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The Blues Revival (Specialty)

Thu May 24th 2018 10.00pm–12.00am

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Playlist chat
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12:04am   Jeff

Yeah MrMal!

12:04am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Thanks Dave!

12:03am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Ha..you are such the dreamer MrMalcontent, but I like it!

12:03am   Dave

Good night all!

12:03am   Dave

Thanks for a great Blues Revival show tonight! Take care, be safe, and I'll hear you again on Sunday! Thanks again, and good night!

12:02am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Good night Dave!

12:02am   MrMalcontent

Two more hours??

11:56pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

My pleasure Jeff! Hope you like this Elvin Bishop song?

11:55pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Good night MrMalcontent!

11:55pm   Jeff

Thanks for Elvin and the Blues , John. Dave, Bogo, Armando and MrMalcontent.. See ya'all Sunday!

11:55pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I got you covered Armando!

11:55pm   Dave

Hello for the second night in a row, MrMalcontent!

11:55pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Never heard Petty's version Bog the discount clown! I'll check it out on YouTube this week!

11:54pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You're welcome Armando!

11:54pm   Artsy Fartsy Armando of the IE

Good Nite BOSS GUY. I'm interested in hearing what you do with my "Birthday Request" on Sunday.

11:54pm   Dave

The same way the World's Music Without Boundaries show once spurned a debate on the pros and cons of death metal. (remember that show, John?) Any subject is fair game for conversation in these chats!

11:53pm   Bogo the Discount Clown

I know you're not a big Tom Petty fan, BG, but he actually did a terrific version of Little Red Rooster. He was from the South, after all, unlike Mick

11:52pm   MrMalcontent

Hello Everyone! Goodnight Everyone!

11:51pm   Artsy Fartsy Armando of the IE

I liked the "Solo" movie but I also liked hearing HOWLIN' WOLF" get some airplay on your show

11:50pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Thanks MrMalcontent!

11:49pm   MrMalcontent

These blues tunes you're playing are excellent BossGuy! Thanks Sir!

11:49pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Ha...I guess I did by asking you Armando, if you liked it or not!

11:48pm   Artsy Fartsy Armando of the IE

How did a "Blues Revival" show inspire a "Star Wars" discussion?

11:46pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Lol..so true Dave! I cannot deny it!

11:46pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha...It's funny how my daughter loves all the first three Star Wars and she finally convinced me to see the more recent one, Armando!

11:45pm   Dave

Boss Guy is the ultimate Luddite!

11:44pm   Artsy Fartsy Armando of the IE

BOSS GUY, you are the ultimate individualist for not falling under the spell of "Star Wars" and not owning a cell phone.

11:43pm   Dave

...Now, It's all about making money! However, the first three original movies, Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), and Return of the Jedi (1983) were very good, and worth seeing.

11:40pm   Dave

When George Lucas put out the three "prequels" (episodes 1, 2 & 3) of Star Wars, that's what killed it for me! I have no earthly interest in seeing any more Star Wars movies, because Mr. Lucas just can't leave well enough alone. ...

11:30pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Looks like another summer blockbuster movie Armando! As someone who has never seen any Star Wars movie, except for the Daisy Ridley Star Wars that came out 2 or 3 years ago! I have zero interest in seeing "Solo"

11:22pm   Artsy Fartsy Armando of the IE

It was pretty good. The actor playing the young Han Solo was effective. Good to see the Chewbacca character in action again.

11:16pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey Armando! There you are! How was the "Solo" movie?

11:10pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Absolutely Jeff! Saw him at least four times in the late 60's/early 70's, such an underrated guitarist!

11:07pm   Jeff

Do you like Elvin Bishop doin' the blues?

11:07pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha.. I wasn't sure if he had a drinking problem or lousy dentures, Bogo the discount clown!

11:07pm   Artsy Fartsy Armando of the IE

Hello Boss Guy! I'm tuning in late because I just got home from viewing the "Solo" movie.

11:05pm   Bogo the Discount Clown

The first time I heard that promo by Vincent I made a solemn vow to never take a drink again for as long as I live :-D

11:02pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Let me check on it Dave! Thanks!

11:01pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I'm not sure Jeff! I can imagine his voice doing it though!

11:00pm   Dave

Could you play "I Smell a Rat" by Buddy Guy?

10:57pm   Jeff

Din't Alvin Lee do a version?

10:54pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

No I haven't Jeff! I did put in a request for Todd tixs to giveaway, but no luck! Sorry! I might look for a ticket for either the Wiltern show or The Fox Riverside show, if affordable!

10:51pm   Jeff

Hey John, did ya get her Todd tickets yet? Don't suppose they'll be a give away, eh?

10:43pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


10:42pm   Bogo the Discount Clown

Thanks, I'm here all week ! Try the veal ! ;-)

10:39pm   Jeff

Clever, Bogo!

10:38pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Oh, haha!! I got it Bogo the Discount Clown.

10:38pm   Jeff

Told ya it wasn't me!

10:36pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


10:35pm   Bogo the Discount Clown

What's Gnat King Cole doing there, he's a jazz singer

10:29pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


10:28pm   Dave

Awww, that's no excuse! Somebody go wake him up!

10:27pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

haha...probably snoozing, like the old man he is!

10:26pm   Dave

Where's Absent Armando of the IE????

10:23pm   Jeff

Ahhh... Lydia!

