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Riegle For A Season (Underground)

With DJ Shmal

Thu Apr 5th 2018 4.00pm–6.00pm

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Time zone: pacific

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4:09pm   DanS

Hi Shmal! Starting to fade over here. Need some peppy music stat!

4:15pm   El_ken_dog_prime

Ah cool I was thinking it was about fading radio reception. I was going to say you should do what I do and make a aluminum foil hat and that usually helps with kspc reception over here:-D

4:19pm   DanS

Ha ha! El ken dog prime.

4:20pm   Delsurma

Once again, great start!

4:21pm   DJ Shmal (host)

Hi guys!! Eeek Dan I'm fading too! I hope i'm not getting sick... Hope you're diggin the tunes

4:21pm   DanS

I was in downtown Pomona last Friday and it was interesting to see all the places I've heard about on KSPC.

4:21pm   DJ Shmal (host)

lol nice one EKDP

4:22pm   DanS

Sending good thoughts your way Shmal. Being sick sucks.

4:25pm   El_ken_dog_prime

Thanks Shmal. Did Dan ever go to downtown Pomona when they made it up to shoot Dr Seuss cat in the hat? :-)

4:26pm   DJ Shmal (host)

wait say that again EKDP? no comprendo

4:27pm   DanS

I did not EKDP. Friday was my first time in P-town.

4:31pm   El_ken_dog_prime

Lol I guess they shot parade scene for that Jim Carey cat in the hat in downtown Pomona.

4:32pm   DJ Shmal (host)

omg LOL

4:33pm   El_ken_dog_prime

My coworker went and they had to drag him back home because he never wanted leave there:-Alrigh maybe not that much but he said it looked pretty cool

4:36pm   DJ Shmal (host)

that's so funny i wanna look up behind the scenes pics

4:38pm   El_ken_dog_prime

Yeah totally I think there's one or two websites with pictures out there :-)

4:38pm   DanS

This song reminds me of Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love.

4:43pm   El_ken_dog_prime

Ah true it's got that vibe

4:46pm   El_ken_dog_prime

Is it just me or does anyone feel Katie Goodman is going to do a kids songs album down the road?,:-D

4:48pm   DanS

Ooh, dogs love pancakes.

4:51pm   DJ Shmal (host)

lol i agree with both of these sentiments

4:51pm   El_ken_dog_prime

A few weeks ago the guys from radio free aftermath played rip it up too maybe Shmal left the cd out :-) or probably because it's a good cd also :-)

4:52pm   El_ken_dog_prime

So true Dan

4:53pm   dman6448655

Great set shmal!!!

4:53pm   dman6448655

Awesome I remember when they shot that cat in hat movie in downtown Pomona.

4:54pm   dman6448655

Doing the second Saturday art walk would be fun.

4:54pm   El_ken_dog_prime

I wanna think at end of better off without you video the kids just got a big bump on the head and that's all:-)

4:54pm   dman6448655

Love to all and support SB 827 to make more housing in CA near mass transit!!!!

4:57pm   El_ken_dog_prime

Awesome man. See I wasn't just making it up everyone :-D

4:59pm   dman6448655

Quick swag in break Dman be right back

5:01pm   dman6448655

Swag IQ*

5:04pm   DanS

Love the percussion and bass beat in this De Lux song.

5:04pm   DanS

I never doubted you EKDP.

5:17pm   dman6448655

Any big festivals attended by shmal this summer?? As in to be attended

5:20pm   DJ Shmal (host)

hmmmm none that come to mind! the first phase of the desert daze lineup is pretty promising tho!

5:20pm   El_ken_dog_prime

Lol thanks Shmal:-D

5:23pm   dman6448655

Off chance??? Of course I wanna tune back in!!! Thanks for the rec

5:23pm   Modd Todd

Mmmmm...laying in bed listening to Ms. Shmal's show. Once of life's simple pleasures

5:26pm   dman6448655

Woah Desert Daze moves to Moreno Valley!! And kilagaku moyo will be there!!! My brother knows some of the members!!!

5:27pm   DJ Shmal (host)

yes im so curious about the new location!!!

5:27pm   dman6448655

Sounds good mods Todd. Maybe Dman will even get to meet shmal personally at Desert Daze and thank her for all the rockin tracks!! Seriously check out K moyo. Great stuff

5:28pm   DJ Shmal (host)

i think ive seen them a couple times at the echo!! :D

5:30pm   El_ken_dog_prime

Wait so desert daze is going to be in lake elsinore or Moreno valley?:-D

5:31pm   dman6448655

Oh snap you’ve got me beat shmal! Woo spacewatch!

