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Thu Oct 26th 2017 12.00pm–2.00pm

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Playlist chat
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12:05pm   Javi Juice

Whats up DK

12:05pm   Javi Juice


12:06pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

yo yo!

12:06pm   Skatervans

Yo sup dudes!

12:06pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

DK works too

12:10pm   Javi Juice

Go Dodgers!

12:12pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


12:12pm   Skatervans

Spooky... I like it!!

12:13pm   Javi Juice

12:14pm   gmed25

hey guys!

12:15pm   Javi Juice

Whats up GMED!

12:17pm   gmed25

i dunno how to log out from just the plain "gmed"... the name was "already in use"

12:17pm   gmed25


12:18pm   gmed25

Sup skaterV sup Javi Juice

12:18pm   Javi Juice

clear your browser history/cache

12:19pm   gmed25

i did, my computer was acting goofy

12:20pm   Skatervans

Does SP like the dodgers?

12:22pm   gmed25

message from Cesar regarding the BMW DVD: "Tell him I can't wait to put it on my mantle"

12:24pm   Skatervans

Robert Blake is creepy

12:27pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i dont think sp is a baseball guy

12:29pm   Skatervans

Oh yeah he's a jiu jitsu kid

12:29pm   gmed25

i was just watching Blue velvet on sunday

12:29pm   Javi juice_Lunch

I’m on lunch

12:29pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


12:30pm   Skatervans

Blue velvet!

12:39pm   gmed25

where's MrM ?

12:40pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i dunno.. been wonderingg

12:40pm   Skatervans

Yeah I just about to ask that question

12:45pm   Skatervans

Haha Goosebumps

12:46pm   gmed25

maybe mr.m had a date with ms.m

12:46pm   Skatervans

That made my day thanks dude

12:47pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

haha gmed

12:47pm   Skatervans

Maybe it's too spooky for mr.m heh

12:47pm   Skatervans

To handle

12:48pm   gmed25

Marvin approved this song

12:48pm   gmed25


12:49pm   Skatervans


12:49pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

ah man messed that up sorry guys

12:50pm   MrMalcontent

I had a date with MrsGMED. How bout that? Cash me outside.

12:50pm   gmed25

unsolved mysteries !!!!

12:50pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


12:51pm   gmed25


12:51pm   gmed25

mrM!! salutations !

12:51pm   Skatervans

No worries dude, Goonies always make mistakes, just don't make another hehe

12:51pm   MrMalcontent

Two stoopid phone calls later and I just got here. Now I gotta listen to the first 50 minutes during the rewind. Let's email each other Dusty Clouds!

12:52pm   Skatervans

Boom!! Haha there's mrm

12:52pm   MrMalcontent

Ahahaha w/GMED!

12:52pm   Skatervans


12:52pm   MrMalcontent

Hi Dusty Clouds!

12:53pm   Skatervans

What is this??

12:53pm   MrMalcontent

Hi Skatervans

12:53pm   MrMalcontent

I thought I died.

12:55pm   Poppins

You did not reply.

12:55pm   Poppins

Ps. My favorite weather report so for dos

12:55pm   Poppins

** so far

12:55pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

hey thanks poppinz

12:56pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i got busy hereee

12:56pm   Poppins

He doesn't want to come in anymore, didn't you get my text?

12:56pm   Skatervans

Woo hoo, play some five nights of Freddy for him hehe

12:57pm   Poppins

Dude, you're playing my favorite jamzzz ( with the exception of sp bad boy absence jaja)

12:57pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

good call svans

12:57pm   AgentDanaScully

I see you’re playing some spooky tunes, play the theme from Psycho !!

12:58pm   Poppins

He was so sad/ mad you said his track wasn't "spooky enough" , he was sitting next to me and read it

12:58pm   AgentDanaScully

I see you’re playing some spooky tunes, play the theme from Psycho !!

12:58pm   AgentDanaScully

I see you’re playing some spooky tunes, play the theme from Psycho !!

12:59pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

ill try to work it in scully :)

1:00pm   AgentDanaScully

I see you’re playing some spooky tunes, play the theme from Psycho !!

1:00pm   MrMalcontent

Oh boy

1:01pm   MrMalcontent

I luv Crispin Glover

1:02pm   Ronny P

How about Tales form the Darkside?

1:02pm   MrMalcontent

This mah jam. I put the lotion on.

