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Video Game Music Show with your host, Sysop.

Sun Jun 3rd 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: pacific

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4:53pm   SysOp (host)


4:54pm   dman6448655

cool thanks

4:54pm   SysOp (host)

thanks for the bday wishes, peeps!~!

4:55pm   lndy


4:56pm   dman6448655

of course my sys admin operator leader haha

4:56pm   your evil resident

hey everyone im back baby bank holiday weekend here, happy birthday sysop :-D

4:57pm   dman6448655

computex, wwdc and e3 coming up woo!!! and here Dman is figuring out who to vote for on Tuesday like a sucker haha

4:57pm   dman6448655

we're back baby!!!

4:58pm   dman6448655

we also have a 2-1 Stanley cup and game 2 of the nba finals tonight!

4:58pm   your evil resident

very hot weather here this week got to 26 degrees celcius, too hot ha

4:59pm   your evil resident

jack johnson or john jackson haha clones futurama

4:59pm   lndy

it's not like one vote ever mattered. oh yeah that robot president won by exactly one vote

5:02pm   dman6448655

lol love that scene too yer

5:02pm   your evil resident

haha exactly indy, watching and typing this on my 55'' 4k tv woo

5:02pm   dman6448655

yeah it is getting warmer here too.

5:02pm   dman6448655

haha and insta is nothing compared to the snap. sorry that dman doesn't social media much, just way too busy!!

5:03pm   your evil resident

im still on myspace and bebo lol kidding

5:03pm   Skatervans

Hey dudes!

5:03pm   Skatervans

Happy birthday sysop

5:03pm   dman6448655

oh yeah did everyone see the Redmond borg might absorb GitHub? and that new FLCL last night on adult swim was AMAZING!!!! fooly cooly very very good

5:03pm   dman6448655

did you catch some new flcl my skater brother?

5:03pm   your evil resident

oh snapchat dman ;-D

5:04pm   SysOp (host)

im still on friendster

5:04pm   lndy

what's up svans, Pixar Pier gonna open soon. much excite

5:04pm   your evil resident

oh new flcl here, must watch hey svans dude

5:04pm   SysOp (host)

im strongly considering getting the TCL 65" TV. Nice price and reviews

5:04pm   dman6448655

oh snap wow alexa in win10 PCs as well as cortana and the xbox will get cortana, alexa and google assistant is the rumor

5:05pm   your evil resident

lol sysop what about craigslist haha

5:05pm   Skatervans

Hey dman I'm going to check it out later

5:05pm   dman6448655

ah cool DCA news indy thanks, I didn't know about Pixar pier

5:06pm   your evil resident

ooh 65'' oh look who the new pet is haha kidding :-D cool track this

5:06pm   dman6448655

oh I heard some decent reviews for that tv too sysop

5:07pm   your evil resident

its not the size its how you use it, size does matter, ohh myyy ;-D

5:07pm   dman6448655

nice love this portal track. lol yer

5:07pm   your evil resident

love this track, cake is a lie haha

5:08pm   Skatervans

Hey Indy and yer, glad you could make it

5:09pm   dman6448655

haha wish I had some cake right now! oh wait, I did make chocolate chip banana bread yesterday!! woo

5:09pm   your evil resident

wow my tv is huge in my room, great picture, must try with my ps4 pro, watched few movies on it, much impress

5:11pm   your evil resident

hey fry i got chrissys phone number, how do you like those bananas? ohhhh, haha

5:12pm   pikachu

made it

5:12pm   Skatervans

Oh nice track, I still need to play transistor

5:12pm   your evil resident

i got so many new ps4 games, gta5, lego marvel games etc. no time to play cos work ha

5:13pm   lndy

hiya Peeks

5:13pm   dman6448655

haha love the sassy monkey yer. oh that's the dream. dman needs a tv and a ps4 in the bedroom. the xbox can own the living room. each to their own domains haha

5:13pm   your evil resident

nice track this

5:13pm   your evil resident

heyy pika :-D

5:13pm   dman6448655

oh nice CA extreme coming up again. and some good shows at the teragram too

5:14pm   pikachu

doomsday is upon me

5:14pm   Skatervans

Yer I have gta 5 we def got to play together sometime

5:14pm   dman6448655

same yer, no time for my new humble bundle or free xbox games with gold. crazy 60 hour workweeks for the dman! but I do ok at following tech news at least. too bad WWDC will likely underwhelm again this year

5:14pm   dman6448655

doomsday pika?

