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Video Game Music Show with your host, SysOp.

Sun May 6th 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: pacific

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4:46pm   SysOp (host)


4:49pm   itsthatbean


4:58pm   dman328733

woo 3rd! despite my power keeps going in and out lol

5:01pm   dman328733

boo gotta reset my clocks after I was already doing so it went off and on again haha. while I was also trying to fix my ice maker clog

5:01pm   itsthatbean

hey dman

5:02pm   pikachu


5:02pm   dman328733

hey bean. woo first May show. did anyone see the F8 highlights? oculus is getting amazing!

5:02pm   dman328733

hey pika glad to see you

5:02pm   itsthatbean

hi pika

5:02pm   itsthatbean

damn. that sucks. :(

5:03pm   dman328733

oooh sysoops might occur with new equipment today haha new sound board.

5:04pm   your evil resident

Heyy everyone, just woke up

5:04pm   itsthatbean

It's fine at the moment

5:04pm   dman328733

aye aye admiral sysop, will do

5:04pm   pikachu

I'm being tormented by an ingrown nail at the moment

5:04pm   pikachu

hi YER!

5:05pm   Indy

hey ya'll

5:05pm   itsthatbean

Is next week going to be a pre-recorded show? Giving that it is Mother's Day next Sunday.

5:05pm   itsthatbean

hey YER and Indy.

5:05pm   your evil resident

Ooh shenmue nice, hi pika, bank holiday weekend here :-)

5:05pm   Doctornurse89

And we back! Could you play little macs confession (punchout cover) by GAME OVER http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00605

5:06pm   itsthatbean

My friend still hasn't said much about Rick and Morty show. So, in the meantime, she is enjoy as much free time and relaxation as she can at the moment. :)

5:06pm   Indy

yeah good track this

5:06pm   SysOp (host)

bean, dont know yet, im thinking it will still be a live show

5:07pm   Doctornurse89

And we back! Could you play little macs confession (punchout cover) by GAME OVER http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00605

5:07pm   dman328733

great Shenmue track! glad you have a bank holiday yer. that's pure sweetness right there

5:08pm   dman328733

hey indy. oh boo urns pika, I had to soak my toes in hot water a long time ago for one of those

5:08pm   Doctornurse89

Oh, sorry about repeats. So stoked to actually catch the start of the show :D

5:08pm   dman328733

more R and M!!! haha oh dman went to open house down the block today. the back pool area was gross and had an unfinished shower in weird passthrough narrow bathroom. but otherwise was in decent shape

5:08pm   your evil resident

Ooh new soundboard, they always have such nice things, HELLO IS THIS TOO LOUD!!! Ow my freaking ears hehe I'm kidding :-D

5:09pm   dman328733

yeah mo's day next weekend! get your mom something nice!

5:10pm   itsthatbean


5:10pm   dman328733

yeah yer. as long as they don't string together a ton of poilice megaphones and blow out every window in town TESTING-ING-ING-ING-ING

5:11pm   your evil resident

Hello Indy and bean, yeah looks like r and m could be back soon according to IGN

5:11pm   your evil resident

Boom dman haha

5:11pm   itsthatbean

lots of request, from looking at the facebook page.

5:13pm   dman328733

boo says that Roiland and Turner are held up in contract negotiations *fist into palm* dang time warner!

5:13pm   itsthatbean

streets of rage. :)

5:14pm   your evil resident


5:14pm   dman328733

haha thanks oliver. great scene. doesn't the hippie in the police museum eat a California burrito or something with a baby inside lol?

5:14pm   your evil resident

Yay sor

5:14pm   dman328733

oh nice streets of rage 1 2 and 3 were all just free on xbox live gold with sega arcade freebie. too bad second half of May I already own Phantom Pain that is also free with gold with month

5:15pm   dman328733

haha boom I remember in jr high people playing old quicktime simpsons clips 20 years ago (or more!) and seeing that scene when they are locked in the school haha

5:15pm   your evil resident

Yeah dman always contracts, that's how they get ya ha

5:16pm   sweep the leg


5:16pm   pikachu

so april came and went...and so mid year SC3 was had. kinda sad, but 1 a year is better than nothing right?

