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Sun Feb 25th 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

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4:45pm   SysOp (host)


4:46pm   MrMalcontent


4:46pm   Indy

Hey hey!

4:46pm   MrMalcontent

Dang it all

4:55pm   dman329443

3rd bros!

4:55pm   dman329443

woo nice Red robin was had by dman last night. ....and the fries just kept on coming hehehe

4:59pm   Indy

Ay dman

5:00pm   Indy

KBBQ was just consumed by the mighty Peeks and I.

5:01pm   Skatervans

Hey dudes

5:02pm   dman329443

hey svans. lol that reminds me indy, i still have leftovers from last week's Lucilles trip. haha. and Red robin leftovers from dmans belated bday last night

5:02pm   Indy

Pikachu is driving us back. I gotta then pick up my car and drive back home.

5:03pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

So what just masticated on Fried Ackbar

5:03pm   Indy

Evening svans

5:04pm   dman329443

oooie back spasms no fun. i haven't had any bad calf muscle spasms and tense ups lately but sometimes in the winter i do

5:04pm   Llanfabon

<--Editing Photos

5:04pm   Skatervans

Hey Indy and dman, dman did you make it all the way down the bottomless fry pit?

5:05pm   dman329443

ah lucky indy and pika! I'm jealous of you dudes!!! if i was Nick, I would be jealous too hahaha. girl gamers are....popular

5:05pm   Indy

Svans, me and peeks were pokehunting in your neck of the woods around chino and Ontario.

5:06pm   dman329443

bottomless? reminds of the Peter going into Bed Bath and Beyond. oh i see the bed and bath...woah woah woah *floats into the void* oh this must be the beyond

5:06pm   Skatervans

Haha dman that was a funny scene in family guy

5:07pm   dman329443

haha thanks svans

5:07pm   Skatervans

Oh nice indy, did you eat kbbq around here?

5:08pm   Rolling Thunder

Hey all ( :

5:08pm   dman329443

oh man WMC coming up. Galaxy S9 with major cameras improves already leaked. and coming up is SXSW and game dev con. march will have some good tech news i hope

5:08pm   dman329443

hey all. yes we are all jealous of indy and pika;s yummy kbbq trip today

5:09pm   Indy

Svans, it was a kbbq in Rowland heights. Okee now I'm driving home. Chat in a bit

5:09pm   Skatervans

Rad track thia

5:09pm   dman329443

the Red Robin at the West Covina mall was redecorated too. still a popular places but no where near the wait for lucilles. i see they got that new chik fil a near Indy open too. The BP CBTL also just opened

5:09pm   Skatervans


5:10pm   sweep the leg


5:10pm   Rolling Thunder


5:10pm   Skatervans

Ok Indy, see you in a bit

5:11pm   dman329443

see ya in a few indy. i need to make it out to some RH kbbq one of these days!

5:12pm   Skatervans

Killer beat, def adding to the vgm night club

5:12pm   dman329443

nice tracks tonight. dman finally watched some winter Olympics last night. the bobsled is hilarious. everyone does another sport and just volunteers to be on a team. just push real hard at the start and then get in fast and duck down. boom!

5:14pm   Skatervans

Haha dman, sign me up!

5:16pm   Llanfabon

Lol, I think it's a little more involved than that!

5:16pm   sweep the leg

Hey SysOp, can you play the tune Daniel in Okinawa from the karate kid game that sucks?

5:17pm   sweep the leg

Do you want a link?

5:18pm   pikachu


5:20pm   Skatervans

Yo pika

5:22pm   pikachu

yo svans, we were gonna go stalk u since we were in your area, but we didn't...

5:22pm   dman329443

hey pika

5:23pm   sweep the leg

We don't train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak!

5:23pm   Skatervans

Haha pika, how was the kbbq?