5:14pm   Rolling Thunder


5:15pm   dman6448655

oh snap if the dman picks up a ps4 and gtaV could I perhaps....join in? hahahah

5:15pm   Skatervans

Oh cool more portal tunes

5:15pm   your evil resident

oh awesome svans yeah when i have time and energy ha i loved our rocket league and gang beasts sessions, so much fun :-D

5:15pm   Rolling Thunder

Dman is a busy boy, these days!

5:16pm   your evil resident

yeahhhh killer instinct good times

5:16pm   pikachu

as of today i have reached my weight i was before i started my boot camp challenge. that means its time to start another 6 week challenge...only this time I'm using only my determination. no camp trainers. just the uFC and me

5:17pm   Skatervans

Rad! Can't wait to play. Dman you can mos def play with us online

5:18pm   your evil resident

must see han solo movie, i'll be seeing it solo ;-)

5:19pm   your evil resident

yeah dman get ps4 pro one of us haha

5:19pm   Skatervans

Haha yer good one

5:19pm   Skatervans

One of us one of us

5:19pm   dman6448655

ooohh that's a spicy meatabll for the dman? with all this OT and 60 hour weeks the dman can spoil himself. haha yer on the solo movie

5:20pm   dman6448655

UFC gym sounds hardcore pika. I see that along the 10 everyday and wish I was man enough to join haha

5:20pm   your evil resident

oh yeah sc3 at lost levels right :-D

5:21pm   Skatervans

And if you guys are playing pubg mobile, I'm svans1991 on there

5:21pm   your evil resident

haha exactly thanks svans, this guy gets it

5:21pm   lndy

next movie I'll be seeing is jurassic world fallen kingdom

5:22pm   Skatervans

The whole gang is here just like old times

5:23pm   dman6448655

oh yes I do actually have pubg mobile but not much time to play, tho at work I can run downstairs to fast wifi to try it out

5:23pm   Skatervans

Yeah Indy I can't wait for Jurassic world fk

5:24pm   sweep the leg


5:25pm   your evil resident

all it needs now is my actual presence at sc3 :-D gaming referencing with you guys

5:25pm   sweep the leg

Totally couldn't make it last week. Larusso Auto had some great deals for Memorial Day weekend. They were cutting prices in half!!

5:25pm   dman6448655

heck yeah that's a nice thought skater. glad to have the crew here. dman is too cheap for the expensive ufc gym when I can get planet fitness much cheaper. and I don't have time for that haha

5:25pm   Skatervans

Dman I bought a Bluetooth controller to use on pubg and I'm getting so many chicken dinners heh

5:25pm   Blake

Favorite level/song from my favorite game of all time! Thx!!

5:25pm   your evil resident

yeah i'll go seee that too, ant man and the wasp looks cool too looking forward to that

5:26pm   dman6448655

oh please that would be amazing yer. cmon win the lottery. The Lottery: Why Havent You Won Yet???? actualoddsofwinningonein186million

5:26pm   dman6448655

ah yeah I imagine that would make it much easier haha skater

5:26pm   your evil resident

cool track that tenchu

5:27pm   Skatervans

Sweeps! I hope you got your free bonsai tree with your new car?

5:27pm   dman6448655

oh yeah Bloodstained I believe the Nerd and Mike Matei played through this. anyone still watch James and Mike Mondays? the avgn is still going strong! but tech news will play top fiddle for the next 2 weeks for dman

5:28pm   Skatervans

I can't wait to play this game on the switch

5:28pm   sweep the leg

Oh yes. I received my baby tree

5:28pm   your evil resident

homer to lenny, cmon nah cmon nah come onnn nahh come onnn ohh yes haha

5:29pm   sweep the leg

To make honey young bee need young flower, not old prune

5:30pm   your evil resident

what an age we live in, moon pie ha

5:30pm   Skatervans

Yeah dman I watch all vids on Cinemassacre channel on YouTube

5:31pm   dman6448655

haha old prune. nice sysop yeah the nerd and matei and those guys are pretty knowledgeable. I had to take a break from so much completionist and alex and brett etc. tho they cool too

5:31pm   dman6448655

the AVGN's movie passion is pretty awesome. wish the dman had time for movies lol

5:31pm   Skatervans

The AVGN has a deal with Amazon prime video now, he shows new eps of avgn there first then it goes to YouTube

5:32pm   dman6448655

lol yer love that scene homer convincing lenny. wait union rep? does it pay? only if youre crooked. ….woo hoo!

5:32pm   Skatervans

Dman did you see the solo review they did?

