touch underwhelming on the radio, but would be sweet to have brunch to. :)

5:26pm   your evil resident

Ohh nice sweet jazz

5:26pm   Skatervans

Wow this is awesome!

5:26pm   your evil resident

without further apu, oh i have been zinged and i love it

5:25pm   Skatervans

Lmao yer oh myyyy

5:25pm   Skatervans

Haha dman I wished I was around when you said that line

5:24pm   Indy

svans, you ever been?

5:24pm   Indy

i was seeing less than a 100$ depending on your seat choice

5:24pm   your evil resident

Lmao Ashley madison hahahahaha

5:23pm   Skatervans

Oh cool Indy how much are those tickets?

5:23pm   Indy


5:22pm   dman381

dire dire docks takes me back....

5:22pm   dman381

haha I said that line at sc3 skater. when they raffled off the colecovision I said it, and the guy next to me was like "hey howd that get in there? wow this is gonna be a fun afternoon!"

5:22pm   Indy

svans, did you hear that the final fantasy distant worlds concert is gonna be in LA this January?

5:22pm   Skatervans

Haha need some of that Sweet jazz music

5:21pm   dman381

haha boom yer, love that scene

5:21pm   your evil resident

Lol Indy classic

5:21pm   your evil resident

In my day 50 dollars was a lot of money, really dad? .........nah

5:20pm   Skatervans

Haha indy piani

5:20pm   Skatervans

What about a colecovison? This is going to be a fun afternoon

5:20pm   dman381

I played old school donkey kong and asteroids a lot in the late 80s when I was really young

5:20pm   Indy

piani or piano? hehe

5:19pm   your evil resident

Jazz hands haha

5:19pm   dman381

woah $50?? though $50 then was like $500 today right? haha

5:19pm   Skatervans

Wow they're old skool

5:19pm   dman381

wow these guys are old school. cool dudes. my first was an Atari but I dun remember which model

5:18pm   thatbean

Jazz band can vary in the size and particular genre of music they play.

5:18pm   Skatervans

Jazz it up

5:18pm   thatbean


5:17pm   Skatervans

Wooooo guests

5:17pm   dman381

just a jazz duo? 2 dudes is it?

5:17pm   your evil resident

Yayy live guests

5:17pm   Skatervans

Haha nice one Oliver

5:17pm   dman381

haha boom yer, nice one

5:17pm   your evil resident

Lol love that race haha

5:17pm   dman381

I think I would just go for wonder woman haha

5:16pm   your evil resident

Sysop is the real DJ hero, see what I did there :-D

5:16pm   Skatervans

Let's have a foot race heh so rad and let's start a league of our own BOOM

5:14pm   your evil resident

I def did svans omg both epic wow

5:14pm   Indy

i'm thinking of seeing either thor ragnarok or justice league sometime this week

5:14pm   your evil resident

Don't leave us hanging man haha

5:13pm   Skatervans

Yer did you stay for the post credit scenes, total epicness

5:12pm   Skatervans

Yo yer!!! Don't leave us heh

5:12pm   your evil resident

I saw justice league tonight, great movie loved it

5:12pm   dman381

yeah haven't seen Blade movies in forever

5:11pm   Indy

ohhh I see svans hehe

5:11pm   Indy

hey hey YER

5:11pm   dman381

boom hey yer! holiday week for us here..... sending you good vibes haha since I don't think they have thanksgiving in ireland

5:11pm   Skatervans

Haha indy I just remember the Spiderman animated series when the punisher and blade were fighting vampires together

5:11pm   dman381

ah nice pika. dman had so much food at a neighbor kids bday that my son went to last night, I hardly needed/had any food today haha. other than the pumpkin pie just made that is... *rubs belly* it went to a good home

5:10pm   your evil resident

Hey guys just popping in to say hello, though I should be in bed now ha, glad the shows back :-D love this tune, hope everyone had a great sc3

5:09pm   pikachu

be right back, going to go pick up some food.