5:23pm   pikachu

whoa peeks is so full of good stuff dman, i probably look like a gen 1 pikachur right now

5:24pm   pikachu

the sauces they provide, (usually two) a light and dark sauce for dipping wasn't up to par to me. I've had delicious ones at other places, other than that, i give it thumbs up

5:25pm   pikachu

6 hours of pokemon go with indy...and i only evolved one pokemon! kinda bummed the discord feeds weren't bumping today like they usually are during the week...

5:25pm   Skatervans

Strike first Strike hard No mercy

5:25pm   dman329443

cant go wrong with kbbq, but yeah good sauces always help. i went to a good place or two at the arcadia santa anita mall that was kbbq

5:26pm   Rolling Thunder

Oh yeah, that's contra I remember! Ty sysop

5:26pm   your evil resident

Waassuuup, remember that 00 bud ad haha hello everyone

5:27pm   pikachu

dman was that place in the mall called 'all that barbque?"

5:27pm   Rolling Thunder


5:27pm   Rolling Thunder

Hey rsident

5:28pm   pikachu


5:29pm   Skatervans

Speaking of sauces, I want that mcnugget sauce morty! Nine more seasons until I get that Szechuan sauce!

5:29pm   your evil resident

Aww thanks pika :-D

5:30pm   pikachu

not nine seasons skater, McDs will release a limited amount starting feb 26th!

5:30pm   Skatervans

Dman don't forget to get your Szechuan sauce tomorrow

5:30pm   your evil resident

Hey svans, I'll game with you another time, more rocket league or gang beasts ha

5:31pm   your evil resident

Haha svans love that scene

5:31pm   Skatervans

Yeah pika I heard a couple of weeks ago

5:31pm   sweep the leg

Not that boy from Reseda

5:31pm   your evil resident

You and me rick and Morty and that mcnugget sauce

5:32pm   Skatervans

2 million boxes of the mulan mcnugget sauce in fact

5:32pm   dman329443

All that BBQ? haven't hared of that. just Lucilles Smokehouse BBQ

5:33pm   your evil resident

All this talk of food making me hungry

5:33pm   pikachu

i haven't had that since the movie...i can't wait for that nostalgia taste...but knowing mcds, they will put mind control in it or something

5:33pm   dman329443

lol 9 more seasons until i got that freakin sauce morty!!!

5:33pm   Skatervans

Hey yer, bummerwave we didn't game today maybe next time

5:34pm   pikachu

all that BBQ is a kbbq place in the mall. i ate at the one in the OC with my friends who live out there and their sauce and meats were sooooooo bomb

5:34pm   dman329443

hmm actually take it back pika. i think i did see a place at Sanita Anita called All that BBQ. it was probably the one i went to actually yes

5:34pm   your evil resident

Funny gang beasts vids I posted ha

5:35pm   your evil resident

I was working today then got home for lie down to recharge

5:35pm   dman329443

haha Bud-weis-er. bud-weis-er. ....coors

5:36pm   pikachu

dang...i forgot to go to the asian supermarket to load up on all my asian goodies for the week. anyone been to a Daiso asian market?

5:36pm   dman329443

yeah i had dominos pizza today, but that was about all i had. I'm getting hungry again too! agree with yer.

5:37pm   dman329443

ive been to the daiso little convenience dollar stores. but in Gardena there was a couple old Asian markets that were decent especially for the Japanese population in Torrance/Gardena area

5:38pm   your evil resident

Oh love dominoes esp their brownies mmm

5:38pm   Skatervans

Yeah me too dman I need some din din

5:38pm   your evil resident

Oh how was sysops live show, I saw meowskais vid, cool

5:39pm   dman329443

oh dman should also mention.. I just got a couple new Humble Bundle PC titles. Overgrowth and DARK SOULS III !!! thanks humble bundle that's the gift that keeps on giving

5:39pm   pikachu

i love the stuff they have there. when i go to target for groceries for the week...$50. when i go to daiso? $7.61

5:40pm   pikachu

the live show rocked yer! did you see my pika artwork of djsysop?

5:40pm   sweep the leg

Not that boy from Reseda

5:40pm   pikachu

i just sent you the pic i drew.

