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Video Game Music Show with your host, SysOp.

Sun May 13th 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

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Time zone: pacific

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4:48pm   SysOp (host)


4:54pm   pikachu

yo peeps!

4:54pm   pikachu

since there are always so many requests, i haven't submitted any so others who have never requested, could have that opportunity

4:59pm   SysOp (host)

thatsa very nice of you :-)

5:01pm   pikachu

so are you for having a june sc3!

5:03pm   itsthatbean


5:03pm   Indy

hey ya'll ^_^

5:04pm   Indy

:-O :-D

5:05pm   itsthatbean

hey indy and Pika

5:05pm   dman32736

woo! I sorta requested this

5:06pm   dman32736

sorry dman a little tardy to the party. playing with my son. way too many win 10 updates lately. and playing A Way Out (a mandatory coop play game) with the bro in law

5:06pm   pikachu


5:06pm   dman32736

nice that's cool of you pika. anyone see the Build and I/O news?? amazing AI stuff from both MS and the goog

5:07pm   dman32736

yeah I have told my bro in law about a possible Lost Levels june sc3!!! any word on that vintage computer gaming group?? sysop im assuming that's for commodore and amiga fans?

5:08pm   Llanfabon

Hey all! :D

5:08pm   TDog

I just want smooth mcgroove to get more radio time, is that too much to ask?

5:08pm   SysOp (host)

dman, the computer group is all commodore computers, apple 2, Atari 8-bit computers and more

5:08pm   itsthatbean

wow. Complete change of musical piece after Mother. lol

5:09pm   dman32736

is it getting off the ground sysop?

5:10pm   mochico88

Oh snap! Mother!!!!

5:10pm   SysOp (host)

not a lot of people have joined yet. i wouldnt expect it to be anywhere near SC3 numbers

5:10pm   mochico88

Been so long....forgot I was supposed to hit the "send" button...

5:11pm   Llanfabon

This is some sinister sounding stuff lol

5:12pm   pikachu

if its not large sc3 numbers, then lost levels will be ideal! do it sysop! contact steve torres!

5:14pm   pikachu

indy, i had taco bell for dinner...explosion is imminent

5:14pm   itsthatbean

would July be better?

5:14pm   dman32736

oooo there are so many cool kinda "side" stuff in A Way Out. your characters can randomly find things in the background to play at the slower moments of the game. kinda like Terminals in Fallout but way more stuff like Connect 4 in hospital lobby,

5:15pm   dman32736

arcade games in aircraft hanger; banjo and piano in old people house...

5:15pm   dman32736

uh ohs pika. haha. hope you wanted to make sure things were moving today

5:15pm   dman32736

how do I join this...vintage computer gaming group??

5:15pm   your evil resident

Hi everyone just popping in to say hello before I go back to that....building thingy, where my bed and tv........is, haha :-D have a good one all, laters

5:15pm   RollingThunder 2


5:15pm   Indy

Peeks be like https://bit.ly/2Kk5Is3

5:16pm   dman32736

haha mother brain nice. good stuff so far today!!!! anyone excited for Computex and/or WWDC coming up?? anime expo? comic con? World Cup Russia 2018?

5:16pm   dman32736

haha boom yer

5:16pm   pikachu

luv u and miss u yer!

5:16pm   Indy

i had jack in the box. ate the stuffed jalapenos so it won't be a picnic for me later

5:17pm   SysOp (host)

we're thinking about doing our first vintage computer gaming meet at Vince's Spaghetti lol

5:17pm   itsthatbean

hi thunder

5:17pm   dman32736

I encourage everyone to play A Way Out with a friend. fun mandatory co-op experience game. a bit cliché and not perfect voice acting or dialogue but for a story driven game it's not bad

5:17pm   pikachu

99percent of guests will say nay for a summer event. sweaty nerds...are you sure thats wise?

5:17pm   SysOp (host)

dman, there is a link to the group on the SC3 page

5:17pm   your evil resident

Awwww pika :-D thanks, love this dance track btw

5:18pm   dman32736

thanks sysop!!!

5:18pm   itsthatbean

Anime Expo I am looking to possibly attend.

5:18pm   TDog

Comic con is gonna be a sad place this year...

5:18pm   dman32736

we had mole/rice/beans earlier and now dominos just arrived! happy dman

5:19pm   dman32736

yeah I may drop by, that bean, love seeing the cosplay. but why TDog will the comics be a sad one this year?