1:02pm   Skatervans

Haha doing his thing

1:03pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

you gotta do you

1:03pm   Javi juice_Lunch

I’m on lunch

1:03pm   Skatervans

Love this song

1:03pm   MrMalcontent

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1:04pm   Poppins

My jaaaamz, I'm gonna see a screening of this if you're interested dos and not working jaja

1:04pm   AgentDanaScully

I see you’re playing some spooky tunes, play the theme from Psycho !!

1:04pm   gmed25


1:05pm   MrMalcontent

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1:05pm   Skatervans

DK, got any beetlejuice?

1:06pm   woodyxjames

Haha I was just driving to work and heard "we are, we are WALMART" And lost my shit

1:06pm   Poppins

Ok, you won! Peanut butter crackers , hummus/chips and CK cookies ( thanks huge dance session right now with the ladies) :)

1:06pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

yeah i gots some beetlejuice for ya

1:07pm   woodyxjames

is SP still on restriction?

1:07pm   Skatervans

Rad thanks

1:07pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

well he's not here today.. but i think it's cuz he had some school stuff

1:08pm   Skatervans

Yeah I think sp is still grounded4Life

1:08pm   MrMalcontent


1:08pm   gmed25

man the chat really came to life

1:09pm   gmed25

poor hal

1:09pm   Skatervans

Don't trust HAL 9000

1:09pm   Poppins

Don't lie Dos , he was excited to goooo until you said his message wasn't " spooky " enough jaja

1:09pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

yeah good crew in here today

1:10pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


1:10pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

well i barely heard it

1:10pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i basically only head the drums

1:11pm   Poppins

For the record , SP is not grounded he's been great these days and scored significantly high in his assessment test today . (Say congratulations Dj :)

1:11pm   MrMalcontent

Sticks and Stones, SeanPaul

1:12pm   Javi Juice

Im Back!!!

1:12pm   Poppins

You HEAD the drums? Haha

1:12pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

ey i got a lot to handle in here poppins

1:12pm   Poppins

Did you hear the other one?

1:13pm   Poppins

Well don't ask a 6yr old to record something last minute, beggars can't be choooserssss

1:14pm   MrMalcontent

I like all the attention to detail you've given this playlist, Mr Dusty Clouds!

1:14pm   Javi Juice

I saw the exorcist at Arclight pasadena this past Monday

1:14pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i'm still playing it

1:14pm   Javi Juice

good stuff

1:15pm   Poppins

No ck cookie for you haha

1:15pm   Poppins

Jk jk

1:16pm   MrMalcontent

What's the Weather Report for Transylvania, Romania!?!

1:17pm   gmed25

awesome !

1:18pm   Poppins

You played the wrong one! Haha

1:18pm   Poppins

That was the blooper !

1:18pm   Skatervans

Happy Halloween sp

1:18pm   Skatervans

Haha this is gold Jerry, gold!

1:19pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

oh whoops

1:19pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

it was still good

1:20pm   Javi Juice

What about? A Nightmare on Elm Street “Main Title” by Charles Bernstein

1:20pm   Poppins

I sent you 3 haha my bad Dos, ps. He's so happyyyy, he's rocking out hard ( I hate Freddy tho)

1:21pm   Poppins

Still waiting on beetlejuice...

1:22pm   Poppins

Dang! Right on point! We're synced roommates (but not anymore:( ...

1:22pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


1:23pm   gmed25


1:23pm   Skatervans

Beetle, beetle, beetle!!!

1:23pm   Poppins

Dang! Right on point! We're synced roommates (but not anymore:( ...

1:23pm   gmed25

charles manson?

1:23pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


1:23pm   Javi Juice

Mr. Manson

1:23pm   Poppins

Whoops that was an accident

1:24pm   Poppins

Danny elfman ...

1:24pm   Skatervans

Thanks duder

1:24pm   Poppins

You should have nick send in his spooky stand in the dark reading track haha

1:27pm   gmed25


1:28pm   Javi Juice

A boy's best friend is his mother.

1:29pm   MrMalcontent

If it's not one thing, it's your mother.

1:30pm   Skatervans

Frankie says relax

1:32pm   MrMalcontent

I hope Dusty Clouds is reading all the comments to him.

1:32pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i'm reading most i think

1:34pm   MrMalcontent

This is all about me. See mine at 1:14pm and 1:16pm? I won't be ignored Dustin.