5:41pm   Skatervans

https://youtu.be/Jc_HZF6LPF4 haha dman I hope this didn't happen to you today

5:41pm   your evil resident

I saw that pika, very cool :-D

5:42pm   dman329443

yeah looked like an awesome dj pika/sysop picture. pika has such amazing art skills. wish i had gone to that but dman so ....very...tired.. hahaha kinda like Star Trek XV

5:42pm   lndy

I've returned, ya'll and caught up with the chat log

5:43pm   lndy

Peeks, when you go into one of the asian markets, are you treated like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fb9M1e-cNc

5:44pm   dman329443

haha adam west vs the noid.

5:44pm   MrMalcontent

luv this

5:45pm   pikachu

lololol! yes

5:45pm   pikachu

but when i ask if theres more in the back, or a certain type of green tea etc, they just say no so i go

5:46pm   pikachu

thank you indy for everything today <3 you are going to make a special lady very happy someday...

5:47pm   dman329443

haha boom indy. yeah i sorta feel like that sometimes. but i definitely looked around some stores in the Arcadia mall...and i was 100% definitely the only non-Asian in there and it was very crowded and popular

5:48pm   lndy

np Peeks! Thanks for driving us and keeping us in one piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ilvkl0-iNaw

5:48pm   dman329443

wow sounds like you did well today indy. i need some advice lol since my 10th anniversary coming up....

5:49pm   dman329443

haha classic Bart

5:49pm   Skatervans

Indy you should take your Co worker/Disneyland buddy to kbbq

5:49pm   dman329443

computer love....computer love.... haha hey fun boys get a room!

5:50pm   lndy

hahaha dman. you start by giving her some green tea flavored cookies, let her drive real fast and don't freak out. that's a way to show respect

5:51pm   lndy

lmao svans.

5:51pm   dman329443

anyone in the market for the galaxy S9. supposed to be huge camera improvements. SXSW sometimes has some tech announcements and news too and game dev con might have a surprise or two

5:51pm   Green Knight

I might be robot after all.

5:52pm   dman329443

lol my mom ALWAYS freaks out at my dads driving. always has, always will. my wife doesn't love my dads driving either to be fair, but yeah not freaking out is a real nice way to show love for someone as long as they aren't crazy dangerous

5:52pm   Skatervans

Was pika drifting Indy? Hehe

5:52pm   dman329443

yeah theres gotta be some hott newegg girlz so enjoy ze gaming. my bro in law should find someone special too. right now my wife helping him do his taxes

5:53pm   pikachu

we were going an average of 60 at all times, and passed by at least 4 cop vehicles at the time

5:53pm   lndy

LOL, surprisingly her tire tread was holding tight to the ground.

5:53pm   MrMalcontent

SysOp, enjoying the entire show! Thanks much!

5:55pm   pikachu

lol indy! i saw you fling back into your seat whenever i would hit the accelerator at least a dozen times

5:55pm   sweep the leg

Daniel..with an L

5:55pm   pikachu

i go through tires like i go through a stick of gum

5:55pm   Skatervans

Haha sweeps

5:56pm   dman329443

haha if i don't see it, it's not illegal

5:56pm   lndy

lmao, peeks. I probably have some gray hairs now cuz the anguish you've caused. twas all worth it though

5:56pm   pikachu

gotta catch those pokeymanz!

5:57pm   Skatervans

Lmao dman good one

5:57pm   your evil resident

I'm sure pika would love to game with you svans on nicks ps4, he prob wouldn't get to play it again hehe :-D

5:58pm   your evil resident

Bart you were in Vietnam, cool

5:59pm   dman329443

lol pika. don't do what i did then and get the cheapest only rated for 40k mile tires then hahahah

5:59pm   pikachu

nick is busy with shadow of the colossus right now, the one id want to play on his ps4 is the secret of mana remake

5:59pm   Robot420

Hey VGMS people!!! Here comes the ROBOTS

6:00pm   Robot420

Costco is such an awesome place, too much too much

6:00pm   dman329443

sounds like Camille is a hell-cat on the roads. dang, and a gamer girl? what a combination!