5:17pm   pikachu

no mid year SC3 was had i mean

5:17pm   your evil resident

She got the munchies for a Californian cheese burger, baby burger haha

5:17pm   RollingThunder


5:17pm   itsthatbean

Sweep the Leg, Mr. Lawerence.

5:18pm   dman328733

woo yeah Shenmue rerelease. but if I haven't seen it, it's new to me!! haha dman has never played em

5:18pm   your evil resident

Woo shenmue HD remake soon this year :-D

5:18pm   dman328733

haha yer. yeah contracts. it's like when you go to the buffet - don't fill up on bread!

5:19pm   itsthatbean

Lots of buttons here... Which button does the dohickey sound

5:19pm   sweep the leg

Excuse me, Mr. Lawrence

5:19pm   dman328733

great tracks so far! I liked oliver's request to the vgms fb page

5:20pm   your evil resident

Oh I bought MG's phantom pain recently cheap for ps3 and few other games, 5,8, 10 euro etc

5:20pm   sweep the leg

Ninja Gaiden!!!

5:21pm   your evil resident

Oh thanks dman glad you like it, good track and game twd new frontier

5:22pm   sweep the leg

Ninja Gaiden!!!

5:22pm   itsthatbean

@sysop: Don't be tempted to push many buttons and see what they do. I know they look colorful, but dont. :P

5:22pm   sweep the leg

Hey sysop, you think you'll have time for a karate kid request from yours truly?

5:22pm   your evil resident

Yeah pity no spring sc3 etc hopefully autumn one

5:22pm   SysOp (host)

LOL!! theyre red so that makes it harder not to press

5:22pm   sweep the leg

I can send link if you have time

5:23pm   SysOp (host)

we're still looking at June for SC3

5:23pm   your evil resident

Haha good one bean, especially the big red button, noooo haha

5:24pm   your evil resident

Woo June sc3

5:24pm   pikachu

we lost sound!!

5:25pm   Indy

:-D still hope for sc3

5:25pm   SysOp (host)

YELLOW ALERT!! FM or internet?

5:25pm   Indy

192K stream is fine for me

5:26pm   SysOp (host)

everything checks out here

5:26pm   dman328733

haha yer and bean

5:26pm   dman328733

my tune in pro recording was fine

5:26pm   itsthatbean

Internet is fine. Don't know about FM

5:27pm   dman328733

oh nice a june sc3??? sweet!!! now that's-a spicy meat-a-ball!

5:27pm   pikachu


5:27pm   your evil resident

Not the self destruct button, BOOM MACGRUBER!!!! ;-D

5:27pm   sweep the leg

So no karate kid request? :(

5:28pm   Indy

haha YER, chill durrell

5:28pm   pikachu

i switched to 128km, the other one wasn't working

5:28pm   sweep the leg

Give me push-ups on your knuckles!

5:28pm   SysOp (host)

sweeps, tell me your request. i hope i can get it on tonight =-O

5:29pm   your evil resident

Its pronounced Darrell, ohh like a white Darrell? Lol

5:30pm   Indy


5:30pm   dman328733

lol yer. Darrell vs DaRell?

5:30pm   itsthatbean


5:30pm   sweep the leg


5:31pm   dman328733

that new gotham this week was pretty good. and we got new bb, fg, and simp tonight! still want an oculus tho from that F8 keynote but might wait for santa cruz. htc vice technically better too

5:31pm   sweep the leg

Sweet. If you cannot it's totally cool. Don't worry it will never be open season on you

5:31pm   your evil resident

Ok Darrell respectfully hand me that pen? Which one? That one right there, haha

5:31pm   itsthatbean

or Daryel?