5:19pm   dman32736

yeah rad dance track. oliver and skater need this in their vg dance nightclub!

5:19pm   itsthatbean

nice, dman

5:20pm   TDog

The after effects of IW, me thinks

5:20pm   TDog


5:20pm   itsthatbean

YER: enjoy your rest. My friend is happy to start working on new episodes of Rick and Morty.

5:21pm   SysOp (host)


5:21pm   itsthatbean

DX = Deluxe

5:22pm   dman32736

haha thanks sysop I literally went to it 60 seconds before you posted the link

5:23pm   dman32736

they better not getting any rest! Dman wants 70 more eps baby!!!! and where the heck is skater? dude has abandoned us

5:23pm   your evil resident

I saw their Instagram posts thatbean, thanks, was she under contract not to say anything before, hehe, 70 more eps and 9 more seasons haha

5:24pm   dman32736

hope millie found some stuff for his set too. I would love slightly improved sound on his channel but I need to catch up (im in the process and seen quite a few lately) of making sure I got through all his old vids on CH 03

5:24pm   itsthatbean


5:25pm   dman32736

contracts? that's how they get ya!

5:25pm   itsthatbean

@yer: She didn't have a clue if they were going to work or not. Since the last episode was made, most of the animators did not have a clue if they had work or not.

5:26pm   dman32736

9 more seasons morty! I don't care how long it takes me to get that sauce!!

5:26pm   SysOp (host)

dman. i think you are in the wrong group. i need to delete the page. join the group and not the page

5:26pm   dman32736

was she self taught bean? or art school grad? multi or single media?

5:26pm   itsthatbean

as for the episode breakdown, she said she doesn't know if it is going to be 10 eps over 7 years or how it would be divided up during each season.

5:26pm   SysOp (host)


5:26pm   SysOp (host)

thats the right one

5:27pm   itsthatbean

self-taught and then went to get BA in Art (Animation)

5:27pm   itsthatbean

I loved watching this show, growing up

5:28pm   TDog

The theme still bangs imo

5:28pm   dman32736

yeah that page keeps saying not available right now Sysop. im locked out of that and always have been haha. ever since you first posted has said "content unavailable"

5:29pm   dman32736

"Sorry, this content isn't available right now" has what that link has always said, at least for me

5:30pm   dman32736

oh yeah watched tons of ducktails growing up as well. anyone get their mom something nice for mom's day or went somewhere fancy? my wifes mom got a Fitbit Charge2

5:33pm   TDog

She got a book, some coffee and we dropped a bill on sushi haha

5:33pm   Indy

@dman, went to wood ranch yesterday to eat for ma's day. be even busier today

5:34pm   mochico88

Been so long....forgot I was supposed to hit the "send" button...

5:34pm   pikachu

have you guys heard the rumors of gen 8 pokemon? for the switch?

5:34pm   Indy

ayyy Mochico, long time not chat, dude

5:34pm   mochico88

Uh....refreshed the page. If the last thing I said automatically showed up, sorry guys.

5:35pm   dman32736

oh good call on the day early indy. I thought we were gonna celebrate yesterday too

5:35pm   mochico88

Yeah, been forever since I've been on here. Hope to see you guys soon!

5:35pm   dman32736

gen 8 pokemon?? my bro and I were watching a bit of Super Couch Fighter playing poken tournament with jirard and alex and bret bayone and Kelly. love bret funny guy

5:36pm   dman32736

hey yeah mochiko! hope to see you again soon !

5:37pm   dman32736

man I wonder if any surprises will be in store for us this computex indy. dman will one day do a build but my bro in law wants to again too once prices come back down to earth!

5:37pm   SysOp (host)

dman.. that link should work now. it was set to secret but now its public

5:37pm   SysOp (host)


5:38pm   dman32736

anyone see soccer results? barce had their perfect season ruined by high scoring 5-4 loss to levante. watched a lot of that one. and Hamburg getting relegated for first time ever and fans set goal ablaze lol

5:39pm   dman32736

oh man my friends would have old school LAN parties. now I can finally be included with the cool kids! haha thanks sysop! now that's a good mod right there

5:39pm   mochico88

(Oh man...Manda's missing all her favorites right now.)

5:41pm   mochico88

Sonic R?

