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Sleepyhead (Rewind)


Thu 8.00AM–10.00AM

So nice we had to play it twice! You can find our archived playlists here: http://spinitron.com/radio/playlist.php?station=kspc


Trips Festival (Specialty)

Wed Aug 16th 2017 10.00pm–12.00am

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11:54pm   Gamma Light (host)

Thanks, Dave. And thanks again, everyone, for listening and for the kind words. I'm gonna close up shop here. Have a wonderful week.

11:51pm   Dave

Your right, we really needed this long format relaxation show tonight, especially after all the hell that broke loose back east this week. Thank you!

11:47pm   Gamma Light (host)

I believe so!

11:42pm   Dave

Was this recorded live in Moscow?

11:39pm   Dave

Nobody does it like Ravi! And we have George Harrison to thank for introducing him to the West. : )

11:37pm   Gamma Light (host)

After listening to a lot of ragas in the past year, it's nice to hear the master. This is really good.

11:35pm   recuperation

this part is very chipper!

11:33pm   Dave

KSPC is the best! Such a wide variety of programming available, at all hours of the day!

11:31pm   Gamma Light (host)

Yep, the best.

11:29pm   Dave

And John is such a good guy and friend!

11:28pm   Gamma Light (host)

Such a good show!

11:27pm   Dave

I feel like I'm listening to John's 'World's Music Without Boundaries" show again!

11:16pm   Dave

I remember years ago hiking in a coastal forest in Oregon overlooking the mighty Pacific. Nothing makes you feel more humble and insignificant in the big picture than Mother Nature!

11:09pm   Gummythc

I feel I am camping by a brook 50 miles south of Portland...

11:08pm   Bigdawg24

Get shwifty

11:08pm   Gamma Light (host)

Thanks, Robert! Lots of love for the long tracks. I'll have to do this format again.

11:07pm   Robert

very ginchy tonight Gamma. ....the perfect end to a good day

11:04pm   Gamma Light (host)

You're welcome, Bigdawg!

11:03pm   recuperation

ha ha!

11:02pm   Gamma Light (host)

You're so high you don't even know who Dave is.

11:01pm   Bigdawg24

Thanks for chilling me out Gamma!

11:01pm   recuperation

I'm not trippin' but I'm finding it very calming

11:00pm   Gamma Light (host)

I'm from Olympia, and there's nothing quite like Pacific Northwest greenery and weather.

10:57pm   Dave

That lovely sound of rain reminds me of earlier years of when I used to visit my grandparents up in Portland. : )

10:50pm   Gamma Light (host)

Yes, definitely.

10:50pm   Dave

And you probably won't have to run around the studio tonight searching for numerous records, worrying about the time.

10:42pm   Gamma Light (host)

It's extra trippy!

10:41pm   Dave

Lovin' the long format tonight!

10:37pm   Gamma Light (host)

Thanks, Dave, for listening! Really appreciate it.

10:35pm   Gummythc

Thank you! And its a great relaxing show you have!

10:34pm   Dave

Hello Gamma Light! I'm a first-time listener to this show, and these are some really good selections!

10:29pm   Gamma Light (host)

Hi Gummy, that's a good name you have there.

10:27pm   recuperation


10:26pm   Gummythc

Greetings Gamma and fellow trippers!

10:11pm   recuperation

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

10:07pm   Gamma Light (host)


10:05pm   recuperation

yay for the return of trips festival!



Michael Stearns “Sustaining Cylinders”
composed by Michael Stearns CD Album (Groove Unlimited 1977)



Ravi Shankar “Bahu Rang”
from Inside the Kremlin LP Album (Private Music 1988)



Dan Gibson “Among the Giant Trees of the Wild Pacific Coast”
from Solitudes: Environmental Sound Experiences, Volume Three LP Album (Dan Gibson Productions Ltd. 1981)



Steven Halpern “Starborn Suite” LP Album (Halpern Sounds 1978)



Georgia Kelly “The Sound of Spirit” LP Album (Heru Records 1981)

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