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World's Music Without Boundaries (World)

Discovering the World's Music Without Boundaries. World music that will awaken the spirit with songs of communication and inspiration..hosted by John

Mon Dec 18th 2017 1.00am–3.00am

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Playlist chat
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3:01am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Good night/morning to you great people! Have a safe week !

2:59am   BroManKurt

ThanX 4 that MyMaL, I gotta Try 2 keep up my Good Reputation on here U kno!

2:59am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

Kind regards to you Sir BossGuy!!

2:59am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

Stay great everyone!

2:58am   DrJeff

Once again... Happy Trails, everyone!

2:58am   BroManKurt

Thst was an Epic trak there Boss!

2:57am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

It's pretty amazing Jeff!

2:57am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

I think DrJeff fell asleep for a few.

2:57am   BroManKurt

Might take a Bag up 2 Bed with Myself in a bit here, itL help soak Up some of the CaptainCoke that Ur Shows force Me 2 injest MyBoss!:)

2:56am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

I have some new Thins Triscuits and family size Original right now BroManKurt! Top Notch! I'm trying not to respond to that Bush post.

2:56am   DrJeff

This is a crank it up song... luv the echo!

2:53am   BroManKurt

And as far as Snyders Pretzle Piecies, I go thru a bag of Buffalo Wing or Honey Mustard flavor every other day, Yum!

2:51am   BroManKurt

The black pepper Triscuits are MyFaves of the 100 flavors there seem 2b these days MaL!

2:51am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

(Running Up That Hill)

2:51am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I could probably swing that for you MrMalcontent!..haha!

2:51am   DrJeff

I don't know how ya do it, John Caffeine or something else???

2:50am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

I'm in no way affiliated with Target or Snyder's. Butt I am with CRACK.

2:49am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

I'd like to request this Kate Bush song be played every week or at least every month. Please and thank you.

2:49am   BroManKurt

Bein I was glued 2 Mtv back when This song hit, Yes 4 sure it was My firsh Bush exposure, the Kate Kind, jeez I kne MyMaL wud jump on That one if I didnt Clarify:) Oh Tori Amos my LuV, I seem 2memba first seein about then too, Gosh Mtv was Good then!

2:49am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Sounds yummy MrMalcontent!

2:47am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

At Target in the gluten free cracker section look for a bag of Snyder's Wholey Cheese! Crispy Baked Crackers. One is Swiss and Black Pepper and the #2 is Mild Chedder! Outstanding!

2:45am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You're very welcome MrMalcontent! Thank you for you good humor at this late hour! Always amusing!

2:44am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

Thanks for all the very nice music over both shows BossGuy!!

2:42am   BroManKurt

I Love Wheat Thins & Triscuits too!

2:39am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

I really wish I'd go to sleep. Only slept from 3am-5am. I'm gonna regret most of my foolishness when it's stuck on the current playlist page all day. Ahahaha ahahahahahaha. Zzzzzz. Why am I eating crackers?!?

2:39am   BroManKurt

Im reLivin all the Yrs of Catholic school, bein an Alter Boy etc back in England, Australia, & even when We first hit SoCal back in 78 @StGeorges in Ontario, goofy Toilet humor was as Dirty as U cud get back then!:)

2:34am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Lol..geez-us MrMalcontent, you're cracking me up here in the studio!

2:34am   BroManKurt

I meant “Unstopable”, as in kinda Like Diareah is, but Way better of Course!:)

2:33am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha...you're welcome Kurt! Lianne is the best! See her in concert, if she comes out your way!

2:33am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

Wow, BroManKurt. Now we know what gets you through the nite. Splish Splash!

2:32am   BroManKurt

U kno ai friggin LuV, LuV, LuV this song No matter how many times U play it, one of MyFaves thanX 2 U, that I wud Never have heard if it Wasnt 4 U My BadassBoss!

2:26am   BroManKurt

LuV & Sweet Dreams out 2 U our brother Dave, and 2 a Good #2 when U get there too!:)

2:25am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha..holy crap Kurt!