10:17pm   Dave

Ha, it looks like it! Where is everyone?

10:15pm   Jeff

Hey Dave! Is it just us tonight?

10:14pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

If I have a copy of Howlin's version, I will definitely play it during the summer blues show Dave!

10:13pm   Dave

Evening, Jeff!

10:12pm   Dave

Cool version of "Wang Dang Doodle". You'll have to play the original by Howlin' Wolf sometime.

10:12pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha...Sure thing Jeff!

10:09pm   Jeff

Evnin' Boss John Guy of Soul n' Blues! How 'bout some Keef Hartly, Born To Die

10:07pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Thanks! I know I'm gonna enjoy it too!

10:06pm   Dave

I'm really enjoying the fact that we get to hear blues AND soul rotating every week during the summer!

10:03pm   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey Dave! Got your request!

10:02pm   Dave

Could you play The Steve Miller Band's "Key to the Highway"? Thanks!

10:01pm   Dave

Good evening Blues Guy in Claremont!



Michael Bloomfield and Al Kooper “No More Lonely Nights”
composed by Sonny Boy Williamson
from The Live Adventures of Michael Bloomfield and Al Kooper LP Album (Columbia 1968) —Elvin Bishop on lead guitar/vocals, Al Kooper on keyboards



The Rolling Stones “Little red Rooster”
composed by Willie Dixon
from The Rolling Stones, Now! CD Album (ABKCO 2002) —1964 original release



Taj Mahal “Leaving Trunk”
from The Essential Taj Mahal CD Compilation (Columbia/Legacy) —1967 release, Jesse Ed Davis on lead guitar



Big Mama Thornton “I Smell a Rat”
from Hound Dog: The Peacock Recordings CD Album (UMG Records 1952)



Jimi Hendrix “Born Under A Bad Sign”
composed by Booker T. Jones/William Bell
from Jimi Hendrix: Blues CD Compilation (MCA Records) —Jimi Hendrix on guitar/vocals



Fleetwood Mac “Got to Move”
composed by Sonny Boy Williamson
from Black Magic Woman - The Best of Fleetwood Mac LP Compilation (Sony BMG Music UK 2009) —late 60's release



Howlin' Wolf “Louise”
composed by Howlin' Wolf
from The Real Folk blues CD Compilation (Chess) —recorded 1964, Willie dixon on bass, Johnnie Jones on piano



Keef Hartley Band “Born to die”
composed by Estes
from Halfbreed LP Album (Deram Records 1969) R  —Miller Anderson on lead vocals/guitar, Keef Hartley on drums



The Groundhogs “Mistreated”
from Blues Obituary CD Album (Liberty 1969) —T.S McPhee on lead vocals/guitar



The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation “Call My Woman”
composed by Mooreshead
from Doctor Dunbar's Prescription LP Album (Blue Thumb Records) —Aynsley Dunbar on drums, John Moorshead on lead vocals/guitar



John Lee Hooker “boom boom”
composed by John Lee Hooker
from Boom Boom CD Album (Virgin 1992)



Canned Heat “Bull Frog Blues”
from A Spoonful Of LP Compilation (The Store For Music Ltd) —Bob "The Bear" Hite on lead vocals, Henry Vestine on lead guitar



Them “Baby, Please Don't Go”
from Bang: The Bert Berns Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP Compilation (Legacy Recordings) R  —Van Morrison on lead vocals, session lead guitar by Jimmy Page, 1964 release



Albert Collins “Too Tired”
from Ice Pickin' LP Album (Alligator records 1978) —Albert Collins on lead vocals/guitar



The Electric Flag “texas”
composed by Michael Bloomfield/Buddy Miles
from A Long Time Comin' LP Album (Columbia 1968) —Buddy Miles on lead vocals/drums, Michael Bloomfield on lead guitar



Big Maybelle “Pitiful”
from Big Maybelle HiFi Hits CD Compilation (Hifi Hits) —1956 original release



The Spencer Davis Group “Mean woman blues”
from Autumn '66 LP Album (UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 1966) —Stevie Winwood on lead vocals



Steve Miller Band “key to the highway”
composed by Bill Broonzy/Charles Segar
from Children of the Future LP Album (Capitol Records 1968) R  —Steve Miller on lead guitar/vocals



Eddie Boyd “Five Long Years”
from Mojo presents Blues Breakers CD Compilation (Mojo) —original release 1952



Cold Blood “I Just Want to Make Love to You”
composed by Willie Dixon
from Cold Blood LP Album (San Francisco Records 1969) —Lydia Pense on lead vocals, debut lp



Freddie King “Same Old Blues”
composed by Don Nix
from Getting Ready CD Album (Right Stuff Records 1971) —Freddie King on Vocals/guitar



Rory Gallagher “It Takes Time”
from BBC Sessions CD Compilation (Buddha) —Rory Gallagher from Ireland on lead guitar/vocals !971 BBC Studio Session



John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers “Checkin' up on My Baby”
composed by Sonny Boy Williamson
from Crusade (Remastered) LP Album (Decca 1967) —John Mayall on lead vocals, Mick Taylor on lead guitar, Keef Hartley on drums



Savoy Brown “Wang Dang Doodle”
composed by Willie Dixon
from Street Corner Talking LP Album (Parrot Records 1971) —Dave Walker on lead vocals, Kim Simmonds on lead guitar

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