6:00pm   Skatervans

Hey robot420

6:00pm   lndy

Greetings.exe Robots

6:00pm   pikachu

hello ROBOT! nice to finally put a face to the name!

6:00pm   dman329443

what kind of work are you in? ...robots. did they ever make a robot powered by propane? no.....but...they could

6:01pm   Robot420

I am curious about the music on the new Secret of Mana

6:01pm   dman329443

yeah i can go nuts at Costco. that's a spicy meataball of things dman could buy there!

6:01pm   pikachu

this track is cool

6:01pm   dman329443

oh yeah secret of mana remake would be sweet. that needs to go on the dmans wishlist

6:02pm   Robot420

we forgot onions for Robot Style Beans

6:02pm   Skatervans

Costco rules, also the pizza and hotdogs

6:02pm   pikachu

u bet dman! my grandma was a seamstress so when sew the needle in traffic, i get though it faster.

6:03pm   sweep the leg

I want to see your baby browns

6:03pm   your evil resident

Oh cool pika that remake looks stunning, must get that myself sotc

6:03pm   Robot420

We Robots are into Solar Power, Good Old Clean Photons

6:03pm   pikachu

me too Robot, i would love to hear it, i have pop up ads that show me gameplay but when i tap it to hear the sound, its the snes music

6:03pm   dman329443

oh dman was also going to mention bro in law got fat loss monitor thing, wondering if they work and wanted to compare to those scales that show some of the same info....

6:03pm   Robot420

SkaterVans, Wuzz-up

6:04pm   dman329443

...the scale is foot electrodes and fast loss monitor is hands but on both you make a personal profile and it is supposed to give you your BMI and body fat %. but scale shows higher fat for than the hand held thing. bro in law is trying to lose lbs

6:04pm   MrMalcontent


6:05pm   Robot420

Robot Parts is shocked at the Calories in one slice of cheese pizza from costco, as if a Robots cares about Calories

6:05pm   Skatervans

Haha pika thread the needle, I hope you use your turn signals

6:05pm   Skatervans


6:05pm   dman329443

haha i do thread the needle sometimes in traffic if I'm like trying to turn right and get around someone waiting at a light. but i also extend the privilege and pull up to allow people to get by me for that if I'm the one going straight

6:06pm   lndy

this music is pretty epic

6:06pm   lndy

dman, have suggest to your bro in law the Keto diet.

6:07pm   Skatervans

The robots like good clean energy, that's the way of the future!

6:07pm   lndy

wow. i've never played PUBG before, but this is one cool track

6:08pm   sweep the leg

What do we study here?

6:08pm   pikachu

turn signals? what are those? oh wait, those things i use only when cops are around

6:09pm   Skatervans

Haha pika

6:09pm   dman329443

oh yeah I haven't either indy but the xbox guy/major nelson/larry hyrb constantly talks about it and my bro in law i see has been playing it. lol Camille. i always use my signals

6:09pm   Robot420

Self driving Robot Cars are soon to be, be mindful of your Robot

6:09pm   Skatervans

Haha easy now

6:09pm   dman329443

yeah agree indy. no carbs. just meat and veggies. works great agreed

6:09pm   lndy

Those signs said STOP? I thought it just said SLOW

6:09pm   your evil resident

This menu is awesome and I've only entered my name, thrillhouse

6:10pm   Robot420

We study Video Game Music and Fun Times

6:11pm   dman329443

nice secret of mana remix track. great orchestral score there

6:11pm   your evil resident

Twd back tonight for yous, coral ha

6:11pm   Robot420

Meats & Veggies are the best

6:11pm   pikachu


6:13pm   dman329443

haha yer.classic milhouse

6:13pm   your evil resident

My meat and 2 veg ;-D robot

6:13pm   Robot420

nice score, enjoying this one

6:13pm   dman329443

does anyone know if theres going to be a rick and morty season 4?