2:24am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Lol...Rootin' Tootin' MrMalcontent!

2:24am   BroManKurt

U on it 2nite MrMaL, U cracked Me up so much U just made Me almost Piss myself out here, jeez, there I go again with Toilet related talk, this is gettin Ridiculous, or shud I just say, Ri-Dick-ulous, LOL! Sorry BossGuy!

2:24am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

My pleasure Dave! Get some sleep!

2:24am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

What a TOOT! I mean, HOOT!

2:23am   Dave_

Take care, be safe, Thanks again, and good night! : )

2:22am   Dave_

I feel the Z's coming on now. Thanks John, that song was perfect, as was the next one. Good night Boss Guy, and good night Kurt, Jeff and MrMalcontent. I'll hear you all on Thursday for the Blues spectacular and then the Christmas extravaganza!

2:21am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Haha...You almost went there too(two) MrMalcontent!..

2:20am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I'm getting the Lysol out right now Kurt...haha!

2:19am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Lol...yeah, #2 talk Kurt!!

2:19am   BroManKurt

Oh well, it was somethin Like that I think, the Lyrics, not the #2 reference, Sorry 2 Dirty up UrShow my Boss, I sure hope iL b Aloud 2 stay on here & Not b Basnished by the FCC!:)

2:17am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

Mariza makes me dizzy, BroManKurt. And I don't talk bout TurlitTime on public chats. You gotta subscribe to mah YouTube for audio and video. DuhDoy. I went too far again. Sorry Santa.

2:16am   BroManKurt

That how the sing along part of the song by Red Rider goes Boss, oh or did U mean Dont go #2, LOL!

2:12am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Whoa...let's not go there Kurt!

2:12am   BroManKurt

“Lunatic Fringe” its a put on, put on, put on....

2:10am   BroManKurt

Pass, as in Crash Out like our Exhausted Dave has to MyMaL, or Pass as in Pass Gass or #2 if U happen 2b sittin on UrToilet while Listenin!?:)

2:09am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Maybe, if I've heard it, but it doesn't ring any bells for me at the moment, Kurt!?

2:07am   BroManKurt

Ud kno that One song called “Lunitic Fringe” from 82 or so 4 sure if U heard it, it was a KMET etc FM staple thruout that decade, it prob Still gets played Everyday on KCAL out there in the I.E. it was a really Cool song 4 the time tho, still is 2Me!

2:06am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

Oh. Always smell like asperCream Dave?!?

2:02am   Dave_

You're preachin' to the choir, MrM! ; )

2:02am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Mariza! If only I knew how to do your fancy font MrMalcontent!...haha!

2:02am   DrJeff

Lunatic Fringe is a slammin' song BroManKurt, I agree!!!

2:00am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

I might pass right out

2:00am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Red Rider? Not familiar with them Kurt!

2:00am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

Don't over do it Dave! Back injuries are not easy to mend. Just make more trips versus fewer heavy trips! Get rest!

1:58am   BroManKurt

I dug that LiLa Downs trak, oh & that Serveert song too! Oh & My(Our)MaL’s crazy ass Lunitic Fridge font! Jeez U kno if U had Red Rider on LP, Lunitic Fridge is a Cool song, They were Canadian & all, but NOT fittin 4 UrShow, & 1 Lunitic w/Us is Fine!

1:57am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Yeah, it'll be fun to do again Dave!

1:57am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

You bet Dave!

1:56am   Dave_

I look forward again to hearing your blues show on Thursday!

1:55am   Dave_

Thank you much. I've been lifting and carrying shit all day long since 9am, and the perfect song to drift off to sleep is that song by Juana. Thanks again!

1:52am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

I'll play it for you in the next set Dave!

1:51am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

taser. two. take trip around the ol neighborhood. funnest of times.

1:50am   Dave_

I think I'm gonna have to go bed pretty soon. I have to get up early and do some more moving into next door. However, if you could play "La Verdad" by Juana Molina, I would stay up a little bit longer, but not too long.