5:32pm   your evil resident

so at sc3 indy will there be lots of, what're you buying, what're you selling? got some rare things on sale stranga, got a selection of good things on sale stranga, heh heh heh heh thank ye, lol ;-D

5:32pm   Skatervans

This is my jam!

5:32pm   your evil resident

what an age we live in, moon pie ha

5:33pm   Skatervans

Haha moon pie

5:33pm   dman6448655

oh man awesome skater I think I did hear that, and I have prime too....and that means....*dman runs to super computer....consults label scientists....complex equations on board* ...I can watch them before youtube!

5:33pm   dman6448655

I did not actually skater because I was afraid of spoilers. does he spoil? I usually watch the classic reviews

5:33pm   your evil resident

what an age we live in, moon pie ha

5:33pm   dman6448655

lol age we live in, moon pie. classic homer

5:34pm   sweep the leg

Ma, come on with the baby browns

5:34pm   dman6448655

too bad the latest humble bundles included Styx and Yooka Laylee that I already have for xbox but my bro in law is like "now you can get both xbox and windows achievements!" haha

5:35pm   Skatervans

Oh man killer set so far sysop!

5:35pm   your evil resident

oh cool version

5:35pm   Doctornurse89

Omg bubble bobble! Hello and thanks for making my day sysop!

5:36pm   your evil resident

oh sped up now cool

5:36pm   your evil resident

like deadpool cue the music svans

5:37pm   your evil resident

hey look its peyley haha

5:37pm   Skatervans

Yeah they spoil the heck out of it heh

5:37pm   SysOp (host)

thanks, peeps!!

5:38pm   Skatervans

Sweeps have you see cobra Kai yet? It's really good man

5:38pm   Doctornurse89

What a smug voice that shit

5:39pm   Skatervans

I love good music, great line

5:39pm   your evil resident

radio realness, like ali g keep it real rrrespect

5:40pm   your evil resident

aww love sysop helpers voice ads

5:40pm   Skatervans

Respect allii

5:40pm   dman6448655

yeah definitely great set so far. dman I think finished his ballot. so many freakin choices.... haha

5:40pm   sweep the leg

Get him, Bobby! Have a nice trip?

5:40pm   sweep the leg

Yeah I've seen it! It's awesome!

5:41pm   your evil resident

like the song celebrate good times come on ha

5:42pm   your evil resident

haha exactly svans aiii west side is da best, no east side is da best haha

5:42pm   SysOp (host)

hey, sweeps!! how are the family jewels?!?

5:42pm   Skatervans

I can't wait for season 2! I think it's time for me to train again in Jeet Kune Do!

5:43pm   your evil resident

oooh ridge racer type 4, not familiar with this one

5:44pm   your evil resident

kobra kai ptaaa ptaaa id freakin drop her ass rupert haha

5:45pm   Skatervans

https://youtu.be/ETKp_sOi7io haha yer I think you will like this

5:45pm   sweep the leg

Hell yeah

5:45pm   sweep the leg


5:46pm   your evil resident

sysop id reccommend the walking dead games, youd love them and easy controls etc

5:46pm   dman6448655

haha so much tv and movies....that I wish I had time for

5:46pm   dman6448655

too bad Solo aint doing great at the box office. but tech news dominating my attention these days

5:46pm   sweep the leg

What do we study here?

5:47pm   Skatervans

Yeah dman there is so much good content out but so little time to see it all

5:47pm   pikachu


5:47pm   dman6448655

lol great scene skater

5:47pm   your evil resident

i'll check it out later svans :-) thanks

5:48pm   Skatervans

Kicks get chicks guys

5:48pm   your evil resident

so whats everyone playing these days etc :-)

5:48pm   dman6448655

are we gonna see everyone june 30th at the lost levels sc3???? also im curious if anyone has an airplay enabled speaker or an apple homepod (not the same thing as the transmission streaming method is different)

5:48pm   sweep the leg

What is the way??

5:48pm   itsthatbean

here is the artist that made the orchestrated version to Bubble Bobble

5:48pm   itsthatbean


5:48pm   dman6448655

pfft wish I had time for games yer. some fallout 4 but I still need to finish the Witcher so I can play the dlc!!!! I did actually get in some wii u 3D Mario world yesterday tho

5:48pm   sweep the leg

Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!

5:49pm   itsthatbean

He has quite a few good tracks on there as well.

5:49pm   pikachu

me fo sho

5:49pm   sweep the leg

I can't hear you!