5:32pm   SysOp (host)

sweep, pheewww. lol

5:32pm   dman328733

big tech news coming up too! Microsoft Build and Google I/O will dominate the tech headlines! this is like Christmas in july haha

5:32pm   SysOp (host)

positive reviews for cobra kai on youtube

5:34pm   sweep the leg

I expect nothing but the best from cobra kai

5:34pm   sweep the leg

If not I'll have to sweep my own leg

5:34pm   dman328733

hmm theres supposed to be a google chrome gaming streaming service announced one of these days too.... and come June we get computex and WWDC!! indy would be proud. dman is watch/listening to tons of pauls hardware on youtube. that dude builds ton

5:35pm   your evil resident

Aww assistant ad so cute

5:35pm   sweep the leg

You lose concentration in a fight and you're dead meat!

5:36pm   your evil resident

Cobra kai, I'd freaking drop her ass Rupert

5:37pm   Indy

dman, oh yeah Paul's stuff is pretty cool. you ever listen to anything from Jayz2cents?

5:38pm   dman328733

I have not indy but I have seen those suggested. is it similar?

5:38pm   dman328733

and that weird Canadian guy Linus haha. Canada?? but that's America's hat

5:39pm   dman328733

haha yer

5:39pm   dman328733

yay dman fix clocks in his house and temp rapidly cooling with windows open...now for some din din and tech blogs

5:41pm   Indy

@dman, yup. just another dude talking about PC parts. it was funny watching him try liquid cooling a system with beer haha

5:41pm   SysOp (host)

i desperately need a new PC

5:42pm   your evil resident

You'll clog the instruments, careful they're ruffled

5:43pm   itsthatbean

don't worry fellows. I got this under control

5:43pm   your evil resident

Indy's your guy sysop :-D

5:43pm   itsthatbean

Ant 1: Oh No. We are doom. Protect the Queen!

5:44pm   sweep the leg

What are you looking at?! Finish him!

5:44pm   SysOp (host)

cool, is indy going to steal me a PC?? :P

5:44pm   Indy

@sysop, custom build your PC so it looks exactly how you want. or choose a pink case so your assistants will get all excited

5:45pm   Indy

lmao, the parts just fell off the truck O:-)

5:45pm   SysOp (host)

haha cool, Indy

5:45pm   your evil resident

Oh c+c red alert friend of mine played this a lot back in the day, lol sysop the prices are so low you'd think he got brain damage lol ;-D

5:46pm   SysOp (host)

are GPU's still ridiculously high?

5:46pm   your evil resident

Lmao boom indy, steal, borrow same thing haha

5:47pm   dman328733

lol indy. I will have to watch one where he uses beer. oh tell us sysop! what are you aiming for?

5:48pm   your evil resident

We didn't see nothing if you didn't see nothing haha

5:48pm   Indy

@sysop, the prices are coming back down, but not quite what they were when released initially. makes more sense to buy a prebuilt PC with the GPU already in it. cost is better that way

5:48pm   sweep the leg

We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak

5:49pm   itsthatbean

Good set, so far.

5:49pm   SysOp (host)

i dont want to buy consoles anymore so looking for a gaming PC. Nintendo will be my only consoles i will still buy

5:49pm   SysOp (host)

thanks, bean

5:50pm   sweep the leg

I just got a Nintendo switch, it rocks

5:50pm   your evil resident

Hey bean tell your friend to tell roiland and Harmon to get those contracts signed soon so r and m back soon :-D

5:51pm   sweep the leg

Class, we have visitors. Fall behind me

5:51pm   dman328733

haha yer brain damage. yeah indy paul keeps saying how over MSRP everything is, dang! at least memeory and GPUs

5:52pm   your evil resident

Anyone gonna buy those labo kits? Hope they're strong cardboard ha

5:52pm   dman328733

oh nice sweep. I hope to join you as a Switch owner soon. maybe in time for the june sc3!!!! dman can be part of the cool switch owners club kids then haha

5:52pm   Indy

oh yeah dman, you heard about the class action against memory manufacturers? limiting production, price fixing

5:52pm   dman328733

lol yer love when Moe and cronies are hiding shamue in the woods. cheese it the feds!

