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Discovering the World's Music Without Boundaries. World music that will awaken the spirit with songs of communication and inspiration..hosted by John

Mon Jul 23rd 2018 1.00am–3.00am

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Playlist chat
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3:03am   BroManKurt

Pale Shelter, is My still fave by Tears!

3:02am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Yeah, Tears For Fears are one of my guilty pleasures BroManKurt! Love the early stuff too!

3:01am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You're very welcome BroManKurt! Good night!

3:00am   BroManKurt

Btw-The first several Tears for Fears LPs are Still top tier 2me, LuV out 2all of U!:)

2:59am   Jeff

Good price on the Avocado's Kurt we pay well over a dollar! FOR CALIFORNIA AVOCADO's!!!

2:59am   BroManKurt

Thank U 4 a killer good eve & Morn my friend, OurBoss! And nite-nite 2 SleepinDave, NiceJeff, awesomeBailey & Jessica, and of course Lastly, MyMaL!;)

2:56am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Thank alot MrMalcontent! Good night!

2:54am   MrMalcontent

Many thanks and kind regards to you BossGuy!

2:54am   MrMalcontent

Nice to start the week with BossGuy and Jeff and Bailey (and Dave) and even BroManKurt! Cheers Everyone!

2:53am   BroManKurt

Luckily even tho there are None growin Anywhere close 2 Minn, my crazy little Gas Station mini mart, where I Literally do all my shopping always has em year round 4 99cents a piece!:)

2:50am   Jeff

I DIG AVOCADO's BroMan, Guacamole RULES!!!

2:46am   BroManKurt

Right my NiceJeff, who needs Avacados right Now brother!;)

2:44am   Jeff

MM On Fire!!!

2:43am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

For sure Jeff!

2:43am   BroManKurt

Btw, I really Did live Altadena 4 a Yr, & there Really were 2 wonderful Avacado trees in the back yard!!! Ok, where is that Fkn ice Bucket, this is gettin Flat Wack out here in MinnHwy61 Kurt & CritterVille!;)

2:42am   Jeff

Now you have to play the 'real' version by Phoebe next Sunday BG Show!!!

2:41am   Jeff


2:40am   MrMalcontent

I'm pretty sure I'm Top in real estate info of the Stars in this here chat , BossGuy!!! comma, and etc. I've had too much espresso.

2:39am   BroManKurt

Had 2 Avacado Trees in the back yard, what More cud I want....Oh yea Mayb Bjork wudda been even Better, with the Avacados of course!:)

2:39am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


2:38am   Jeff

Lianne La Havas lives with me in To-Kay-O!

2:37am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You don't say MrMalcontent??...haha!

2:36am   MrMalcontent

I just didn't use a comma,,, JEFF!$(4)/#%!?

2:36am   BroManKurt

I used 2 Live in Altadena 4 a bit!

2:35am   BroManKurt

Well, thats More affordable 4 Me 2 move in NxtDoor 2 her, Thank U MyMaL, oh & if it matters iL rent a 4 bedroom pad in Bjorks block so theres room 4 All if Us, oh & even BossGuys wife Kate too!:)

2:35am   MrMalcontent

KATE BUSH lives in South Gate

2:33am   Jeff

Altadena ...right

2:32am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha..that sounds about right MrMalcontent! Somewhere off the 405 freeway...lol!

2:31am   MrMalcontent

Bjork lives in Northridge or Pacoima or Altadena right?!

2:30am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I'd like to see her in concert, somewhere in Los Angeles, if possible Jeff!

2:29am   Jeff


2:28am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


2:26am   Jeff

Are you planning to return to I'land or just catch her in concert?

2:25am   BroManKurt

Ok, now there is 2 reasons 4 Me 2 move 2 Iceland, tho I think MyMaL said that MyBjork left there Long ago 4 NYC, & 4 fk sake now Lives in Beverly Hills, tho im Hopin that was just a BennyHill sorta barrel moment, where in he was just Messin w/Me!;)

2:24am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Wow! That's saying something Jeff! Bjork is still my favorite Icelandic singer. Emiliana is the only Icelandic singer that I want to see in concert and haven't yet!