6:14pm   Robot420

yer, hahaha I have a dirty mind. Guess its part of being a Robot

6:15pm   Skatervans


6:15pm   pikachu

dman, give this food list to your bro. its what i ate during my program: proteins: skinless chicken, ground turkey, eggs and tilapia veggies: spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, asparagus and broccoli. and 45min of exercise 5x a week

6:15pm   pikachu

and 5 bottles of water a day

6:16pm   Robot420

dman, I hope so, Gear-People pisses me off

6:16pm   dman329443

yeah will do pika. i do tons of water every day myself.

6:17pm   Robot420

what about water and exercise and no donuts

6:18pm   sweep the leg

Damn bike! I hate this bike!

6:19pm   Skatervans

Haha gearhead, the wear wars we're bad

6:19pm   your evil resident

I think there will be from what I've seen dman

6:19pm   Skatervans

Haha sweeps, keep them coming

6:19pm   sweep the leg

I hate this friggin bike! Stupid bike!

6:20pm   your evil resident

Oooh wee see you soon, or maybe few years oooh wee, haha

6:20pm   Skatervans

Nine more seasons!

6:20pm   dman329443

i bet yer. too much merchandising for them to make. kinda like when the retail stores needed a new Summer holiday to make up for the slump. something like Love Day but not so...lame. ...Happy Love Day everyone!!!

6:21pm   your evil resident

I think thatbean his friend works in animation dept for rick and Morty :-)

6:21pm   Skatervans

What game is this from?

6:21pm   your evil resident

That was a long ad

6:22pm   Robot420

Saw the movie trailer for Solo looks kool, hope it will be good.

6:22pm   your evil resident

Was that sysops kid in other ad, so cute

6:23pm   your evil resident

Don't ruin love day lisa

6:23pm   Robot420

Mr. Poopies But-Hole is awesome, I say that to Robot Parts, ooooh weeee

6:24pm   your evil resident

Ah OK sysop, cute ad :-)

6:24pm   pikachu

no she's in the one where she says "this is Alani, and you're listening to KSPC claremont"

6:24pm   Robot420

Thanks, Sys Op

6:24pm   Skatervans

That was seanpaul the rad kid from the weather report yer

6:25pm   dman329443

lol don't ruin another love day. ...hey didn't you learn anything from love day?? that was yesterday pal!!

6:25pm   sweep the leg

Close eye. Trust. Concentrate. Think only tree

6:25pm   Skatervans

You said it Rick, Oooooh weeee

6:25pm   your evil resident

Ah cool thanks svans and pika, haha dman

6:26pm   RobotParts

Hi guys! It was meeting you last Sunday!

6:27pm   Robot420

feel the wrath of my breakfast burrito, jajaja

6:27pm   your evil resident

Who are you? Potato man, where the hell have you been? Lol love Americans putting on the "oirish" accent haha

6:27pm   RobotParts

Thanks Sysop for playing that robot track earlier dude! I didn't do the Mario cause I was shy :P

6:27pm   Skatervans

Love day stuff bear, I love you guys and gets crushed heh

6:28pm   your evil resident

Lol classic robot chicken 420 skeletor

6:29pm   SysOp (host)

haha, no problem, RP!

6:30pm   Robot420

When i hear Potato Man I think of Hermes Conrad, The Best Bureaucrat one can have

6:32pm   that1bean

Eh. Hate making new names -_-

6:32pm   Robot420

Love my Robot Part Burritos the best!!! the only way to Powered-Up

6:33pm   that1bean

And yay. My son was played at 5:10... Sucks I missed on the radio

6:33pm   dman329443

haha im Kent O'Brockman

6:33pm   Robot420

1bean, wazz up. like the tag name

6:33pm   dman329443

don't think i did but my cousins i believe had star tropics and skate or die. ahh classic NES titles

6:34pm   dman329443

hermes Conrad is a bit potato shaped yes hehe.

