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Thu Nov 23rd 2017 12.00pm–2.00pm

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Time zone: pacific

Playlist chat

1:18pm   SuperGmed

I’ll probably start drinking again when my family comes over

1:17pm   SuperGmed

I suppose when I gave my info to Dusty he passed it over.

1:16pm   Skatervans

Oh nice, how did they get a hold of your number?

1:16pm   MrMalcontent

Cheers! @GMED

1:16pm   SuperGmed

Evan Williams and some cheap tequila at the bar.

1:15pm   SuperGmed

Tequila and Whiskey

1:15pm   SuperGmed

I got a courtesy text from their management too stating that they’d be playing right at 8

1:15pm   Skatervans

Oh rad, gothic tropic live rules

1:14pm   SuperGmed

The show was awesome !!! Gothic Tropic went on right at 8pm!!

1:14pm   MrMalcontent


1:13pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


1:13pm   Skatervans

Mrm does not have the power

1:13pm   MrMalcontent

Today in response to Javi trying to request a song

1:12pm   MrMalcontent

for foolishness

1:11pm   MrMalcontent

I post that regularly

1:11pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

says who MrM?

1:10pm   MrMalcontent

This playlist's chat is closed

1:09pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

no javi sorry i recorded this show last night

1:09pm   Skatervans

I'm still going to try to donate some heat during the show

1:07pm   MrMalcontent

You're good at understanding

1:07pm   MrMalcontent

Go for it Javi Juice

1:06pm   Javi Juice

no requests today?

1:06pm   MrMalcontent

What was your poison GMED?

1:05pm   Skatervans

SP is so wise

1:04pm   MrMalcontent

Yesterday GMED

1:04pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

ey no prob MrM!

1:04pm   Skatervans

Yo gmed how was the show at the ball room?

1:04pm   SuperGmed

Alhambra !!

1:04pm   MrMalcontent

Dustin, I appreciate your editing the playlist! It was making me crazy! And dazzled by the chat being open!! Many thanks Sir!!

1:03pm   SuperGmed

When was this recorded ??

1:03pm   Skatervans

Cool tv theme songs

1:03pm   SuperGmed

Yah a little hahaha I’m a little hungover ...

1:02pm   Skatervans

1,000 songs is a lot

1:02pm   Skatervans

Cool man the chat lives!

1:01pm   MrMalcontent

Happy Tofurkey Day y'all!

1:01pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

yeah it's prerecorded.. but i was able to open the playlist and chat live

1:00pm   Skatervans

Hey guys, happy turkey day

1:00pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i think sp and i talk again after this song

12:59pm   MrMalcontent


12:59pm   Skatervans

Holy heck on a stick the chat is open! I thought this was a pre record heh

12:59pm   MrMalcontent


12:58pm   Javi Juice

I'm prepping food in the kitchen. So ill be back and forth. I will continue to listen though!

12:58pm   MrMalcontent

Oh, tacos !

12:58pm   SuperGmed

And a Diet Coke from a fountain

12:58pm   SuperGmed

I want king taco

12:57pm   MrMalcontent

Happy Bloat Day

12:56pm   Javi Juice


12:55pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

merry xmas to all!

12:55pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

thanks javi.. it appears gmed has risen

12:55pm   SuperGmed

Happy 4th of July !

12:54pm   Javi Juice

I'm trying to summon GMED

12:54pm   SuperGmed

Just waking up ....

12:54pm   Javi Juice

Happy Thanksgiving

12:54pm   Javi Juice

Whats up Weather Reporters!!

12:46pm   MrMalcontent

The tunes are guuuud

12:46pm   MrMalcontent

SeanPaul is on fire for this show!

12:45pm   MrMalcontent

Imma get lit on food today!

12:43pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

good deal.. i'm on the coffee myself

12:43pm   MrMalcontent

I'm drinking water.

12:42pm   MrMalcontent

Im not drunk.

12:42pm   MrMalcontent


12:41pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

there might be some beers around.. not ready for that yet tho..

12:40pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

haha nah

12:40pm   MrMalcontent

They gots a full bar over there or nah??

12:39pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

88 degrees and sunny!

12:38pm   MrMalcontent

Nice! Grandparents!! How's the weather over there?!?

12:36pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

just came to edit the playlist.. chatting here from indio at my grandparents

12:36pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


12:34pm   MrMalcontent




Can “Spoon”
from Ege Bamyasi CD Album (Spoon 1973)



Wolf Eyes “Rattlesnake shake”
from Burned Mind (Sub Pop)



Animal Collective “The Purple Bottle”
composed by Animal Collective
from Feels CD Album (fat cat 2005)



Young Magic “lucien”
composed by Young Magic
from Still Life CD Album (Carpark Records 2016)



Joe Goddard “Human Heart”
composed by Joe Goddard
from Electric Lines (Deluxe Version) CD Album (domino recording co 2017)



Nite Jewel “Had to Let Me Go”
from Real High CD Album (Gloriette Records 2017) L



Enylobe “untitled 1”
from Liji (self released) L



Apprentice Destroyer “The Cloud Fortress”
from Glass Ceiling Universe (castle face 2015)



Suicide “Wild in Blue”
composed by Suicide
from A Way Of Life LP Album (Saturn Strip 1988)



Gothic Tropic “your soul”
from Fast or Feast CD Album (Old Flame Records 2017)



TV On the Radio “Satelitte”
from young liars ep CD EP (Touch and Go)



Tobacco “Six Royal Vipers”
composed by tobacco
from Maniac Meat CD Album (anticon 2010)

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