2:22am   Jeff

Yup, I was a huge Sugarcubes fan but I don't hear a lot of late I wan't to listen to.

2:19am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Over Bjork??

2:19am   Jeff

Emiliana... my favorite Icelandic singer!

2:16am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

sure do Kurt! later in the show!

2:15am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


2:15am   BroManKurt

If U have Any old “Shonen Knife” or similar overseas power pop stuff b4 shows end I wud dig it, bein BroBailey is a “Punk” of sorts, mayb he’s gotta couple ideas, if Not, no Big, mellow is Nice too!:)

2:14am   MrMalcontent

AND NOW ...!!!!!!

2:13am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

What a voice!!

2:10am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Lol! I get it Kurt! Linda's on fire!

2:09am   BroManKurt

If he stopped by the Station b4 crashin out, Please try 2 send Armandos bucket of Ice out my way again!;)

2:09am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You betcha!!!

2:07am   MrMalcontent


2:04am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You're welcome Bailey!

2:04am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Never heard of the Chakachas, Jeff??

2:04am   Bailey


2:03am   Jeff

That Oz Mutantes song reminded me of a song I wanted to request for the Soul Show, do you have "Jungle Fever" by The Chakachas?

2:02am   BroManKurt

JJ melts it with that Smooth groove, I LuV it, a Lot!

1:59am   BroManKurt

Its too Late 4 the Ice out here, LOL!

1:59am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

It was Jeff!

1:59am   BroManKurt

I think this & that last traK are makin the yard Critters get a bit in2 Lovin time & such!;)

1:58am   Jeff

I know, but that song is amazing!

1:55am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha...Armando is long gone Jeff!

1:54am   Jeff

I'll take that ice now, Armando!!!

1:51am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I didn't even notice Kurt!

1:47am   BroManKurt

Btw, there was No connection meant between the first 3/4 of my post & the request at end, I kno that JJ is male & from Brazil, not a European lady, I was just on a KISS trip 4 a moment, so Sorry, it happens every Now & then, LOL!:)

1:38am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey BroManKurt! Got JJ Frannco for ya. up in a bit! thanks!

1:37am   BroManKurt

I made it back! So earlier on the road I was listenin 2 my boyz KISS underated & other than in Australia, very Unpopular 1980 LP, “Umasked”, too bad that I cant request Shes so European from it, but heck iL settle 4 any JJFrannco that U have witcha!

1:34am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You're very welcome MrMalcontent!

1:33am   MrMalcontent

BossGuy! Thanks for all the great tunes!

1:21am   Jeff

Beautiful piece, Bailey!

1:21am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hi Jessica! I totally agree! After watching and listening to a ton of youtube videos, it makes you appreciate her even more, as both a singer and a lovely person!

1:20am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

My pleasure Bailey!

1:19am   jessica

Hey Boss Guy! The Linda Ronstadt songs you've played tonight were some of my favorites. Somehow I don't think she gets enough credit for the great stuff she's done over so many years. I just Love her.

1:18am   Bailey

Cool. Thanks. Trying to stick around through the show tonight

1:18am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You're very welcome Dave! Good night!

1:18am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Thanks Dave! gotta take care of Juli's health, that's the important thing!

1:17am   Dave

But thanks for playing my requests. Take care, be safe, and I shall hear you again on Thursday night. Thanks again and good night!

1:16am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Gal Costa next Bailey!

1:16am   Dave

Great BGC show! I gotta get a few hours of sleep before I take Juli to her medical appointment in the morning, so unfortunately I won't be able to catch you on this side.

1:13am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha...Thanks MrMalcontent! Yerah, some more Linda, later in the show this morning for you!

1:12am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Yeah, a very cool doo-wop group from the 60's Bailey!

1:12am   MrMalcontent

Hi BossGuy! Lovin the continuing Birthday Celebration for LINDA RONSTADT during both shows and hope it goes one more week to the end of July!! I second my own recommendation!!