6:35pm   Skatervans

Why not Zoidberg?

6:36pm   Robot420

skate or die was awesome along with T&C Surf

6:36pm   your evil resident

Where everyone is a little bit Irish lol

6:36pm   pikachu

its true! my kitty is chipped!

6:36pm   that1bean

Good list of songs played so far tonight.

6:37pm   dman329443

i need to watch more futurama. bad dman. i think i still never saw the final season. need to tune into comedy central more. haven't watched as much com cent, history or discovery since FXX started up

6:37pm   Skatervans


6:37pm   your evil resident

One art please

6:37pm   dman329443

lol yer..... what're you lookin at???

6:37pm   Robot420

no ones like Zoiberg, except for the professor. he smells

6:38pm   RobotParts

Tsk tsk dman:P

6:39pm   Skatervans

Good news everyone, bad news everyone

6:39pm   your evil resident

All this drunk and fighting, are these the things we think of, when we think of the Irish? Lol

6:39pm   Robot420

final season is definitely a love story for a few characters

6:39pm   RobotParts

Lol svans

6:40pm   your evil resident

Nobody likes Milhouse, haha

6:40pm   lndy


6:40pm   your evil resident

Snaaaake eaaaterrrr

6:40pm   Skatervans

Haha yer I love that part

6:40pm   dman329443

haha are these the things we think of when we think of the irish. classic line. haha good news everyone bad news everyone

6:40pm   your evil resident

Indy's fave song lol

6:41pm   Skatervans

Snaaaaaake eaaaaaaaaaterrrrr

6:41pm   dman329443

i still love the james bond music of Snakeeater but think the lyric is hilarious.

6:41pm   your evil resident

Whispers lil bits lol

6:42pm   your evil resident

Lil bits haha that's all I think of now

6:42pm   lndy

lol little bits never gets old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj4-E5Hs3Kc

6:43pm   your evil resident

There's worse vgm than that Indy, crazybus haha

6:43pm   dman329443

hmm too bad dman stopped listening to Power Hour. looks like they moved to Wed mornings?

6:43pm   Robot420

Cats or Dogs?? Im a Cat Person Robot Parts is a Dog Person

6:43pm   pikachu


6:44pm   pikachu

love dogs, but they don't poop conveniently in boxes for us to clean

6:44pm   Skatervans

Haha indy, great ep

6:44pm   Robot420

indy, I wish all TV commercials can be like rick and morty style

6:44pm   RobotParts

I wonder what they think about us, Pika

6:45pm   your evil resident

I love doggy and pussy, sorry :-D

6:45pm   Robot420

pik, is that the truth

6:45pm   RobotParts


6:45pm   lndy

haha yeah seriously, Robot

6:45pm   your evil resident

Yeah power hour is on when I get home from work dman

6:46pm   your evil resident

Plumbus, everyone has one

6:46pm   lndy

a lot of new rad tracks tonight. i liked that ride on the light. i was getting on the freeway to go home when it played

6:47pm   Robot420

diggin the music, nice request

6:47pm   dman329443

snake eater or lil bits? ohhhhh mmmyyy, haha George takei style.

6:47pm   sweep the leg

In Okinawa Miyagi know 2 things. Fish and karate

6:47pm   dman329443

but yer, do you know how theyre made??

6:48pm   lndy

le sigh

6:48pm   Robot420

my plumbis broke and wont tell how

6:48pm   your evil resident

Helooooo takei fam guy

6:49pm   RobotParts

We were at Costco when the show started. Caught my req on the way home :D

6:49pm   lndy

how do you fix a plumbus? first you take the schleem

6:49pm   dman329443

well last 10 minutes everyone! looks like my wife helped double my bro in law's refund. haha maybe he can afford that $3000 gpu now. mobile world this week will dominate the dman;s attention

6:49pm   RobotParts

Kraftwerk <3

6:49pm   Robot420


6:49pm   your evil resident

Of course dman haha

6:49pm   dman329443

haha yer. hellooooooo.....

