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Thu Nov 23rd 2017 12.00pm–2.00pm

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Playlist chat
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12:34pm   MrMalcontent


12:36pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


12:36pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

just came to edit the playlist.. chatting here from indio at my grandparents

12:38pm   MrMalcontent

Nice! Grandparents!! How's the weather over there?!?

12:39pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

88 degrees and sunny!

12:40pm   MrMalcontent

They gots a full bar over there or nah??

12:40pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

haha nah

12:41pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

there might be some beers around.. not ready for that yet tho..

12:42pm   MrMalcontent


12:42pm   MrMalcontent

Im not drunk.

12:43pm   MrMalcontent

I'm drinking water.

12:43pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

good deal.. i'm on the coffee myself

12:45pm   MrMalcontent

Imma get lit on food today!

12:46pm   MrMalcontent

SeanPaul is on fire for this show!

12:46pm   MrMalcontent

The tunes are guuuud

12:54pm   Javi Juice

Whats up Weather Reporters!!

12:54pm   Javi Juice

Happy Thanksgiving

12:54pm   SuperGmed

Just waking up ....

12:54pm   Javi Juice

I'm trying to summon GMED

12:55pm   SuperGmed

Happy 4th of July !

12:55pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

thanks javi.. it appears gmed has risen

12:55pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

merry xmas to all!

12:56pm   Javi Juice


12:57pm   MrMalcontent

Happy Bloat Day

12:58pm   SuperGmed

I want king taco

12:58pm   SuperGmed

And a Diet Coke from a fountain

12:58pm   MrMalcontent

Oh, tacos !

12:58pm   Javi Juice

I'm prepping food in the kitchen. So ill be back and forth. I will continue to listen though!

12:59pm   MrMalcontent


12:59pm   Skatervans

Holy heck on a stick the chat is open! I thought this was a pre record heh

12:59pm   MrMalcontent


1:00pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i think sp and i talk again after this song

1:00pm   Skatervans

Hey guys, happy turkey day

1:01pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

yeah it's prerecorded.. but i was able to open the playlist and chat live

1:01pm   MrMalcontent

Happy Tofurkey Day y'all!

1:02pm   Skatervans

Cool man the chat lives!

1:02pm   Skatervans

1,000 songs is a lot

1:03pm   SuperGmed

Yah a little hahaha I’m a little hungover ...

1:03pm   Skatervans

Cool tv theme songs

1:03pm   SuperGmed

When was this recorded ??

1:04pm   MrMalcontent

Dustin, I appreciate your editing the playlist! It was making me crazy! And dazzled by the chat being open!! Many thanks Sir!!

1:04pm   SuperGmed

Alhambra !!

1:04pm   Skatervans

Yo gmed how was the show at the ball room?

1:04pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

ey no prob MrM!

1:04pm   MrMalcontent

Yesterday GMED

1:05pm   Skatervans

SP is so wise

1:06pm   MrMalcontent

What was your poison GMED?

1:06pm   Javi Juice

no requests today?

1:07pm   MrMalcontent

Go for it Javi Juice

1:07pm   MrMalcontent

You're good at understanding

1:09pm   Skatervans

I'm still going to try to donate some heat during the show

1:09pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

no javi sorry i recorded this show last night

1:10pm   MrMalcontent

This playlist's chat is closed

1:11pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

says who MrM?

1:11pm   MrMalcontent

I post that regularly

1:12pm   MrMalcontent

for foolishness

1:13pm   MrMalcontent

Today in response to Javi trying to request a song

1:13pm   Skatervans

Mrm does not have the power

1:13pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


1:14pm   MrMalcontent


1:14pm   SuperGmed

The show was awesome !!! Gothic Tropic went on right at 8pm!!

1:15pm   Skatervans

Oh rad, gothic tropic live rules

1:15pm   SuperGmed

I got a courtesy text from their management too stating that they’d be playing right at 8

1:15pm   SuperGmed

Tequila and Whiskey

1:16pm   SuperGmed

Evan Williams and some cheap tequila at the bar.

1:16pm   MrMalcontent

Cheers! @GMED

1:16pm   Skatervans

Oh nice, how did they get a hold of your number?

1:17pm   SuperGmed

I suppose when I gave my info to Dusty he passed it over.