5:53pm   your evil resident

Haha yeah dman good scene

5:55pm   sweep the leg

Strike first strike hard!

5:55pm   your evil resident

Dot Orgy? Lol kidding O;-D

5:56pm   your evil resident

Ah double dragon classic

5:58pm   dman328733

great retro block! I saw sysop had tons of requests today! hope he can get to most

5:58pm   pikachu


5:58pm   dman328733

yeah I watched the video on that indy. sounds like it happened before too

5:59pm   dman328733

oh yeah yer I did not buy labo since I don't have a switch yet but did see a lot of reviews and they said the labo is time consuming to put together but fun and pretty durable actually. cool idea. I bet Nintendo staff had fun coming up with those

5:59pm   sweep the leg

Don't you know when you make a wish in the shower it comes true

5:59pm   millie

Hey all. Still in search of a cool old rug, if anyone has any laying around!

5:59pm   experisound

was this made on a nintendo?

6:00pm   your evil resident

Oh hey pika what's nick playing these days on his ps4, still sotc?

6:01pm   dman328733

oh I wish millie. search out those craters were blockbuster used to be haha

6:02pm   dman328733

oh great question yer. for reference dman is playing a lot of Fallout 4, some of the witness and witcher 3 I am basically done with. been busy with yard work to game sadly, and tons of youtube tech news and reviews

6:02pm   millie

Haha yes. If i could get my hands on a piece of old blockbuster carpet, that would be ideal.

6:03pm   dman328733

I totally want to build a pc something!! but dman would go big or go home. I need a switch and ps4 first, but when prices come down it's core i9 or threadripper for me!!!

6:03pm   Indy

cool track

6:03pm   your evil resident

If this child isn't found he'll become property of blockbuster entertainment haha

6:04pm   SysOp (host)

i want to get a piece of old chuck e cheese carpet lol

6:04pm   dman328733

yeah needs to get an old arcade or video rental place and search out their dumpsters lol. maybe 2-entin terantino could hook you up. he worked that back in the day

6:04pm   dman328733

lol yer love cypress hill in that ep.

6:05pm   pikachu


6:05pm   sweep the leg

I hear you jumped some of my students last night

6:06pm   dman328733

any one try the new oreos? cherry cola had like pop rocks in them to simulate soda carbonation but kettle corn was better. I did not try the pina colada

6:06pm   your evil resident

Oh cool pika that new one looks good :-)

6:06pm   dman328733

oh nice pika. I saw that god of war new ps4 game had AMAZING reviews

6:07pm   millie

Old chucky cheese carpet would also be awesome. Back when chucky cheese was cool, there were a bunch of similar places around for kids to play around. There was this one place in Alhambra called "kiddy land" with a bunch of arcade cabinets and a

6:07pm   millie

giant maze like slide. Good times.

6:08pm   dman328733

nice to see a good release after sea of thieves and far cry 5 kinda just ok. and later this year the new Tomb Raider and Red Dead Redemption 2!!! (in sept and oct)

6:09pm   dman328733

I watched some of my bro in law and the completionist play thru a lot of red dead. the second one looks incredible. the 3rd shadow of tomb raider looks amazing too. I played the first one on the Japanese island but not the 2nd Siberia one

6:11pm   sweep the leg

Are you calling him a liar?!

6:11pm   dman328733

oh and did anyone go to LA Taco Fest at Olvera st yesterday night?? or free comic book day?? hmmm, should've gone to that thing haha stewie

6:11pm   your evil resident

Wool sotn great track

6:13pm   dman328733

yeah I never actually played SotN but everyone at the time said it was amazing. if I get a ps4 is it on the online store or something? that's one I shouldn't miss

6:15pm   pikachu

i woulda went to those things, but nick and i went to his elementary school friends house to hang

6:15pm   dman328733

never played Catherine either but I believe I watched the completionist vid on it. cool dude. Dman been watching a lot of Angry Video Game Nerd and Pauls hardware recently along with my tech news and completionist a bit

6:16pm   dman328733

ah geez pika you were alone? could've texted indy or myself!