5:09pm   Indy

svans, really Blade? I haven't watched any of those movies before, but I know he kills what, vampires? there hasn't been anything paranormal in punisher so far lol.

5:08pm   dman381

this week on xbox said both Overwatch and tom Clancy game were free to play this weekend. I always watch the weekly this week on xbox but didn't even listen to my weekly vergecast Tech podcast this week. I heard the surface book 2 got good reviews

5:08pm   Skatervans

I hope blade makes a Cameo in the punisher show

5:08pm   dman381

justice league looks amazing. wish I had time to keep up with all my other shows though. dman made PUMPKIN PIE today, at least I can have xmas music/sports on while I play, but cant do any gaming :(

5:07pm   Skatervans

But I did watch justice league on Thursday

5:07pm   dman381

cool indy, I will look at it.

5:06pm   Indy

dman, yeah the punisher is really good.

5:05pm   Skatervans

I def need to catch up on all of the Netflix marvel shows

5:05pm   dman381

that good indy? I am a few gotham and star trek disc eps behind, the orville too. I do keep up with my fox animated shows tho

5:05pm   dman381

cool retro gaming mag I picked up, lotsa articles in there. I forgot about the gizmondo handheld haha, it was quickly overshadowed by the superior psp that released a few months later

5:04pm   Indy

anyone start watching the Punisher series on Netflix? I got 3-4 episodes let

5:04pm   Skatervans

I mean yeah indy

5:04pm   dman381

oh wow they reached out to you? sysop's vgms is taking over the world! f haha boom skater I wanted to ask that q to you that indy asked to. fun times last week

5:03pm   Skatervans

Hey dman

5:03pm   Skatervans

Yeah dman I felt like the zombies from TWD heh

5:02pm   dman381

I went to fb first because I forgot this was a live show haha, so much prerecord lately

5:02pm   dman381

woo dman reporting

5:02pm   Indy

yo svans. you musta been ded at work the day after sc3

5:01pm   Skatervans

Yeah pika it was another awesome sc3, good times all around

5:01pm   pikachu

cool! lets hear um!

5:00pm   Skatervans

Yo indy, sup man

5:00pm   Skatervans

I can't wait for the live in studio session

5:00pm   pikachu

hey Skater! did u have fun at SC3?

4:59pm   Indy

Evening ya'll

4:59pm   SysOp (host)

they contacted me

4:59pm   Skatervans

Hey sysop and pika

4:58pm   pikachu

yo Sys, how did you hear about our special guests?

4:58pm   pikachu

where is everybody?

4:39pm   SysOp (host)




Na “Floral Fury”
composed by na
from Cuphead (NA)



Na “Satorl, the Shimmering Marsh ~ Night”
composed by na
from Best VGM 1175 - Xenoblade Chronicles (NA)



Na “Trace Awakens”
composed by na
from Axiom Verge (NA)



Yasuyuki Suzuki, Atsuyoshi Isemura “Stirring of the Trees [Sekiero Mode 4]”
composed by Yasuyuki Suzuki, Atsuyoshi Isemura
from Yasuyuki Suzuki, Atsuyoshi Isemura (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Little Nemo (NA)



8-bit Jazz Heroes “Live in-studio”
composed by na
from KSPC (NA)



DJ Nakahara “Macaroni Festival (Candy Shop)”
composed by DJ Nakahara
from Slap Happy Rhythm Busters (NA)



Tabitha Fair and Todd Cooper “Fly In The Freedom ...theme of "ROUGE"”
composed by Tabitha Fair and Todd Cooper
from Cuts Unleashed: Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal Collection (NA)



Yutaka Minobe & Tatsuyuki Maeda - Overworks “Skies of Arcadia- Galcian's Theme”
composed by Yutaka Minobe & Tatsuyuki Maeda - Overworks
from Eternal Arcadia (NA)

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