5:49pm   dman6448655

cool thanks for the link thatbean

5:49pm   itsthatbean

shameless plug, but I found the link from his youtube page. I enjoyed the Latin/Salsa version of Green Hill Zone

5:50pm   dman6448655

and I can name my price?? I might send this dude a buck an album for his bandcamp stuff from dmans paypal.

5:50pm   Skatervans

Sweeps have you perfected the cobra strike?

5:50pm   sweep the leg

Sysop. World on the street is you have an Instagram

5:50pm   sweep the leg

Long since perfected, Mr. Lawrence

5:52pm   dman6448655

he does, dman just started following the sys-man on insta

5:52pm   Skatervans


5:52pm   dman6448655

I dunno if I can/am gonna make the King tuff or la luz/summer twins Teragram shows with all my OT coming up. I could leave money on the table....but...

5:54pm   SysOp (host)

not Y lol

5:54pm   your evil resident

pooppoopfart? lol

5:55pm   your evil resident

remember dial up internet, the noises haha

5:56pm   dman6448655

what are you playing these days yer? stuff you....acquired....on your android tv with new 4k capabilities? hehehe

5:58pm   SysOp (host)

true words, sweeps!

5:59pm   your evil resident

lol dman lonely space vixens when the kids go to bed haha, last game i completed was walking dead new frontier, must check out sotc on 4k, wanna start on lego marvel games, and catch up on shows haha

6:00pm   sweep the leg

She buries Judy in a second

6:00pm   your evil resident

so much to do so little time ha

6:00pm   your evil resident

it smells like one of van houtens, it does not, haha

6:01pm   lndy

speaking of shows, i started watching The Office

6:01pm   your evil resident

ah classic sonic adventure music

6:02pm   Skatervans

The British office or American version Indy?

6:02pm   your evil resident

oh nice indy, i never got into the original uk or the american version, maybe just not my type of comedy

6:03pm   Skatervans

I love both

6:03pm   your evil resident

good track this

6:05pm   lndy

svans, american version

6:05pm   lndy

Yer, maybe they just need an Irish version Office lol

6:07pm   your evil resident

its quite a country indy, you know ireland has more drunks per capita than people :-D lol

6:08pm   dman6448655

wow California has 0 pivot counties. none, and we are a big state (a pivot county being defined as one that voted for Obama in 2012 but trump in 2016)

6:09pm   dman6448655

haha irish version...hmmm I'm up to three beers on my lunch break. haha the guy at the pink n white with Peggy

6:09pm   your evil resident

all this drunkeness and fighting and behaviour, are these the things we think of when we think of the irish? haha

6:09pm   dman6448655

Joe Jack! stagetime! are you sober? …. I've had my coffee

6:10pm   dman6448655

boom lol yer. every march that's a must quote right there. classic brockman line

6:10pm   dman6448655

dang wish I had some space vixens in outer space fly in to greet the dman. haha. maybe my wife and I would like to ...greet... the space vixens :)

6:10pm   lndy


6:11pm   sweep the leg

Get off my case!

6:11pm   your evil resident

haha classic koth

6:12pm   your evil resident

that whinging whiny baby mario grr haha

6:13pm   your evil resident

we all know what space vixen svans wants ;-D

6:17pm   your evil resident

all these allegations against trump, like a storm in a teacup, or a stormy in a teacup hehe ;-D

6:17pm   your evil resident

cool track

6:17pm   dman6448655

haha boom I should ...see....what shes up to lately yer

6:17pm   sweep the leg

Get off my case!

6:17pm   your evil resident

2:18am and im wide awake

6:18pm   pikachu


6:18pm   sweep the leg

It's a good thing I'm banned from chat pitting

6:18pm   your evil resident

it'll google your eyes out dman lol

6:19pm   dman6448655

lucky yer. haha yeah this music does make the dman long for the pit!!

6:19pm   dman6448655

yeah voting so tough. I see tons of guides and endorsements and it's totally up in the air on some of them

6:19pm   dman6448655

this Kirby ad seems like it's from the dude who does the CD record expo promos for kspc now

6:21pm   your evil resident

love that mosh pit beastie boys futurama leela kicking ass haha

6:22pm   Harold

Any music from the megaman x series?

6:22pm   Skatervans

Haha yer I love the Futurama ep

6:22pm   Green Knight

Just coming in from fixing sprinklers. I was listening from the boom box in the garage, though.

6:22pm   dman6448655

haha still love the "Beastie Boys!!! wow! I had all 3 of your albums!!!" "pfft that was a 1000 years ago....now we have 7"

6:24pm   sweep the leg

I gotta get going. Banzai!!

