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Video Game Music Show with your host, Sysop.

Sun Jan 21st 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: pacific

Playlist chat

5:17pm   sweep the leg

Yeah sorry, guys. I let you down. Was the pit wild at least?

5:17pm   Indy

updates for the updates -___-. my PC got a major update today.

5:16pm   your evil resident

I was playing rocket league and more gang beasts svans I'd love to game with you, much fun

5:16pm   pikachu

any sonic fans out there will like my request if they no longer had a genesis, but a gamecube hint hint

5:16pm   pikachu

wow, the wii u is on its 3rd update! how long am i gonna have to wait to see what gift i get on this card?

5:15pm   Indy

yeah, 2 in a row no shows means a paddlin'

5:15pm   SysOp (host)

you should have done the crane on your boss

5:15pm   dman328

cool pokemon metal cover, nice set so far!

5:15pm   sweep the leg

Should have sweeped him or put him in a body bag

5:15pm   dman328

yeah, last week was asst 2 bday and a prerec so i guess sysop didn't want to make it 2 in a row noshows

5:15pm   pikachu

lavender town remix?

5:14pm   sweep the leg

Seriously I was upset. I normally don't close but my boss scheduled me

5:14pm   dman328

haha hack the bone!! love the james woods ep too. yeah i noticed this was gonna be live and surprised too. sysop had a great excuse this weekend to prerec

5:14pm   Indy

Wasteland ghoul, last Tuesday was the final sucker punch show :-/

5:13pm   SysOp (host)

last week VGMS was pre recorded

5:13pm   Skatervans

Yer, hey dude!!

5:13pm   Indy

thanks for the views dman. it's always reassuring when i got peeps viewing my going ons. i ain't active on it daily with posts to my story, but try to be interesting when i do make posts

5:13pm   your evil resident

Sweep the leg, hack the bone

5:13pm   SysOp (host)

i think theres someone who records and posts the shows on youtube

5:12pm   Skatervans


5:12pm   pikachu

wasn't last week a pre record? chat isn't up when that happens

5:12pm   your evil resident

Yes.....yes a movie, lol

5:12pm   SysOp (host)

sweeps, you were missed for sure

5:11pm   Wasteland ghoul

I keep missing the hardcore show on Tuesdays. Pretty bummed about that. It was so good

5:11pm   RollingThunder


5:11pm   RollingThunder

10-4 D

5:10pm   sweep the leg

Dude I'm so upset I missed the last chat pit. I had to work late Tuesday. I was the sadz..so many cries

5:10pm   pikachu

true dman, just waiting to see why its doing that

5:10pm   your evil resident

Yes.....yes a movie, lol

5:10pm   sweep the leg


5:10pm   dman328

so sad i missed gaming expos! but my bro in law wasn't up this weekend and had other things to do. hope indy enjoyed his FF concert. enjoyed his snaps

5:09pm   dman328

lol yer. that sounds like a great movie

5:08pm   dman328

oh suck, sorry about your wii u Camille. beautiful gamer girls don't deserve no probs!! especially not gaming troubles like that! youre too rare a breed to lose to the blue screen of death!

5:07pm   your evil resident

Hey guys have a good show, as for me I'm off to fight aliens in a far distant planet haha

5:07pm   dman328

dman been listening since the beginning, but too busy today to chat

5:07pm   RollingThunder

Great question!

5:07pm   pikachu

date prompt came up.

5:07pm   pikachu

INDY that info you gave me was for the switch, i need it for my wii u. a friend at work gave me this card that has a treasure\gift on it and all i have to do is open it as an amiibo to get it, but before i could put in breath of the wild, that up-

5:06pm   Skatervans

Where's dman be?

5:06pm   RollingThunder

Forgot your handle, lol

5:05pm   RollingThunder

Welcome Dman and Oliver!

5:05pm   RollingThunder

There it goes

5:04pm   Skatervans

Yeah I saw pika and Sysop yesterday

5:03pm   pikachu


5:03pm   Indy

nice svans! did you run into any of us? I was at frank n sons a couple hours yesterday and a short time this morning

5:02pm   pikachu

wow sysop, was expecting a pre record due to you having to pack up all your arcade cabinets! guessed you switched tasks with robot sysop and he got the hard labor this time!

5:02pm   Indy

check out these steps, camille: http://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22724/~/how-to-check-for-corrupt-data-on-downloadable-software

5:02pm   Skatervans

Yeah I saw Kirby's dream band perform at retro city festival and the went socal gaming expo and saw the AVGN panel! I was in the front row

4:59pm   Indy

dang where's YER? he'd ask if you turned it off and back on again peeks

4:59pm   Indy

you go to any of this weekend's event svans?

4:59pm   pikachu

yo índers, hope you enjoyed the show

4:58pm   pikachu

something is up with my wii u at the moment, i was prompted for a system update, but it keeps saying 'corrupted data' has been found so i do it again but its doing the same thing. what do i do?

4:58pm   Indy

evening peeks

4:58pm   Skatervans

Oops my bad

4:57pm   Indy

ay svans. I liked it better the first time I went. Still glad I went though.

4:57pm   pikachu

not really svans, once he came in at 4:30

4:56pm   Skatervans

Yo indy, sup dude! How was final fantasy distant worlds?

4:54pm   Indy

Hey guys

4:52pm   Skatervans

Wow 4:44, new record!

4:51pm   Skatervans


4:44pm   SysOp (host)




Na “Lavender Town/Pokemon Tower - Metal Cover”
composed by na
from ToxicxEternity (NA)



Hibikase(ft.Hatsune Miku) “Giga-P”
composed by Hibikase(ft.Hatsune Miku)
from na (NA)



Final Fantasy X “Blitz Off”
composed by final fantasy x
from final fantasy x (NA)



8-bit Jazz Heroes “Catch That Penguin (Slider Theme from Super Mario 64)”
composed by Na
from Press Start (Overclocked Records)

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