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10:20am   MrMalcontent

Happy times!

10:21am   MrMalcontent


10:25am   Dusty Clouds (host)


10:25am   MrMalcontent

That's what I'm sayin!

10:26am   MrMalcontent

Listen to this dude.

10:27am   MrMalcontent

Dodgers with the Win

10:28am   MrMalcontent

This track WINS

10:30am   Dusty Clouds (host)

total win win situation

10:31am   MrMalcontent

Sir Dusty Clouds, I like all the attention to detail you've given your show!! Thanks much!!

10:35am   Dusty Clouds (host)

hey no prob MrM. thanks for noticing !

10:37am   MrMalcontent

Look at that font on Facebook!

10:41am   MrMalcontent

More Chromatics for future shows!

10:47am   gmed25


10:47am   gmed25


10:48am   MrMalcontent

How's the dentist??

10:50am   MrMalcontent

What happened to ceeze mccheeze?? Did y'all break up??

10:51am   Dusty Clouds (host)

sup gmed

10:51am   MrMalcontent

I wanted to hear what DanS was gonna request for tv theme songs. Oh bother.

10:51am   Dusty Clouds (host)

yeah what happened to ceeze?

10:52am   gmed25

hahahahah idk where he's at man... i actually went to a simpsons trivia with him on saturday before my other engagement where i fell asleep

10:52am   gmed25

we won 3rd

10:53am   MrMalcontent

He must be watching Boy Meets World DVD on a constant loop.

10:53am   Dusty Clouds (host)

haha congrats

10:54am   MrMalcontent

Simpsons trivia! Doh!

10:55am   MrMalcontent


10:56am   gmed25

hahahah he went down the rabbit hole... u know who goes to the travia is Lori Beth from All-That / Figuire it Out the shows from nick

10:57am   gmed25

where should i go for lunch ?

10:57am   Dusty Clouds (host)

"where are they now"

10:58am   MrMalcontent


10:59am   MrMalcontent

I luv the animals

11:00am   gmed25

twoheys... they're okay yeah she smokes a lot & always wins first.

11:01am   MrMalcontent

What are the prizes?!? Cash??

11:01am   MrMalcontent

Don't smoke kids. Or juul!!!

11:02am   MrMalcontent

3rd place get $10k or nah?!?

11:02am   gmed25

like a t-shirt

11:02am   gmed25


11:02am   MrMalcontent

Fosselman's for lunch! DuhDoy

11:03am   gmed25

maybe ill just go to subway ..

11:03am   gmed25


11:04am   MrMalcontent


11:05am   Dusty Clouds (host)

yeah ihob

11:05am   MrMalcontent

I like this cover

11:05am   Dusty Clouds (host)

little ceeze

11:06am   MrMalcontent

They shoulda come out with a few vegetarian burgers and win the burger war

11:07am   MrMalcontent

When will the fast food places offer vegetarian and vegan options???

11:07am   MrMalcontent

They make me sick I tell ya

11:08am   Dusty Clouds (host)

i remember burger king had a veggie burger a long time ago

11:08am   MrMalcontent

I never went to there

11:09am   MrMalcontent

Was it any good? Do they offer one now??

11:09am   Dusty Clouds (host)

eh i dont remember it being very good at all actually

11:10am   Dusty Clouds (host)

i dont think they still have it.. i haven't gone to bk in forever

11:10am   MrMalcontent

McDonald's puts beef tallow in their fries!! Grrr

11:15am   MrMalcontent

A lot of vegetarian and especially vegan food used to be Yuck as hell! Hahaha! Now it's crazy how yum everything is tasting! Thumbs up!

11:17am   Dusty Clouds (host)

yeah true.. there's some good vegan food out there. just wish it wasn't always so pricey

11:19am   MrMalcontent

A moment with Doogie

11:19am   MrMalcontent

That Wanda

11:20am   MrMalcontent

I like the pronunciation audio coming up

11:22am   Dusty Clouds (host)

i still couldn't say it after listening to that

11:22am   gmed25

back !

11:23am   MrMalcontent

Wanda was in France boom

11:24am   MrMalcontent

Whatchu eatin GMED

11:25am   MrMalcontent

Combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut??

11:27am   MrMalcontent

I love Bjork and the Sugarcubes

11:28am   Skatervans

Hey dudes, what did I miss?