6:24pm   dman6448655

the Dman BBQed last night! after doing it last weekend for Mem day too! massive steak I got at food 4 less for $4. was amazing SAUCE!

6:24pm   your evil resident

yo yo bender gonna make some noise with your hard scratch drive the beastie boys, thats what you what you get for level five

6:25pm   Skatervans

Mmmmm steak

6:25pm   dman6448655

wow big year for movies in 2018 with Black Panther, Deadpool 2, Infinity War, Han Solo, Jurassic World, Incredibles 2

6:25pm   your evil resident

can i get some blank tapes, lol

6:26pm   dman6448655

haha now the beasties couldn't hardly sing about that now that hard drives are all solid state drives. no more spinning parts :( haha

6:26pm   Skatervans

I fill like playing some smash bro Right now

6:26pm   Skatervans


6:27pm   your evil resident

cool track this

6:27pm   Green Knight

I feel asleep,

6:29pm   your evil resident

svans id love to play smash bros with you, if all us could play online would be rad, many sessions haha

6:29pm   dman6448655

cool I need to play some borderlands on my vita!

6:30pm   Harold

Any music from the megaman x series?

6:30pm   pikachu

yay my request!

6:30pm   your evil resident

great show and tunes sysop :-D

6:30pm   pikachu

when i first passed this game this music was so satisfying

6:30pm   Skatervans

I def can't wait for smash on the switch

6:30pm   Harold

whoops refreshed the page

6:31pm   your evil resident

did or has anyone got them switch labo kits, very pricy

6:31pm   dman6448655

yeah smash on the switch baby!!! still dunno if I should get a ps4 pro first or the switch first. probably the pro since I could play with you dudes and the switch online stuff taking....so ….long for the full paid service

6:32pm   SysOp (host)

thanks, leprechaun!! :-D

6:32pm   your evil resident

theyd better the best cardboard and string kits ever...... you got lucky nintendo, lol

6:33pm   dman6448655

anyone else will follow the WWDC keynote tomorrow? or will computex dominate news?

6:33pm   your evil resident

hahaha your welcome sysop :-D

6:33pm   dman6448655

8bit AVGN theme!!!!! nice!!! lol yer haha labo

6:33pm   Green Knight

I wanna get a PS4 for Monster Hunter World, but also Switch for Monster Hunter XX to ne released.

6:33pm   Skatervans


6:33pm   your evil resident

haha cool avgn

6:34pm   SysOp (host)

we need another pika breakfast. too bad theres no yestercon this year

6:35pm   your evil resident

my fave is the crazybus ep lol

6:35pm   your evil resident

my fave is the crazybus ep lol

6:35pm   pikachu

we will plan another. but i want a bigger turnout!

6:35pm   dman6448655

boo no yestercon this year? I remember previous year when sysop said "something....might've happened...glad I got out of there" like a minor emergency or something? what was that about sysop

6:37pm   dman6448655

lol love the Desert bus too. and if you go off the road you get towed in real time too haha

6:37pm   Skatervans

I think someone called in a bomb threat or something last year

6:37pm   your evil resident

cool lineup of ireland comic con later this year so far, will send link later

6:38pm   your evil resident

oh yeah i remember one of yous mentioned that, boo urns

6:39pm   SysOp (host)

forgot about that. i think there was some kind of bomb threat??

6:39pm   dman6448655

oh weird yeah that's what I sounded like at the timemaybe. too bad none this year.

6:40pm   dman6448655

oh cool yer I will eagerly await that. but I also want INDY to tell him if this new 10 times the density Intel memory is going to be making big differences in computing soon

6:41pm   Green Knight

Sad news about Total biscuit.

6:42pm   lndy

oh yeah dman, i saw the article after you messaged me on FB about it. i forgot to respond. that type of memory will be first to hit server and data centers. i don't know if that would ever hit the main consumer market

6:43pm   lndy

svans, you read that email from disney that there will be a separate blackout date calendar for each of the parks?

6:44pm   lndy

starting June 2019

6:45pm   Harold

Wow its crazy how soundtracks progressed.

6:45pm   your evil resident

you belong to disney which means you stay busy cranking out magic at assembly line whimsy, haha erboh

6:47pm   Skatervans

Oh that's news to me Indy, I bet star wars has something to do with it

6:47pm   lndy

siiick take on goldeneye 007 n64 dam level

6:47pm   Skatervans

Golden eye!