6:50pm   dman329443

...and then he.. he spits... he spits on it. ...and that's how you make a regular old plumbus. Rick: oh yeah wow, yeah i-i never knew how plumbuses were made

6:50pm   your evil resident

Woooo ridge racer type 4

6:50pm   Robot420

you will need a schlomie to rub it

6:51pm   Skatervans

Ridge racer, now that's what I'm talking about!

6:51pm   your evil resident

Great soundtrack

6:51pm   sweep the leg

Karate for defense only

6:51pm   RobotParts

Where's that at Dman?

6:51pm   dman329443

i dabble, mr president

6:51pm   Skatervans

Yet add this to the vgm barcade night club

6:52pm   Skatervans


6:52pm   Robot420

love the spits on it, gets me every-time. eww its got spit on it

6:53pm   your evil resident

Oh yeah svans book them and they will come

6:53pm   dman329443

mobile world congress is every year this time in Barcelona Spain. basically the CES of phones and tablets. 5G announcements and new phones. major tech trade show

6:53pm   Robot420

Ice-T was a punk but he made up for it

6:53pm   Skatervans

Get schwifty everyone!

6:53pm   your evil resident

I love going to my token barcade

6:54pm   dman329443

haha me too robot 420 the spits part was great

6:54pm   sweep the leg

Gotta jet. Banzai!!

6:54pm   Robot420

dude my favorite RPG game,

6:55pm   Robot420

nice request to who every made it.

6:55pm   dman329443

see ya sweeps. last 5 minutes. see ya in the future everyone. or as we like to say, forward into the past!

6:55pm   RobotParts

Nice! I've only been to Spain once, a few years ago. Maybe I'll convince the Robot420 to take me again :D

6:55pm   Skatervans

Later sweeps banzai!

6:55pm   pikachu

i agree robot420, this is dope. how it would sound if it ever had a remake

6:56pm   Robot420

Im Squanching here

6:56pm   dman329443

oh wow. never been to Europe here. only Canada and mexico.

6:56pm   MrMalcontent

Thanks SysOp!!

6:56pm   Skatervans

Squanch yeah, now you're squanchin

6:56pm   Robot420

Pika, Not sure but would love to hear the entrie game done my orchestra

6:57pm   lndy

nice chatting ya'll! have a good one

6:57pm   your evil resident

See you next week or few years, oooh wee lol

6:57pm   dman329443

i....squanch....my family? ewwww!! stop saying it!!! haha squancy was totally not revised either. they went with the original drawn sketch, no editing or artistic clean up at all

6:57pm   Skatervans

I'm going to New York in October!

6:57pm   your evil resident

Its over

6:57pm   Robot420

love eruope, fun places there

6:57pm   dman329443

haha this guy gets it. thanks Noob Noob

6:57pm   Skatervans

Noob noob

6:57pm   your evil resident


6:58pm   Robot420

have fun in NY

6:58pm   RobotParts

Nice svans

6:58pm   your evil resident


6:58pm   Robot420




London Music Works “Theme (From "Battlefield 1942")”
composed by London Music Works
from Battlefield 1942 (NA)



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composed by na
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Na “Stage 1”
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composed by na
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Na “Starjump”
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from Celeste (NA)



Na “Match Start (Versus) Theme”
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NES “retro block”
composed by NES
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Na “Pokke Village Theme”
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Na “The Robots (Die Roboter) (Kraftwerk cover)”
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NES “retro block”
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NES “retro block”
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Harry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino, Nobuko Toda, Shuichi Kobori & Rika Muranaka “Cynthia Harrell - Snake Eater”
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Na “The Rising Sun (8 Bit Shinsuke Nakamura Theme) [Tribute to CFO$ and WWE]”
composed by na
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Junko Tamiya “Raid!”
composed by Junko Tamiya
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Koji Kondo “DK Rap”
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Na “Pearl Blue Soul”
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Na “Phantom Train [Remastered]”
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from Final Fantasy VI (NA)

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