6:16pm   sweep the leg

Come ask leave boy alone

6:18pm   dman328733

dang summers here! time for grilling season!!! but in all seriousness if theres gonna be a June sc3 im dropping all grilling hankering for a Switch and gaming time

6:18pm   pikachu

no i went along... it was a girl after all. once i saw she was fat, i wasn't threatened, and proudly told her of my gaming prowess. she was impressed at how psycho i get for pogo, her 9 yr old daughter just started the app

6:19pm   thatbean


6:20pm   your evil resident

Yeah good game Catherine, daytonaaaa haha

6:20pm   sweep the leg

This song has me wanting to start a chat pit

6:21pm   dman328733

haha pika. no competition there.

6:22pm   dman328733

I had to read the "no i went along... it was a girl after all. once i saw she was fat, i wasn't threatened" out loud for my wife. she had a good laugh. haha she'll sleep tonight

6:24pm   your evil resident

Good request bean :-)

6:24pm   dman328733

oh this new Microsoft Edge browser freaking rocks. prefills like the entire online form instead of just parts of it. saves the dman tons of time, which is just as good as money

6:24pm   dman328733

woo skipping third retro block! hahah. it's all good either way. that's why we want 3 hour vgms!!!!

6:25pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

If you want help again setting up for sc3, I'm willing. Just ordered stock up for common electronics and some old logic.

6:26pm   SysOp (host)

we could always use the help, thank you!!

6:27pm   dman328733

yeah my bro in law and myself, or at least myself, could assist likely. I might be a hardware arcade cabinet newb but happy to volunteer and learn

6:27pm   millie

If there's an SC3 in June, I'd love to help + film like last time! We can all get another gaming sesh in.

6:28pm   AaronVILE

This song is amazing

6:28pm   millie

Ive never even heard of smurfs nightmare, but the soundtrack sounds awesome!

6:28pm   dman328733

my son dancing to this smurfs music!!! he gets his coordination from his mom! cause dman no Bueno in that dept

6:28pm   AaronVILE

Still taking request?

6:29pm   dman328733

yeah agree millie. I was really skeptical at first too but this track has turned out. btw I will try to catch up to your youtubes channel MK.

6:29pm   SysOp (host)

nope. not going to get to everyones request again =-(

6:30pm   AaronVILE

All good. Maybe next week. Love the show.

6:31pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

Will email when date is set. Too bad about marvac/r-vac

6:31pm   your evil resident

Yeah cool track for a smurf game ha

6:31pm   SysOp (host)

robot, tell me about it. i was shocked to see they closed for good =-(

6:32pm   your evil resident

Oh cool tekken 7 track

6:32pm   millie

dman, I took a short hiatus from the youtube stuff so that I could build a set. I didn't like how my room looked in the videos and there wasnt enough room to get good lighting and angles. I just finished the new set though, so I'll let you all know!

6:33pm   sweep the leg

Feel like matching, Mr. Lawrence?

6:33pm   dman328733

nice I was hoping this request would get played. ah gotcha millie, I still gotta see all your old vids tho

6:34pm   dman328733

where is this June sc3? and when is this june? and how much are you CHARGING for this free event? haha

6:34pm   your evil resident

Hmm Millie your YouTube channel is intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your channel :-D I already am :-D

6:35pm   SysOp (host)

it will probably be at lost levels in Fullerton. still dont know the date

6:35pm   millie

Thanks yer! Once I get situated in the new set and stuff, the content will be 10x better!

6:35pm   dman328733

dang skillrex would be proud here

6:36pm   dman328733

BOOM nice one yer!!!!!

6:36pm   RollingThunder

Dope tune, though VERY repetitive, lol

6:36pm   SysOp (host)

millie, what software do you use to edit?