11:29am   MrMalcontent

Hey Skatervans

11:30am   MrMalcontent

GMED played Simpsons trivia and won $10k and got a veggie burger

11:30am   Dusty Clouds (host)

hey svans, biggest news today is probably that lori beth from all that is a simpsons trivia champ

11:30am   gmed25

i got subway ordered a tuna sand which on flatbread. with cucumbers and spinach

11:30am   Dusty Clouds (host)


11:30am   gmed25


11:30am   Skatervans

Mrm are you af that I got last word yesterday heh

11:31am   Skatervans

Hahaha wow that's newz to me heh

11:31am   gmed25

we won 3rd place and a tshirt or something

11:32am   MrMalcontent

Don't type at me for the rest of the 28 minutes you're here Skatervans

11:32am   Skatervans

That's cool gmed congrats man

11:33am   Skatervans

Haha ok mrm I will let you have last word this time

11:33am   MrMalcontent

Go vegan next time GMED

11:35am   MrMalcontent

You already failed. LET ME?? A line has been drawn. smh at Skatervans

11:35am   gmed25

we go almost every month to simpsons trivia. it used to be at meltdown comics but they changed venues to this place in silver lake called Lyrics or something

11:35am   MrMalcontent

Oh I remember that muffin

11:36am   gmed25

maybe i will 4 u MrM

11:36am   Skatervans

Any FIFA worldcup fans in the audience?

11:36am   Skatervans

Was it a tasty blueberry muffin?

11:37am   Skatervans

This is def my jams

11:38am   MrMalcontent


11:38am   gmed25


11:38am   MrMalcontent

I named that cat Chainsaw ahaha

11:38am   Skatervans

R. I. P. Meltdown comics

11:39am   gmed25

Kenny G - Midnight Motion

11:39am   MrMalcontent

What does Pachuki mean???

11:40am   Skatervans

Didn't SP name his cat Luke Skywalker heh

11:41am   Dusty Clouds (host)

i dunno what pachuki means.. one of my old roomates named her

11:41am   Dusty Clouds (host)

yeah that's what sp wanted to name her

11:41am   Dusty Clouds (host)


11:42am   Skatervans

Hahaha mrm catch me outside, how bout that

11:43am   MrMalcontent


11:43am   MrMalcontent

How bout no

11:43am   MrMalcontent

I'm going back to ignoring you

11:43am   Skatervans

Haha ok I'm busy that day anyways

11:46am   Skatervans

Gmed what did it say on the t shirt you won?

11:48am   gmed25

hmmm ... idk they only gave our group of 3 one t shirt and ceeze mc cheeze has it hahaha

11:51am   OhNoBear

can you guys play the pokemon theme song

11:51am   MrMalcontent

What's Dusty Clouds eating while not updating the playlist? Or wtf as rn

11:51am   MrMalcontent

af rn

11:51am   Dusty Clouds (host)

hey OhNoBear.. i'll try to play that next week.. this show playing now is a rerun from last night

11:53am   Skatervans

Hulk's gonna run wild on you brother

11:55am   gmed25

OhNoBear, the show is live on Wednesdays 8-10pm... you can get updates on the official Weather Report with Dusty Clouds facebook page

11:55am   gmed25

OhNoBear, the show is live on Wednesdays 8-10pm... you can get updates on the official Weather Report with Dusty Clouds facebook page

11:55am   Skatervans

This song is making me thirsty hey

11:56am   MrMalcontent

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11:57am   MrMalcontent

3 minutes?!?

11:57am   MrMalcontent

Imma cry

11:57am   Skatervans

Last word anybody?

11:58am   Skatervans

Stay frosty everyone

11:58am   gmed25

ty MrM

11:58am   gmed25

lets do it for Johnny !

11:58am   MrMalcontent

Dusty Clouds, thanks for everything! Fun chatting with you today!! Kind regards to you Sir!

11:58am   gmed25

Stay Gold !

11:58am   gmed25


11:59am   MrMalcontent

Cheers GMED!

11:59am   Dusty Clouds (host)

later guys!

11:59am   Skatervans

Yeah for Johnny man! Do it for Johnny

11:59am   MrMalcontent

Peace Skatervans91!! Stay silly!

11:59am   Skatervans

Later guys, have a good one

12:00pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

cheep! cheep!



Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith “in a world”
from The Kid CD Album (Western Vinyl 2017) L



Shuta Hasunuma & U-zhaan “Green Gold Grey (feat. Arto Lindsay)”
from 2 Tone CD Album (Birdwatcher Records 2018)



Hiroshi Yoshimura “Over the Clover”
from Flora 1987 (n/a)



David Lynch “wishing well”
from The Big Dream CD Album (Sacred Bones 2013)



Chromatics “jesus”
composed by Nathaniel Mechaly
from Plaster Hounds CD Album (Gold Standard Laboratories 2004)



Nico Teen “Hungry for love”
from Wire Tapper (n/a)



Tune-Yards “Abc 123”
composed by Merrill Garbus
from I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life CD Album (4AD 2018)



Soft Sailors “Dancing in the dark”
composed by Bruce Springsteen
from Spring 2018 Mixtape (self released) L



Suicide “Dominic Christ”
from A Way Of Life LP Album (NA 1988)



The Make Up “White Belts”
from Save Yourself CD Album (K 1999)



Bjork “Army of Me”
composed by Bjork
from Post CD Album (One Little Indian 1995)



Kraftwerk “Ruckzuck”
from Kraftwerk (1972) (Vertigo)



Wendys “Wendy's training song” Single (n/a)



Us Girls “Incidental Boogie”
from in a poem unlimited CD Album (4AD 2018)

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