6:48pm   Harold

hmmm this tune sounds familiar. Sounds like a Taylor track

6:48pm   dman6448655

ah I see indy. good to know. yeah loved the first level of goldeneye. whole game was rad

6:49pm   dman6448655

yeah really sad about total biscuit. haha yer. but separate blackout dates sounds really complicated and unnecessary there even tho I know they want to even out attendance

6:50pm   lndy

yeah, svans. gotta control the crowds somehow. hope another AP price bump won't happen

6:50pm   your evil resident

you belong to disney which means you stay busy cranking out magic at assembly line whimsy, haha erboh

6:51pm   Skatervans

Haha disneyland does like their crowd control enforced heh

6:51pm   lndy

another tight song here

6:52pm   dman6448655

boo my 3ds (first version) is having a bit of trouble reading physical game cards. it does but sometimes thinks the cards has been ejected when it hasn't :(

6:54pm   your evil resident

cool funky track

6:54pm   Harold

Will hand held devices ever become obsolete?

6:54pm   pikachu

contra remix!

6:54pm   your evil resident

might stay awake for boss guys shows at 6am haha

6:56pm   Harold

any metal gear for the memes?

6:56pm   dman6448655

oh man wish I could join you in that chat yer!

6:56pm   Green Knight

Croud control is quite the opposite at Knotts. I just went there. Cars were double parked, parked in on the side under trees. People just cramming in the the area for the train with more people pouring in.

6:58pm   dman6448655

yeah Knotts bit of a free for all but both are good :)

6:59pm   dman6448655

Disney gives and takes away the socal resident passes as the crowds get more or less

6:59pm   your evil resident

nice track

6:59pm   your evil resident

sounds a bit mario land 2

7:00pm   Skatervans

It's the wild wild west at Knott's heh

7:00pm   your evil resident

great show and chat guys

7:01pm   lndy

back to a 5 day work week -___-

7:01pm   dman6448655

bye all!



Na “Race Events”
composed by na
from Gran Turismo 4 (NA)



Na “Portal: Still Alive”
composed by na
from The Greatest Video Game Music, Volume 2 (NA)



Na “The Spine”
composed by na
from Transistor (NA)



Na “End Credits Song Want You Gone”
composed by na
from Portal 2 (NA)



Na “Chief Thunder's Theme”
composed by na
from Killer Instinct (NA)



Na “Punish the Evil Merchant”
composed by na
from Tenchu (NA)



Na “Stage 1 [Moonlight Temptation]”
composed by na
from Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (NA)



Na “A Picture in Motion”
composed by na
from Waveshaper (NA)



Na “Bubble Bobble Main Theme Orchestrated”
composed by na (NA)



Na “The Objective”
composed by na
from R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 (NA)



Na “Door into Summer”
composed by na
from Knuckles Chaotix (NA)



Na “Quan Chi Battle”
composed by na
from MKMS (NA)



Na “Yasunori Mitsuda - Secret of the Forest”
composed by na
from PoopPoopFart (NA)



Na “Returning Home”
composed by na
from Dragon's Crown Pro (NA)



Na “Azure Blue World”
composed by na
from Sonic Adventure (NA)



Na “Web Woods”
composed by na
from Donkey Kong Country 2 (NA)



Na “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Theme”
composed by na
from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (NA)



Na “Final Boss Battle (Metal Remix)”
composed by na
from Yoshi's Island (NA)



Na “Xenoblade Chronicles Medley [Xenoblade Chronicles]”
composed by na
from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (NA)



Na “AmericanEuropean Title Screen (Hamtaro Time)”
composed by na
from Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak (NA)



Na “No place for a hero”
composed by na
from Borderlands 2 (NA)



Na “Staff Roll”
composed by na
from Mega Man X2 (SNES) (NA)



Na “Intro Song [8Bit]”
composed by na
from The Angry Video Game Nerd (NA)



Na “Fear Of The Heavens”
composed by na
from Secret of Mana (NA)



Na “Stage 9A [Fallen Moon's Requiem]”
composed by na
from Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (NA)



Na “Warlock Battle”
composed by na
from The Brink of Time (NA)



Na “Dam (Tweaklab Synthwave Version)”
composed by na
from GoldenEye: Source (NA)



Na “Regain Control song”
composed by na
from Melody's Escape (NA)



Na “Stage 1 (YM2612 Cover)”
composed by na
from Contra 3 (NA)



Na “Atari XL/XE gameplay and music”
composed by na
from Alley Cat (NA)

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