1:18pm   SuperGmed

I’ll probably start drinking again when my family comes over

1:18pm   SuperGmed

Cheers MrM

1:18pm   MrMalcontent

John Stamos gave them his number

1:18pm   SuperGmed

I was also drinking Suntory, Toki

1:19pm   SuperGmed

He probably did ! That sly fox

1:19pm   MrMalcontent

For me family is the new F word. #FunnySoFunny

1:19pm   SuperGmed

I had to feed my cat. The black stray cat is now my cat. We bonded and are tight !

1:20pm   MrMalcontent

You should take the day off from drinking. #Sad

1:20pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


1:20pm   Skatervans

But of course it was John Stamos all along

1:20pm   SuperGmed

I got the super nes mini. I’ve been trying to beat mario World. I’ve forgotten a lot

1:20pm   MrMalcontent

You stole someone's cat.

1:20pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

glad to hear the cat found a home

1:20pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

haha mrm

1:21pm   SuperGmed

I’ll just sip on some Toki. That’s a damn fine Japanese whisky

1:21pm   MrMalcontent

SeanPaul is out

1:22pm   SuperGmed

I wonder if it is someone’s cat... hahaha I had to chase away some raccoon last night !

1:22pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

aww i forgot i accidentally stopped recording during last part with sp

1:22pm   SuperGmed

Man, why is it all hot!

1:23pm   SuperGmed

I saw LCD on Tuesday too

1:23pm   Skatervans

SP just vanished

1:23pm   SuperGmed

What’s going on for tonight? It appears a few bars will be open ....

1:25pm   Javi Juice

I made a pumpkin tres leche cake for today

1:26pm   Javi Juice

GMED are you having your new cat over for thanksgiving?

1:26pm   Javi Juice

What's your cats name?

1:27pm   MrMalcontent

Be right over Javi

1:27pm   Pauliii

Its me szpauul

1:27pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i think SP will be joining the chat in a moment here

1:27pm   Skatervans

I need some pumpkin pie right about now

1:27pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

whoa there he is!

1:27pm   SuperGmed

Gatita Meow Meow. I bought her a special thanksgiving meal

1:27pm   Pauliii


1:28pm   Skatervans


1:28pm   SuperGmed

Oh wow ! Hi Sean Paul !

1:28pm   Skatervans

Hey dude, happy turkey day sp

1:28pm   MrMalcontent


1:28pm   Pauliii

What the heck on a stick!

1:29pm   MrMalcontent


1:29pm   Skatervans

Wow I'm impressed that SP successfully got in the spinitron chat

1:30pm   MrMalcontent

I gotta request the golden girls theme

1:31pm   Pauliii


1:31pm   Skatervans

Or is this sp's mom?

1:31pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

it's both of them i believe

1:31pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

SP how do you like the show?

1:32pm   Pauliii

It iz me

1:33pm   Pauliii


1:33pm   Skatervans

Oh nice, hi SP's mom

1:33pm   MrMalcontent

cool cool cool

1:33pm   SuperGmed

Sean Paul what r u gonna eat today??

1:34pm   Skatervans

Save the turkeys am I right?

1:35pm   Pauliii

Ok its mom now, i give him the phone, he knows how to spell and write... Not me. Over and out.

1:35pm   MrMalcontent

full name delete

1:35pm   Skatervans

Hahahaha I like when SP says his whole name

1:36pm   Pauliii

Can you play home imrovement for this family day???

1:36pm   MrMalcontent

so funny

1:36pm   Pauliii


1:37pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i should delete it MrM ?

1:37pm   Skatervans

Charles in charge!!!!!

1:37pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i'll go back in time and see if i can fulfill these requests guys

1:38pm   Skatervans

I'm blasting this music in front of my family

1:38pm   MrMalcontent

Foam Disapprovment

1:38pm   Pauliii

Knight rider theme would be super holy heck on a stick too! -sp

1:38pm   MrMalcontent

I wouldn't leave a minors full name

1:39pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

haha stoked to hear that svans!