5:41pm   mochico88

Yep, Sonic R. Good stuff.

5:44pm   pikachu

my sonic comics started up again! already have 4 issues!

5:45pm   dman32736

oh Sonic R nice. haha we done with pizza now and back to A Way Out. but pigging out was had. I dunno, pigs tend to chew. I'd say he eats more like a duck. *Homer moves whole head/neck forward to envelop food without mouth movement* haha

5:45pm   dman32736

nice I wanna read pika!!!

5:50pm   dman32736

thanks sysop I like being a cool vintage computer gamer.

5:52pm   SysOp (host)

cool, Dman. Looking forward to it!!

5:52pm   pikachu

so i heard that the boot camp i lost the weight from is having a half price deal for their June session! only 297 instead of 497. it sounds great but whats greater, is that if i do it at currently 140lbs, i will be 120lbs! Pika gonna disappear soon

5:52pm   pikachu

not sure i want to do it again for sure tho

5:53pm   pikachu

it might be possible to be "too hot"

5:55pm   dman32736

haha boom pika. you know youre way past that so might as well keep going! haha

5:55pm   dman32736

oh nice I had this battle of Olympus NES game. good adventure stuff right here

6:09pm   SysOp (host)

is everyone still alive??

6:09pm   Indy

*flat lined spinitron* :'-(

6:10pm   your evil resident

I saw their Instagram posts thatbean, thanks, was she under contract not to say anything before, hehe, 70 more eps and 9 more seasons haha

6:11pm   dman32736

dman still gaming a way out but we having trouble finding the next room lol

6:11pm   Indy

ya'll excited for the Solo movie? already got my tix ordered for the Saturday opening weekend

6:12pm   dman32736

I think dman still around 140 lbs but that pizza will do some damage haha. (I just had 1 slice). but sometimes food at work

6:13pm   your evil resident

I saw their Instagram posts thatbean, thanks, was she under contract not to say anything before, hehe, 70 more eps and 9 more seasons haha

6:16pm   dman32736

this game is pretty darn good (A Way out)

6:20pm   dman32736

lol I wont spoil but total movie rip off here

6:31pm   dman32736

wow every movie cliché in the book here. haha fun game tho. I hope there some new 10 nm core i9s at computex . that a happy dman would make

6:34pm   pikachu


6:36pm   mochico88

Interesting block!

6:37pm   dman32736

yeah I enjoyed the mother tracks

6:42pm   mochico88

Wonder if we'll get Mother 3 to finish off the night.

6:44pm   dman32736

hope so!

6:45pm   Indy

One of the Jenova themes from FF7 be a good mother's day track too

6:46pm   Indy

ecco 2 good too

6:53pm   dman32736

last 5 min

6:54pm   pikachu

so psyched about KDB at hack the multiverse next month!

6:54pm   dman32736

nice wandering ghosts

6:55pm   pikachu

its a tuesday, but IM GOIN!

6:55pm   dman32736

oh my that would be fun pika!

6:56pm   dman32736

that's the wrap up music

6:57pm   pikachu

see ya folks!



Na “Title Theme”
composed by na
from MOTHER/EarthBound Zero (NA)



Na “Tough Battle”
composed by na
from Final Fantasy XI (NA)



Na “Ocean”
composed by na
from Vectorman (NA)



Beckett007 “Mother Brain”
composed by Beckett007
from Super Metroid Mother Brain Suite OC ReMix (NA)



Na “Let It Shine”
composed by na
from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Darkwing Duck (NA)



Na “Onett”
composed by na
from Mother 2 (NA)



Na “Work It Out”
composed by na
from Sonic R (NA)



Na “River Stage”
composed by na
from Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Battle of Olympus (NA)



Na “Heaven's Night”
composed by na
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Na “Boss Theme”
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Na “Reach for the Summit”
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Na “Sanctuary”
composed by na
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Na “It's A Jungle”
composed by na
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NES “retro block”
composed by NES
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Na “The Wretched Automatons”
composed by na
from NieR Gestalt & RepliCant (NA)



Na “Earth Man”
composed by na
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Na “Title Theme”
composed by na
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Na “Astra Vinatā”
composed by na
from Giga Wrecker (NA)



Na “Wandering Ghosts”
composed by na
from Akumajo Dracula X ~Nocturne in the Moonlight~ (NA)

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