1:11am   Bailey

That Los Zafiros was great btw. Never heard them before

1:11am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey Bailey! I've got some Gal Gosta and some Milton Nascimento I can play for you, thanks!

1:10am   Bailey

Got any Milton Nascimento, Secos Y Mulhaldos or Gal Costa?

1:03am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

haha..But you landed really fast Jeff! Spinitron capchas cut you some slack this morning!

1:02am   Jeff

SPLAT!!! ... sorry, hard landing



Patti Smith “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”
from Twelve CD Album (Sony) —Patti Smith, covering a Tears For Fears song



Shonen Knife “(Love is Like a) Heatwave”
from The Birds & The B-Sides CD Compilation (Virgin 1996) R  —Japanese punk/rock group, covering Motown's, Martha & The Vandellas classic



Esperanza Spalding “radio song”
composed by Esperanza Spalding
from Radio Music Society CD Album (Heads Up 2012)



Zap Mama “Poetry Man”
composed by Phoebe Snow
from Seven CD Album (Luaka Bop) —African singer/songwriter



Lianne La Havas “tokyo”
composed by Lianne La Havas
from Blood LP Album (warner bros. 2015) —U.K. singer/songwriter/guitarist



Kate Bush “King of the Mountain”
composed by Kate Bush
from Before The Dawn CD Album (Concord Jazz 2016) —U.K. singer/songwriter live version from Before The Dawn 2014 tour



Bat for Lashes “Travelling Woman”
composed by Natasha Khan
from Two Suns CD Album (P-VINE) —U.K./Pakistani singer/songwriter, Natasha Khan



Emiliana Torrini “Dead Duck”
composed by Emiliana Torrini
from Me And Armini LP Album (Rough Trade 2008) —Icelandic singer/songwriter



Mariza “Duas Lágrimas de Orvalho (Ao Vivo)”
from Mariza - Concerto em Lisboa CD Album (Parlophone Portugal 2006) —Portugeuse Fado singer, live version



Linda Ronstadt “Rogaciano El Huapanguero”
from Canciones de Mi Padre LP Album (Asylum 1987) —Linda Ronstadt's tribute to her Father, sung in Spanish!



Linda Ronstadt “Siempre Hace Frio”
from Mas Canciones CD Album (elektra) R  —Sung in spanish



Gilberto Gil & Milton Nascimento “Yo Vengo a Ofrecer mi Corazon”
from Gilberto Gil & Milton Nascimento CD Album (Atlantic) R  —Milton Nascimento on lead vocals from Brazil



JJ Frannco “Verao”
from A Vontade CD Album (Sonopress-Rimo 2008) R  —Brazilian singer/songwriter



Os Mutantes “Bat Macumba”
from Tecnicolor CD Album (Planet Rhythm 1970) —Brazilian pop/psyche group feat. Rita Lee on lead vocals



Rama & Bally Sagoo “Mera Laung Gawacha”
from The Rough Guide to Bhangra CD Compilation (World Music Network) —Asian underground



Susheela Raman “Ganapati”
from Salt Rain CD Album (Narada 2001)



Varttina “Kylä vuotti uutta kuuta”
from Seleniko CD Album (Northside 1998) —Female vocalists from Finland



Les Go “Sou”
from African Odyssey CD Compilation (Putumayo World Music) —All girl group from the Ivory Coast



Paris Combo “Sous la lune (Live)”
from Paris Combo : Live CD Album (Universal Music Division Polydor 2002) —French group feat. Belle Du Berry on lead vocals



Gal Costa “Faltando Um Pedaco”
from Minha Voz, Minha Vida CD Album (Universal Music Latino 2001) R  —Brazilian vocalist



Afro Cuban All Stars “Amor verdadero”
from A Toda Cuba Le Gusta CD Album (Nonesuch 1997)



Los Zafiros “La Luna en Tu Mirada”
from Bossa Cubana CD Album (World Circuit 1999) —Cuban doo-wop group from the 60's



Linda Ronstadt “La Barca de Guaymas (The Boat from Guaymas)”
from Canciones de Mi Padre LP Album (Asylum 1987) —Linda Ronstadt's tribute to her Father, sung in Spanish!

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