1:39pm   MrMalcontent

My request! Almost like I saw the playlist or something

1:39pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

true MrM good lookin out

1:39pm   SuperGmed

Yesss!! Step by step

1:39pm   Skatervans

This is some good times

1:40pm   Skatervans

I hope I hear some full house

1:40pm   MrMalcontent

I gotchu

1:41pm   SuperGmed

I see Lori Beth at the Simpsons trivia at meltdown comics

1:41pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i keep forgetting to mention how much i love that theme song studio sketch one of you sent me

1:41pm   Dusty Clouds (host)


1:42pm   Skatervans

I'm in the 90s alright

1:44pm   MrMalcontent

Aww shucks mah radio program is almost over.

1:45pm   SuperGmed


1:45pm   Skatervans

No problem dude, that vid cracks me up Everytime, it's the dudes from Workaholics that did that sketch

1:47pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

aw man show is runnin late.. hopefully the last block of themes gets played

1:47pm   Skatervans

Bummerwave shows almost game over man game over

1:47pm   Javi Juice

Are you cooking a turkey DC?

1:48pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

my grandma's got some in the works

1:48pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

but i'm not eating turkey

1:48pm   MrMalcontent

Yeah why was the last show eight minutes over schedule??

1:48pm   Skatervans


1:49pm   SuperGmed

I need to get out of bed.

1:49pm   SuperGmed

What r u gonna eat DC ??

1:49pm   MrMalcontent


1:49pm   Skatervans

What about some pumpkin pie?

1:50pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

not sure, but sometimes if there's a bunch of pre records queued up, they might run long and the time adds up over a few shows

1:50pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i think we got some pumpkin pie in the works

1:50pm   Javi Juice

GMED go feed meow meow

1:51pm   Javi Juice

I want a Weather Report shirt!

1:51pm   Skatervans

I like cool hwhip on pumpkin pie

1:52pm   SuperGmed

Hahaha @skatervans

1:52pm   Skatervans

I agree with javi,we need some sweet tees

1:52pm   SuperGmed

Hahaha @MrM

1:53pm   MrMalcontent

Glad to have spent some time with you all!! Enjoy the day! Cheers!!

1:53pm   SuperGmed

Yeah a shirt would be awesome !

1:54pm   SuperGmed

Likewise MrM! Have a great day !!!

1:54pm   Javi Juice

Happy Thanksgiving Weather Reporters!!!!!!

1:54pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i started working on a design.. but if anyone wants to submit something i cant print in one color

1:54pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

...i'll consider

1:55pm   Skatervans

Have a good one everyone

1:55pm   MrMalcontent

Dusty Clouds, thanks for the good music and surprise chat!! Kind regards to you Sir!!

1:55pm   Javi Juice

Is there a certain logo that needs to be followed or guidelines?

1:55pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

thanks for listening everyone. happy thanksgiving!

1:56pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

i dunno javi.. i'll have to ask about including "KSPC" on there or not..

1:57pm   SuperGmed

Have a good day to everyone !!! Javi lets go out later tonight!!! Footsies ?? Shortstop??

1:57pm   MrMalcontent

In the immortal words of Mary J Blige, I am outta here and i ain't never comin back!!

1:57pm   SuperGmed

Thanks Dusty for everything ur awesome !!

1:57pm   Skatervans

Weather report on the front and KSPC on the back

1:58pm   Javi Juice

ah ok cool

1:58pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

nothing really specific.. maybe we can make some mock ups and we can vote on them

1:58pm   Javi Juice

GMED I'll keep you posted got to make some appearances first

1:58pm   Skatervans

Thanks for chatting with us dusty clouds

1:59pm   Skatervans

Later peeps

1:59pm   SuperGmed

Take it easy skatervans

2:00pm   Skatervans

It's so hot, milk was a bad choice

2:00pm   MrMalcontent

Keep the chat open until the very end of the show.

2:01pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

will do

2:02pm   MrMalcontent


2:03pm   MrMalcontent

Current song has a radio edit

2:04pm   MrMalcontent

Dustin, might be fun to have an after 10pm show!?!

2:05pm   MrMalcontent


2:05pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

yeah it would.. maybe over the winter break i might try a second show

2:05pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

this show will stay at same time over winter tho

2:06pm   Skatervans

Later I gotta go now

2:06pm   Skatervans

Wooo winter show

2:06pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

later svans!

2:07pm   MrMalcontent

Ooh a second show is Totally Fist

2:10pm   Dusty Clouds (host)

alright i'm out. later guys!



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