6:37pm   your evil resident

Thanks dman this guy gets it :-D

6:37pm   your evil resident

No svans that's a paddling

6:39pm   dman328733

well love to some CH 03. great name too

6:41pm   your evil resident

Love sc music all epic

6:42pm   dman328733

oh yeah yer, my friends back in the day LOVED soul caliber. granted these were the types of people that had the Neo Geo pocket color handheld system, so they knew their games!

6:43pm   your evil resident

Yesssssss my request thanks sysop :-D

6:43pm   dman328733

nice request yer!!! I thought it was gonna be something from RDR2 at first lol. that's gonna get HUGE preorders

6:44pm   your evil resident

Great track, game and story

6:44pm   dman328733

anyone been to Sea World recently? dman and wife have some free tickets we won a while back but they expire soon. is it still any good? could visit bro in law down there too

6:45pm   your evil resident

Thanks dman :-) love them twd games

6:45pm   Indy

tickets? but there are 5 of us

6:46pm   dman328733


6:46pm   dman328733

haha boom indy. last few minutes, dudes! don't forget Build and I/O this week

6:47pm   your evil resident

What about them rumors about troy McClure at sea world, haha

6:47pm   your evil resident

Lol Indy

6:48pm   dman328733

gay? I wish!! no what I have is something so shocking.... lol his weird fetsh

6:48pm   your evil resident

Oh nice re2 track

6:48pm   sweep the leg

This a karate dojo, not a knitting class. You don't come in here drop a challenge and leave, old man

6:49pm   your evil resident

Eerie track cool

6:51pm   your evil resident

No I said Troy McClure sleeps with the fishes, haha

6:54pm   dman328733

haha yer. like "take care of him" or "TAKE care of him" haha legs and louie don't know if fat tony means to actually care for/assist or kill

6:56pm   millie

Sorry for the late reply, I use Avid Media Composer to edit, Sysop!

6:56pm   dman328733

last couple minutes. great tracks and great chatting all. hope to see you at a june sc3!

6:56pm   sweep the leg


6:56pm   your evil resident

Its over nooooooo

6:57pm   your evil resident

Game over



Na “Nightfall”
composed by na
from Shenmue (NA)



Na “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Overture”
composed by na
from God of War (NA)



Na “Red Wings”
composed by na
from Final Fantasy IV DS (NA)



Na “Dilapadated Town”
composed by na
from Streets of Rage (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by na
from Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (NA)



Na “Forest Interlude”
composed by na
from Best VGM 335 - Donkey Kong Country 2 (NA)



Na “Hydro Station”
composed by na
from AM2R Return of Samus (NA)



Na “Fogger”
composed by na
from C&C Red Alert (NA)



Na “Otafu Army Base”
composed by na
from Legend of The Mystical Ninja (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Double Dragon (NA)



Na “Stage 1 (Asteroid Field)”
composed by na
from Gleylancer (NA)



Czethros11 “Laughter”
composed by Czethros11
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Na “Wood Carving Partita (Long Library)”
composed by na
from Castlevania SOTN (NA)



Na “Bizet LArlésienne Second Suite Farandole”
composed by na
from Catherine (NA)



Na “Lets Go Away”
composed by na
from Daytona USA (ARC) Music (NA)



Na “Another World (The Mysterious Planet)”
composed by na
from Best VGM 965 - The Smurfs Nightmare (NA)



Na “Tonight Is The Night (Character Select Theme)”
composed by na
from Tekken 7 (NA)



Dubstep Hitz “Pacman (Dubstep Remix)”
composed by Dubstep Hitz
from The Dubstep Game Music Album (NA)



Na “History Beckons”
composed by na
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Na “Credits Song Grim Ranger (GAME VERSION)”
composed by na
from The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episode 5 (NA)



Na “The Marshalling Yard (2nd Half) [The Marshalling Yard]”
composed by na
from Resident Evil 2 (NA)



Na “Simian Segue”
composed by na
from Donkey Kong Country (SNES) (NA)



Slayer “Raining Blood”
composed by Slayer
from Reign in Blood [8-bit] (NA)

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