1:37pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


1:37pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

thankyou mrm

1:37pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

comin up!

1:38pm   MrMalcontent

Friends again!!

1:40pm   Skatervans

What's the weather like?

1:43pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

thanks for the reminder svans

1:43pm   MrMalcontent


1:43pm   Skatervans

I like it!

1:45pm   Skatervans

No prob

1:46pm   gmed25


1:46pm   MrMalcontent

Please lock the door and go for two more hours.

1:48pm   Poppins

Hey do you work after this?

1:48pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

aw wish i could!

1:48pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

nah no work today

1:50pm   Poppins

Jaja I made spooky hot chocolate this morning with this Bauhaus in the background, funky ig video , I drew on sp face

1:54pm   Javi Juice

DC are you dressing up for Halloween?

1:54pm   Javi Juice

Haha what the hell is this?!

1:54pm   Poppins

Hahaha I hate you ;)

1:54pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i have a 3d ribcage shirt ive been wearing when i go out

1:54pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

but nothing else really planned

1:55pm   MrMalcontent


1:55pm   Skatervans


1:55pm   Poppins

Yes, Javi j, HE IS dressing up! (Or no deal)

1:55pm   MrMalcontent

Thanks much Sir! You da Best!!

1:56pm   gmed25

what are the plans for this weekend?

1:56pm   MrMalcontent

BOO to all y'all!!

1:56pm   Skatervans

Great show today Dusty

1:56pm   Poppins

Dost you need to work on your costume, get craftyyyyy

1:56pm   Javi Juice

Thank for the show DC

1:57pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i dont even know yet.. pretty much trying to move out of my place by end of the month

1:57pm   Skatervans

Happy hallows eve

1:57pm   gmed25

aww did you find a spot ?

1:57pm   MrMalcontent

Please complete the playlist. Gotta know deets on that previous track.

1:58pm   Skatervans

Later everyone

1:59pm   Javi Juice

Ade Due Damballa. Give me the power, I beg of you. Leveau mercier du bois chaloitte. Secoise entienne mais pois de morte. Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette. Endelieu pour du boisette damballa

1:59pm   gmed25

have a safe halloween

1:59pm   gmed25

hahahah Javi

1:59pm   MrMalcontent

This playlist's chat is closed

2:00pm   MrMalcontent

Oh my

2:00pm   MrMalcontent

Javi Juice is a crazy dude



Silver Apples “A Pox On You”
from Contact LP Album (Geffen 1968)



Dick Kent “Octopus Woman”
from American Song Poem Anthology (Bar/None)



Outer Limits “Outer Limits Open” Single (NA)



Tom Waits “What's He Building?”
composed by Tom Waits
from Mule Variations LP Album (Anti Records 1999)



David Lynch and Peter Ivers “In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)”
from eraserhead soundtrack LP (International Record Syndicate)



Lost Highway “Mystery Man Scene” Single (NA)



David Lynch “The Ballad of Hollis Brown”
from The Big Dream CD Album (Sacred Bones 2013)



Isabella rosselini “Blue Velvet” Single (NA)



Are you Afraid of the Dark? “Are you Afraid of the Dark? Opening” Single (NA)



Goosebumps “Goosebumps Theme” Single (NA)



Shadow Chasers “Shadow Chasers Theme” Single (NA)



Willy Wonka “Tunnel...”
from Tunnel Single (NA)



Twilight Zone “Twilight Zone Theme” Single (NA)



Unsolved Mysteries “Unsolved Mysteries Theme” Single (NA)



Walmart “Walmart Chant” Single (NA)



The Chordettes “Mr. Sandman” Single (NA)



Crispin Glover “Clowny Clown Clown”
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Tales From The Crypt “Tales from the Crypt Theme” Single (NA)



Q Lazzarus “Goodbye Horses”
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Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross “Consummation”
composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
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Five NIghts at Freddies “The Living Tombstone” Single (NA)



Tales from the Darkside “Tales from the Darkside Theme” Single (NA)



Beetlejuice “Beetlejuice Theme” Single (NA)



Psycho “Psycho Theme” Single (NA) R



Suicide “Frankie Teardrop”
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Bauhaus “Bela Lugosi's Dead”
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Ho99o9 “P.O.W. (Prisoners of War)”
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Jon Sudano “In the End”
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Jocelyn Pook “Masked Ball”
from Eyes Wide Shut OST (NA)

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