5:33pm   dman6448655

A photo booth??? Is that courtesy of someone we know????? Hehehehehe

5:33pm   dman6448655

I need to get to BtownDIY one of these days. I could bike there!!

5:34pm   DJ Shmal (host)

it's in lake perris... not sure where that is exactly!

5:34pm   DJ Shmal (host)

lol dman if only!! it's prob a FAUXtobooth aka digital sadly

5:34pm   dman6448655

Yeah their website says this 7th annual Desert Daze but moved this year

5:35pm   dman6448655

Boo! Haha good one shmal

5:35pm   Modd Todd

I've been taping Shmal's set on cassette when I'm not home, but I'm enjoying it LIVE today...

5:35pm   dman6448655

Best ....thesis....ever lol

5:35pm   Modd Todd

fauxto Booth---lol

5:36pm   dman6448655

If anyone cares Dman’s thesis was a reexamination of somewhatcrecent political scandals basically 1980-2000

5:39pm   DanS

You can't beat the mechanical magic of an old school photo booth.

5:42pm   DJ Shmal (host)

i had to make a mock-up of my thesis for the art walk through (the final decision as to whether you get honors) and i called it the fauxtobooth lolz

5:42pm   Modd Todd

so Dman examined the whole Lewinsky thing?

5:43pm   DJ Shmal (host)

very neat modd todd!! thx for always finding away to listen!

5:43pm   dman6448655

Heck yes it’s poppin’!! Also sw Dev cons coming up too. I follow the tech industry closely for work. F8, Build, I/O, WWDC and computex on the horizon

5:43pm   DJ Shmal (host)

so glad you think that DanS :) I definitely agree!!

5:45pm   dman6448655

oh cool shmal I’m sure you got big honors!! Dman was cum laude I believe which was tough enough.

5:46pm   dman6448655

Not to mention all the other fun stuff this summer like anime expo, skater heading to Comic-Con, E3 and adult swim fest. Downtown LA really happenin now

5:48pm   Modd Todd

my pleasure, Shmal. Hope to see you work the turntables in person one day!

5:48pm   dman6448655

Comic con I hear is a zoo. I got some SD friends maybe I could crash with lol. But apparently so busy almost impossible to get into good panels

5:51pm   dman6448655

Oh snap have a great weekend shmal!! I keep it on for will too. Tho this morning when I left at 5am kspc was choppy

5:51pm   DJ Shmal (host)

thx for listening guys!! appreciate you all!! see ya next time

5:52pm   dman6448655

Bye dudes



Lovely Bad Things “Gravel Dreamer”
from The Late Great Whatever CD Album (Volcom 2013) L



Froth “Turn it Off”
from bleak Digital Album (burger records 2015)



Ex Hex “How You Got That Girl”
from Rips LP Album (Merge Records 2014)



Alvvays “Plimsoll Punks”
from Antisocialites CD Album (Polyvinyl Records 2017) N



Camera Obscura “If Looks Could Kill”
from Let's Get Out Of This Country CD Album (Merge 2006)



Weaves “Grass”
from Wide Open CD Album (Dine Alone Music 2017) N



Caroline Rose “Cry!”
from Loner CD Album (New West Records 2018) N



Smith Westerns “Dance Away”
from Dye It Blonde CD Album (fat possum 2010)



Darwin Deez “Constellations”
from Darwin Deez CD Album (Lucky Number 2010)



Orange Juice “Rip it up”
from Coals to newcastle Sampler CD Compilation (domino)



Gardens & Villa “Fixations”
from Music for Dogs CD Album (secretly canadian 2015)



La Sera “Please Be My Third Eye”
from Sees the Light CD Album (Hardly Art 2012) R L



Summer Camp “Better off Without You”
from Welcome to Condale CD Album (moshi moshi 2011)



Happy Hollows “endless”
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Happy Hollows “secret”
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De Lux “Better at Making Time”
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Toro y Moi “Low Shoulder”
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Kelela “Lmk”
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Shabazz Palaces “Shine a Light (feat. Thaddillac)”
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Rhye “Taste”
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Yumi Zouma “Us, Together”
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Pompeya “tropical”
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Twin Shadow “Five Seconds”
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Trust “Joyland” CD Album (Arts & Crafts 2014)



Trust “Capitol”
from Joyland CD Album (Arts & Crafts 2014)



Body-San “Shining the Money Ball” Digital Album (Adhesive 2016)

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