1:49am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


1:47am   DrJeff

Ya gonna use a net ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ, or just tackle him! heh, heh

1:45am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)


1:44am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ

never. always with the rocks and coal from that fat bastrd. I have to sit on the roof and steal a few things out the sleigh. Endless cycle.

1:41am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hohoho MrMalcontent! Have you been a good boy this year???...haha!

1:40am   ㅁ ᎷяМДᏞᏣᎾИᎢᎬNᎢ ㅁ


1:40am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Oh it is for the World show! Well, that's okay Dr.Jeff! I'll be here!

1:38am   DrJeff

Ya know... next weeks show isn't just the Christmas show, it's freakin' Christmas!

1:24am   BroManKurt

Or shud I say that I Gots, Gots, Gots it now! Jeez, in quik glace that Looks like I just said Girls,Girls,Girls, oh well, U can play That on Ur 80’s Metal show, LOL! Tho I do LuV MotleyCrue since t/club days in 81-82, & t/1st 2LPs, Not much by then!!

1:16am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Thanks Pigbear2!

1:16am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Thanks Kurt! Glad you got to record it this time! Such a great cover version of Pink Floyd

1:16am   Pigbear2

Great cover (Reggae / PF Time)

1:14am   BroManKurt

Nice start! I missed rec this Awesome cover of Floyd when U playd it b4, now I got it!:)

1:13am   DrJeff

The Dr can help you with that, John LoL

1:12am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Wow, alot of "gots" in that sentence...haha!

1:11am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hello again Dave!

1:11am   Boss Guy In Claremont (host)

Hey, you got partially got back your user name Jeff!

1:11am   Dave_

Hello again!

1:10am   DrJeff

The Doctor is In!



David Sylvian “Taking the Veil”
composed by David Sylvian
from Gone To Earth CD Album (Virgin Records 1986) —U.K. singer/songwriter



Kate Bush “King of the Mountain”
composed by Kate Bush
from Before The Dawn CD Album (Concord Jazz 2016) —U.K. singer/songwriter live version from Before The Dawn 2014 tour



Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill(A Deal With God)”
composed by Kate Bush
from Before The Dawn CD Album (Concord Jazz 2016) —U.K. singer/songwriter live version from Before The Dawn 2014 tour



Heather Nova “London Rain”
from Siren CD Album (Jigcat)



Rhiannon Giddens “The Love We Almost Had”
from Freedom Highway LP Album (Nonesuch 2017) N



Lianne La Havas “unstoppable”
composed by Lianne La Havas
from Blood LP Album (warner bros. 2015) —U.K. singer/songwriter/guitarist



Bjork “Like Someone In Love (MTV Unplugged 1994)”
from The Golden Unplugged Album CD Album (Buc 2010) —Icelandic singer/songwriter



Feist “The Water”
composed by Leslie Feist
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Luciana Souza “Down to You”
composed by Joni Mitchell
from The New Bossa Nova CD Album (Verve 2007) —Brazilian vocalist, covering a Joni Mitchell song



Juana molina “la verdad”
composed by Juana Molina
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Gal Costa “Falsa baiana”
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Mariza “Há uma Música do Povo (Ao Vivo)”
from Mariza - Concerto em Lisboa CD Album (Parlophone Portugal 2006) —Portuguese vocalist



Marisa Monte “Satisfeito”
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Linda Ronstadt “El sueno”
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Emily Loizeau “L'autre bout du monde” CD Album (Universal Music Division Polydor 2009) —French singer/songwriter



Bettie Serveert “palomine”
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Lila Downs “Brown Paper People”
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Cisco Houston “Deportees”
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Juana molina “En Los Dias De Humedad”
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Luisa Maita “Lero-lero”
composed by Luisa Maita
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Easy Star All-Stars “Time (feat. Corey Harris & Ranking Joe)”
from Dub Side of the Moon (Anniversary Edition) CD Album (Easy Star Records 2014) —Reggae group covering Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon lp

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